The co-founder of WikiLeaks arrested

What do you think about the arrest of WikiLeaks co-founder?
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Social hide-and-seek in search of a co-founder | Promotion Forum


I have recently decided to go back to the forums, I have a domain that I want to use, but I will look for a partner or a co-founder. I want to create a community around introverts and extroverts, who may have trouble making friends or having difficult problems who want advice, or just a social center so that they themselves are 100% and embrace themselves so What are they! I am looking forward to using xenforo, since I already have a theme, but it will be discussed. This is what I am looking for in a possible partner / co-founder.


  • 16+ for the position of Partner / Co-Founder.
  • He is determined to help others before himself.
  • It has the spirit of being able to do, to cause a small impact on others, who may need that little impulse to generate positive vibrations in their lives.
  • Able to help financially if possible.
  • He has experience with the main forums programs.
  • He has experience in administration of forums, with some examples.

* If you want to show some of the sites you own or have been a staff member, you can also participate!
Private message here @lord sixer or by email,