C++ not running in VS code

enter image description here

Can you please help how to resolve this error ?? Also running .hello in terminal is giving no output and doing nothing. Not even showing up an error.

python – How are you sure if you are developing something with efficient or ‘clean’ code?

I have been coding in python for a little over a year, and I have learned a lot and developed quite a few applications, in the process.

I do not program for my profession, I simply program recreationally. With that said, I am not exposed to new programming techniques/data structures etc., that I would be learning if my day job was in the field, for example.

I have become quite good at figuring out what I want to do by trial and error in python, and I am usually pretty successful at figuring it out!

However, sometimes when I learn something new, I will find that I was doing it the long way or with way too much code that could be much more easily accomplished with fewer lines or a technique that makes an algorithm more efficient.

When you are developing software, do you strive to find the most efficient way to do something first, or do you simply code the way you are familiar?

I don’t have many programmer friends, so I have been doing this all pretty much on my own.

I watch a few twitch streams, but beside that I do not really know anyone in person.

Hopefully that adds some context why I am asking.

vulnerability – What does Snowden mean by “majority of vulnerabilities … are introduced, for technical reasons …, at the exact time the code is written”?

In a recent Substack article (“The Insecurity Industry”, 2021-07-26) Edward Snowden states:

The vast majority of vulnerabilities that are later discovered and exploited by the Insecurity Industry are introduced, for technical reasons related to how a computer keeps track of what it’s supposed to be doing, at the exact time the code is written, which makes choosing a safer language a crucial protection… and yet it’s one that few ever undertake.

I’m trying to make sense of the sentence in the context of memory safety, but I don’t quite get the bold part. What is meant by asserting that most vulnerabilities later exploited are introduced specifically “at the exact time the code is written” and how is that “for technical reasons related to how a computer keeps track of what it’s supposed to be doing“? Does the “exact time the code is written” refer to the lack of memory safety guarantees at compile-time?

authentication – How does the EU Covid Vaccine Qr Code actually work?

Recently the EU has intruduced a digital vaccination certificate for the COVID-vaccine in form of a QR code. I tried to find out how QR code forgery is prevented. But everywhere I look (government websites, the websites of each country´s app and newspapers) I only find vague descriptions which I could have pieced together myself, just by the QR codes functionality/ the way everything works.

So before I dive into the app´s code on Github: Does anyone of you know the technical details on how forgery is prevented?

I mean I never thought of the idea of making QR codes trustable, but it makes some cool things possible.

Google sent me a code to reset my password but no link to enter the code. What do i do

Google sent me a reset code for my password but no link. How do I get to where I need to be to enter that code without waiting another 120 hours for another one.

web development – Which is a better way in implementing the QR code in this system?

1st choice:
User1 registers on the website. Upon registration, the system will generate a QR code for the user. The user then goes to be vaccinated, and upon vaccination, someone will be able to scan his/ her QR code and the status of the user will be updated as vaccinated with the 1st dose of the vaccine. Additional information will also include, the date for the 2nd dose of vaccination, the doctor who was responsible for the vaccination, date and time of the vaccination. The user can also give his feedback for the side effects per dosage.

2nd Choice:
In the admin dashboard, adding a vaccine will generate a QR code per dosage. Let’s say it was printed out to be posted. The user1 will then scan the qr code of the dosage of the vaccine they’ve taken. Upon scanning, the user1’s vaccination status will be updated with the same information mentioned above.

How can I load external snippet files into Visual Studio Code?

I have a bunch of useful snippets that I want to share with my team. Ideally I’d put these on our network storage and have everyone’s Visual Studio Code installation point to that file/folder, but as far as I understand VSCode can only load snippet files directly from the %appdata%CodeUsersnippets folder.

Is there a setting that would allow me to load snippets from other folders?

Unfortunately we work on multiple projects, so using workspace-scoped snippets in the .vscode folders only helps us a little bit. Whenever we have a new project we have to copy the entire folder over and this leads to inconsistencies whenever a snippet gets updated.

python – Vectorized code to find the position and length of runs of 1s in a bit matrix

I’m trying to write something like an adjusted run-length encoding for row-wise bit matrices. Specifically I want to “collapse” runs of 1s into the number of 1s in that run while maintaining the same number of 0s as original (right-padding as necessary). For example:

input_v = np.array((
  (0, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1),
  (0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 0)

expected_v = np.array((
  (0, 1, 0, 0, 2, 0, 1),
  (0, 0, 1, 0, 3, 0, 0)

My current attempt works after padding, but is slow:

def count_neighboring_ones(l):
    o = 0
    for i in l:
        if i == 0:
            return o
        o += 1

def f(l):
    out = ()
    i = 0
    while i < len(l):
         c = count_neighboring_ones(l(i:))
         i += (c or 1)
    return out

Are there some vectorization techniques I can use to operate on the entire matrix to reduce row-wise operations and post-padding?

regular languages – Add more button not working for my javascript code

regular languages – Add more button not working for my javascript code – Computer Science Stack Exchange

Simpler Code Structure

Another problem with a monolithic application is that it is difficult to know exactly what is in the executable software, which means that due to the contribution of the code from another group, the code of this group may be in one group Security issues.

Microservices can help solve this problem because the code is broken down into specific executable files. Organizations usually have a development group that is fully responsible for all code running in a single service.

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