javascript – How to organize work with some projects based on shared code?

If not? It depends.

With NPM

Are you already using NPM? Do you have access to an internal NPM packet server? Have you ever used GIT directly for NPM dependencies at home?

  • Yes, then do not break the mold. Follow your current pattern.
  • No. Then you should consider how you are going to do this.

Technically, NPM supports GIT repositories as packages. However, compatibility with GIT is often interrupted or incomplete compared to an NPM packet server.

NPM Package Servers are not trivial to install, configure or maintain. How do you intend to support them?


If you do not want to trust NPM, then your options are:

  • git checkout to a subdirectory.
  • Copy the package to a local directory and update it manually.

Neither of the two solutions is great. I favor the second only because git's hierarchical checks can be problematic.

However, manual solution requires diligence, especially if there is an implicit link here. Like all projects that need the same appearance, or the communications layer must be identical between projects.

Multiple dependencies

Consider breaking down the shared components further so that only the shared functionality actually required is shared.

Extraction requests

As they would in the main repository of the project.

  • Fork
  • Make changes
  • Push
  • Make extraction request

Of course, you must have the diligence, testing and automation to verify / update the subsequent dependencies (or notify the needs / problems).

database – Create a rule in drupal 7 and inject the mysql code

Can I create a rule on my drupal 7 website and that rule:

When a user has logged in (only users who have logged in can see this content) and click on certain content, I want to write a mysql update statement in my database. The username of that person and what content was clicked on.

I know I can execute PHP code for my action but I'm not sure if I need to convert mysql and php together in some way. Please, if someone knows and could give quite detailed instructions, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you

Code revisions: only allow those with write permissions to be extraction request reviewers

I'm setting up a new bitbucket repository and I can not find a way to set a specific permission. My current configuration requires that all mergers in the master or level 2 branches require a certain number of approvals before they can be accepted.

What I would like is that engineers can only select a person to be a reviewer if that person has writing or administrative rights in that branch. Currently engineers can add anyone they want as a reviewer. If I configure default reviewers (I would prefer not to do it for my organization), the engineer can delete them when making the extraction request.

Does anyone know how I can do it so that anyone who makes an extraction request can only select certain people to be reviewers?

Redeem promotional code in the application. [on hold]

Is there any way to get this "Redeem" field in my application? The documentation says that it should be there.

enter the description of the image here

Will the facboo kconfirm not send me the code? [on hold]

Unfortunately, I signed up for the two-step verification with Facbook
And for some reason they will not send me the code?

Predictive interface: Disable or modify the Code Assistance value that is displayed for a specific input alias

Short version: How do I deactivate (or specify a simple replacement for) the Predictive Code Assistance Interface for a specific input alias?

Longest version: Using the Notation package, I have put together a set of routines that allow me, on the fly, to specify very general notations and assign them to simple labels. These notations are labeled internally in such a way that they allow them to show their full splendor in both the input cells and the output cells. The trick is to be able to get these labeled versions in the input cells easily. Based on some smart suggestions from Stack Exchange members, I have three approaches that work. The first involves a personalized palette. The second is an ActionMenu linked to an InputAlias. The third is a custom routine also linked to an InputAlias ​​that generates a menu that responds to the arrow keys for selection. Example of use is shown below:

enter the description of the image here

My question applies to the third of these. The predictive interface of Code Assistance (disabled in the previous animation) takes about 10 seconds or more for the preview to appear, hanging the window until it completes. Is there any way to disable this predictive interface for this specific input alias? Or perhaps even better, assign text to what will be shown that summarizes what it does instead of trying to generate a preview?

html – My php code for sending email is not loading

I did a test using Xampp and the send page.php was executed, however, it showed an error message.

On the shipping page, make the following change on line 31

mail ($ destination, $ subject, $ body, $ headers);

In your form, you can change the send button to stay as follows:

If instead of executing programming you are printing the commands on the screen, it is because the server is not recognizing the extension .php

Javascript, trying the unicode code

How can I print the character of a Unicode code?

For example, var i = " u0062";
How do I convert this code to the character it represents?


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postgresql – Visual Studio Code Postgres SQL Connection

I would like to use the Visual Studio code to perform my PostgreSQL queries and the general maintenance of the database as an alternative to pgAdmin4. I have read the documentation included with the corresponding extension (PostgreSQL by MS). When I try to create a new profile, the following message appears:

Server message

I'm working from an Apple Mac, so I tried localhost at the beginning. This is not functional. I tried the IP address of the local computer with the same result. I tried simply to give the name of the database, but it did not work either. Any suggestions as to what I can try next. I'm terrible at spelling and remembering names, so I'd like some kind of IDE support when I'm working.

This is the error I receive:
PostgreSQL: Error connecting: the hostname "localhost Local" could not be translated to the address: node name or server name provided, or is not known