Is it possible to collect PPG (Photoplethysmograph) signal data from apple watches?

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database – Best ways to collect location-based user input

I would re-emphasize the importance of validating the information you collect. After all, if it’s important enough to collect it, you better make sure it’s correct against the right authorities/sources. If it’s not that important, why collect it at all and burden the user?

I work for SmartyStreets where we validate users’ locations, specifically their addresses, and so I’ve solved a number of problems like these. I would next suggest that an API is the most robust solution to provide value to you. In other words, from your pros and cons lists, the difference is clear: building a local database is much more costly than potential, minimal side-effects of using a professional API.

One of the most effective ways to achieve accurate user geolocation is by collecting specific, correct information from them. While many people collect addresses, few make sure that it’s a correct address which actually exists. Google and Yahoo and similar services do not provide this: beware that they perform address approximation not verification, and their results are best guesses.

For US addresses, the USPS CASS-certifies a handful of vendors to provide their authoritative address and location data to other people. You can Google for these yourself, but what you’re looking for is something like LiveAddress API, which will verify and geolocate US addresses.

I can tell you we’ve invested considerable resources to build and maintain the database, risks, and other cons you mentioned about building your own database. We’ve also tackled the cons that you listed about an API. See the SLA for details and keep in mind we’re the only vendor whose API is geo-distributed across 3 redundant datacenters to ensure performance and uptime. In other words, it’s blazing fast and requests are processed in parallel.

Using modern (HTML5, etc) geolocation features are accurate to an extent but even right now their compatibility is restricted to the more modern browsers in ideal settings (I grew up in Iowa where geolocation is a far cry from urban areas). But obtaining and verifying a user’s address is a sure way to get what you need, if it’s really necessary. That is what I would do.

How to use Collect to group negative terms?

For example, I have: $-d^2-k^{d+1}+d k^d+d+k-1$.
I want to get: $-left(d^2+k^{d+1}+1right)+d k^d+d+k$.

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firefox – How do web ad’s collect revenue? By page rendering or by clicking?

Many sites ask for disabling AdBlock to continue using the site and I’ve obliged to the request if it’s absolutely must.

However, even if I disable the AdBlock, I never click the ads (hide them if possible), so my question is:

Does the site get money simply by rendering the ad to the page or does the money come only when clicking the ad?

If it’s by clicking, then what’s the point of disabling AdBlock? I won’t click the ads so they won’t get money either way.

I understand the disabling if the ad revenue algorithm activates through page rendering.

How can I collect a shipping address on the checkout flow?

I am using the Commerce PayPal module. PayPal is collecting the billing address, but I need to collect the shipping address on checkout.

How can I collect the address? Do I add an address field to the Order Entity or the Profile Entity?

API to collect public IP addresses of Oracle Cloud

I need the list of public IP addresses in an Oracle Cloud Account, what’s the REST API to collect this information?

Adding Collect Signatures – SharePoint 2010 Workflow Error

I want to create a collect signatures workflow for a document library on a subsite I just set up. I am getting this error:

This form cannot be opened in a Web browser. To open this form, use Microsoft InfoPath.
Click Close to exit this message.
Hide error details

This error is strange to me because I have another “test subsite” where I can add the workflow without issue. I compared the HTML and can tell the code is different. They both have similar site features activated. This only happens for collect signature workflows. I don’t think I need InfoPath for this because it was working before. I don’t have command line access to the server. What can I do to resolve this?