3.x python – How to get the count of Google Cloud Datastore entities in a Class for a particular field value

I used to get the count of entities in a Class for a particular field value, as follows when I use the Google App Engine Python 2.7 NDB library as sample code below:

count = Product.query (Product.account_id == "myAccountID",
Product.category == "myCategory"). Count (99999)

Now I'm switching to Python 3.7 using the Google Cloud Datastore API
https://googleapis.github.io/google-cloud-python/latest/datastore/index.html, unfortunately I could not find the COUNT function. I just found a way to get the total count for the whole entity in a Class using __Stat_Kind__, see the sample code below:

q = client.query (kind = "__ Stat_Kind__")
q.add_filter ("kind_name", "=", "Product")
r = q.fetch (limit = 1)
account = 0
for x in r:
account = x["count"]

The above example code will get the total count of entities for the Product Class, but if I want to get the total count in this Product Class with the value of the Category field equal to "myCategory"? Does anyone know how to do it?

Thank you!

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Google cloud platform – Correction of clock bias in a GKE cluster

I have the following alert configured in prometheus:

Alert: ClockSkewDetected
expr: abs (node_timex_offset_seconds {job = "node-exporter"})
> 0.03
for: 2m
severity: warning
message: A deviation of the clock has been detected in the node exporter {{$ labels.namespace}} / {{$ labels.pod}}. Make sure that NTP is correctly configured on this host.

This alert is part of the default Kube-Prometheus stack that I am using.

It seems to me that this alert is triggered for about 10 minutes every day or two.

I would like to know how to deal with this problem (the warning shot!). In this answer, it is suggested that you should not need to run NTP (I suppose through a daemonset) in GKE.

I am also willing to use the Kube-Prometheus by default whenever possible, so I'm not sure to increase the 0.03 value.

Selling VPS from a basic Cloud Metal Server service provider?

Selling VPS from a basic Cloud Metal Server service provider? | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
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var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. Selling VPS from a basic Cloud Metal Server service provider?

    Is it possible to sell VPS using a metal server from a cloud service provider?
    If so, what tools / software do I need?

    Thank you

  2. This must be requested directly at your choice of provider.

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  3. Oke, the suppliers allow me, then, what do I need to start?

    Thank you

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Server management, server monitoring, server migration

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export – Export images to Wolfram Cloud without logging in?

I have been exporting images to the wolfram cloud in order to upload them to a report that others can see:

CloudExport[pic, "PNG", "example.png"]

This generates a wolfram cloud link that works well for me. The problem is that when I show this link to other people, it does not load. If they click on it, it simply takes them to a wolfram cloud login page, which prevents people from seeing my photos.

Is there any way to avoid this using Wolfram's technology?

architecture – What would be the best design for an application & # 39; cloud relay & # 39 ;?

I would like to create a client / server application that does not require the client to open a port on their firewall for incoming connection requests. In other words, clients can communicate with each other through outgoing connections that start with the server.

This will be very similar, for example, to any of the several popular desktop remote control offers available today. VNC Cloud comes immediately to mind.

My initial idea is to use SignalR on the server to accept connections from and maintain an open channel with each client. When Client A wants to send something to Client B, he will contact the server with the appropriate routing command, which the server, in turn, will send to Client B.

(Keep in mind that this idea is based on my limited understanding of SignalR, I have not had the opportunity to work with it yet, this would be the first).

How do these people build these applications, in general? Is it something like what I have described here?

If my idea of ​​SignalR is not the best, what is it?

Install the Https SSL certificate on the Google Clouds server for $ 5

Install the Https SSL certificate on the Google Clouds server

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