google cloud platform – Change domain for load balancer’s SSL certificates

I am going in circles for the past hour trying to change the domain for HTTP(S) Load Balancer’s SSL certificates.

I can’t seem to find an option from the console or CLI to change/update the domains. After created a new one, I cannot delete the old one because it is attached to the load balancer. To remove the old SSL certificate, I have to delete the LB and its dependencies, and to go through all the steps to create the load balancer again.

May I know if it is a bug or expected behavior?


Trustworthy cloud hosting services?

I would like to get web hosting. Linux.
+ need to register .com domains (3 domains).
Do you know anything about web hosting services?
How are their web hosting services? Can I trust them? Any hosting reviews?

security – Storing private keys in cloud providers enviroment variables

Is it ok to store private keys in cloud provider (such as AWS, Firebase) secrets (enviroment variables) in cloud functions (such as lambdas or firebase cloud functions)?

I understand I would be trusting the safety of the funds in that address to the cloud provider, but I can’t see another solution since I am building an application that has to sign bitcoin transactions from that address.

I am not finding my project form goggle cloud platform. Now I want to retrieve my project

I used the google cloud free trial. I am not finding my project now for due payment. I paid google due amount But now I am not finding my existing VM instance. I have no project backup. This project and database are very important for me. I want back my project. Please help me. I spend 1 almost 1 year building that project. I paid all the due amount. I was not able to pay for the crisis of money. Please help me.

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Kubernetes – vSphere Cloud Provider

I’m following this doc

I am using a load balancer as my ControlPlaneEndpoint, now I would like to join a new master to the cluster passing the cloud-provider flag as well, through the below method it was possible join the workers however I can’t do the same with a new Master.

kubectl -n kube-public get configmap cluster-info -o jsonpath='{.data.kubeconfig}' > discovery.yaml

# tee /etc/kubernetes/kubeadminitworker.yaml >/dev/null <<EOF
caCertPath: /etc/kubernetes/pki/ca.crt
    kubeConfigPath: /etc/kubernetes/discovery.yaml
  timeout: 5m0s
  tlsBootstrapToken: y7yaev.9dvwxx6ny4ef8vlq
kind: JoinConfiguration
  criSocket: /var/run/dockershim.sock
    cloud-provider: external


How to protect your data and business using cloud backup hosting |


How to protect your data and business using cloud backup hosting​

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authentication – Why isn’t Kerberos used for SSO to cloud apps?

When comparing Kerberos to SAML, a common argument on StackOverflow sites and the rest of Internet is that SAML is for Internet / cloud applications while Kerberos is for enterprise LAN. There are several claims to support such an argument:

  • Kerberos requires client and service to be domain joined.

    However, from my understanding:

    1. Kerberos requires trust between client and KDC, as well as service and KDC
    2. Domain-join is just one way to establish the trust in an AD environment. There should be other ways (e.g. manual configuration). The protocol does not mandate domain-join.
    3. On the other hand, to use SAML, the IdP and SP must be configured to trust each other as well.
  • Kerberos requires client to have direct access to KDC

    However, from my understanding:

    1. It is true that again, in an AD environment, the KDC (domain controller) is not usually exposed to the Internet.
    2. But generally it is safe to make a KDC publicly accessible (provided other security measures) because Kerberos was designed to operate in untrusted networks.
  • Kerberos has strict requirement on clock synchronization

    However, from my understanding:

    1. Most machines have access to NTP / Internet if they need to sign into cloud apps
    2. The protocol now is able to handle clock out of sync
    3. SAML (TLS) has requirement on clock as well (although less strict)

In addition to those seemingly invalid arguments to me, there is software (e.g. ADFS) that acts as an adapter between Kerberos and SAML. So my question is, why don’t we just use Kerberos for SSO into cloud apps (like Salesforce)? Why was SAML invented to address what problem Kerberos has?

alternative to zbigz and filestream, cloud torrent that gives direct download |

used zbigz = file system lack features, you have to manually select the file to get the download link. No Bulk Selection
filestream = almost perfect but when I remote upload it to filehost, the filename is random.

looking that generate direct download and remote upload to filehost that matches the filename.


HyperX Cloud II microphone detected but not working Ubuntu 20.4

The speakers work, other USB microphones work, but this one doesn’t. It is detected, it shows up in the Configuration pages, but it doesn’t capture any sound.

Any help appreciated.