/ Dogado / Alvotech WARNING: credit scam

Hello, we would like to post a warning about the VPS provider Dogado /

We used to have a VPS server with a company called Alvotech that was acquired by Dogado. This server was prepaid quarterly. During the migration from Alvotech to Dogado, we could not access the new control panel. We contacted Dogado to get assistance, but since we could not log in, we moved our services to another location.

This morning, we received an email from a debt collection agency that Dogado told (to Creditreform) to claim for 15 MONTHS of services that we could not access or did not provide after the migration of Alvotech.

They claim to have continued providing a service for 15 months despite not having received the payment, and now they have passed the claim to a debt collection agency. We can not verify if they ever provided the services or if they were lost during the Alvotech migration. In any case, it's ridiculous to continue billing services for 15 months without paying, I can only imagine that they do this to increase the claim of the debt collection agency.

If you have ever had contact with / Dogado, I advise you to verify any service or invoice.

Avoid bulldozing at all costs.