seo – The difference between color doors and windows and plastic steel doors and windows

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We all know that doors and windows are all colored, and there are thousands of colored doors and windows, then the color of plastic steel doors and windows, plastic steel is relatively single, mainly white, with colored plastic steel doors and windows, there are only a dozen colors, color What is the difference between doors and windows and colored steel doors and windows?

  1. The colored doors and windows are sprayed out with aluminum contours, which do not fade, and the colored plastic steel doors and windows are covered with film, that is, the outer white plastic steel doors and windows are covered with a layer of color through high temperature. This kind of colored plastic steel doors and windows are easy to peel off. But it is not easy to fall off.

  2. Color doors and windows generally mainly include powder spraying and electrophoresis. In addition to film coating, there is another color co-extrusion profile color for color plastic steel doors and windows. Color co-extrusion is generally used for large-scale residential projects, and small-scale reservations are generally used. It’s hard to decide. The system windows are made of heat-insulating and broken-bridge aluminum profiles and hollow glass, which have the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof, and waterproof.

Proof: Graph Coloring algorithm needs at most twice as many colors to color a graph as the optimal solution

Given an algorithm

(1) create the complement $bar{G}$ of input graph $G$

(2) calculate a maximum matching $M$ on $bar{G}$

(3) color the two vertices of every edge $e_i in M$ with color $i$

(4) color remaining nodes on the original graph with a greedy approach (every vertices receives the smallest color possible)

Proof that this algorithm needs at most twice as many colors as $chi(G)$.

Can someone give me a hint how to start this?

color adjustment algorithm – Computer Science Stack Exchange

Got a problem I’m not sure how to approach.

I’m being given a string of text with indeterminate length, around typical “body text” size. The text is a solid color, and the background can be a solid OR a gradient of one or more colors of varying luminance. The goal is to make the text readable across the entire background while adjusting the color channels as little as possible.

How could I find the SMALLEST possible color adjustments to the foreground and/or background that would make the text readable, according to WCA standards or others?

javascript – Como armo una función que me identifique si dos valores son iguales y me los marque con color?

La idea es poder reconocer dos valores iguales y que se le asigne un color que haga referencia a la igualdad en la tabla.

este es mi codigo

    <table className="table text-center">
                          {this.props.getEstablecido() !== undefined &&
                              (est) => 

                              <tr className={className}>
                                  <td >{est.codigo}</td>



                        <Paging defaultPageSize={8} />
                            allowedPageSizes={(5, 10, 15)}
                            showInfo={true} />
                        <Column dataField="codigoEstablecido" />
                        <Column dataField="Amiga" />                         

Este es el resultado que busco

Este seria el resultado que deseo.
Mi app esta realizada en ReactJs.
Desde ya agradezco cualquier aporte valido!


numbers – How to color code individual data points in line chart

This is a question about using charts in Numbers and color coding individual data points in a series.

I have two series of data (blood pressure readings) that I plot in a chart. The series may contain multiple readings made at different times on a day, or there may be a single reading.

Is there a way to color code the data points in each series to indicate which part of the day the reading was taken? e.g. 6am-10am = purple, 10am-2pm = orange, 2pm-6pm = blue, etc.

The reason I want to do this is to distinguish between readings taken before and after taking medication.

Here's the chart

gnome – Change notification counter badge color in Dash to Dock

Is there any way to change the badge color in Dash to Dock in Gnome Environment?

I’m running Pop_Os and even in dConf editor I did not find a prop to change it and there’s no option in gnome-tweaks options aswell.

enter image description here

It’s red with this ugly green border by default even running a custom theme.

python – Image color being changed when pygame blitting to screen

I’m working on my first game, and I decided to add some trees that twinkle to the game. For some reason when the image is blitted to the screen using pygames blit function it changes the color of the yellow parts of the tree where it twinkles.
enter image description here

Some googling led me to suspect the alpha channels could be the issue so I changed the load part of the image to use convert_alpha() to take care of transparency, which then displays the bottom tree correctly under a black background, but I get strange shading on the rest of the images that are being loaded prior to the trees, and as you can see, the yellow parts now have black rings around them.

enter image description here

I initially used these two lines of code to load the images.

self.sheet = pygame.image.load(filename).convert()

screen.blit(tileImage, (centered_x, centered_y))

The actual image looks like this when I open it up in Paint3D
enter image description here

Here is the actual class I’m using to process my sprite sheets

class spritesheet(object):
    def __init__(self, filename):
            self.sheet = pygame.image.load(filename).convert()
        except pygame.error as message:
            print('Unable to load spritesheet image:', filename)
            raise SystemExit(message)
    #Load a specific image from a specific rectangle
    def image_at(self, rectangle, colorkey = None):
        "Loads image from x,y,x+offset,y+offset"
        rect = pygame.Rect(rectangle)
        image = pygame.Surface(rect.size).convert()
        image.blit(self.sheet, (0, 0), rect)
        if (colorkey is not None):
            if (colorkey == -1):
                colorkey = image.get_at((0,0))
            image.set_colorkey(colorkey, pygame.RLEACCEL)
        return image
    # Load a whole bunch of images and return them as a list
    def images_at(self, rects, colorkey = None):
        "Loads multiple images, supply a list of coordinates" 
        return (self.image_at(rect, colorkey) for rect in rects)
    # Load a whole strip of images
    def load_strip(self, rect, image_count, colorkey = None):
        "Loads a strip of images and returns them as a list"
        tups = ((rect(0)+rect(2)*x, rect(1), rect(2), rect(3))
                for x in range(image_count))
        return self.images_at(tups, colorkey)

    def load_sheet(self,width,height,rows,image_count, colorkey = None):
        '''Loads an entire sprite sheet, assumes sprites are equally spaced, returns them as list of lists '''
        sprite_sheet = ()
        for i in range(rows):
            sprite_sheet.append(self.load_strip((0, 0+i*height, width, height),image_count,colorkey))

        return sprite_sheet

Any ideas what could cause this? It’s not displaying the shadows of the tree either which I thought was odd, but that is a separate question I think.

What is the importance of using blend mode in UX color schemes?

I want to know more about blend mode in CSS for website designing

ffmpeg: How is the video with color rec.709 change to rec.2100?

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php – Ttle color based on category wordpress

I need to set post title bg-color based on category color. I have custom made WordPress template (nes blog) and I have colored category tags (sport- green, politivs – red,…). Now I need to set up bg-color of titles based on that category bg-color. For exapmple sport title background green…