python – making a discord bot print coloured text using the css code format

Hi i have a simple bot that takes a command:

@bot.command(name='repeat', help='help me to understand bots')
async def test(ctx, *lines):
    for line in lines:
        coloured_lines.append("```css n"+ line + "```")
    await asyncio.gather(*(ctx.send(line) for line in coloured_lines))

You write to it a command like $repeat “green text is cool”, and you should get an output like:

enter image description here

instead you get enter image description here. My intuition is that this is because something is happening with the ` character – although i am not sure what, or how to fix it.

opengl – coloured 3d models rendering issue while running on android

I am using Godot 3.2.2 stable (GLES2) along with kenney 3d nature asset pack (glb) for prototyping a 3d game. Everything works just fine on my desktop computer, but when I deploy the game to my android device, the colours stop rendering correctly and show weird patterns instead of plain colours as on the picture (only for imported models, meshes created from Godot work just fine).

texture artefacts

It also seems that the sky is blending into the models like some sort of transparency.

Is that just a configuration issue? Or is there something I missed?