Cost-effective DropShipping yoga clothing store for women in a 6-year domain

Why are you selling this site?

I initially set up this site to help a friend who owed him a big favor. I wanted to show you that I could get good secondary income from the Yoga industry in which you are already involved. However, I didn't think there were social networks / marketing, so I didn't accept this site.

This professional yoga shop is set up with 24 products created by professionals ready to be sent directly. That's 12 yoga tank tops and 12 yoga leggings. If you consider the cost of obtaining 24 graphics created on the professional design of the site, then the sale price of this store is obviously a bargain.

How do you monetize?

The site is monetized through an important on-demand printing service that will create all Yoga clothing items and send them directly to any buyer worldwide, without any interaction from the site owner. I have set the gain for leggings at around $ 9.50 per sale and $ 7.00 per sale for sleeveless shirts. These profit margins can be changed at any time, while new designs can be added to existing lines or even new types of clothing can be created if necessary.

Does this site come with any social media account?

This site comes with Pinterest and Instagram accounts because they are image-based social networking sites. In my opinion, these social platforms are the most effective for an e-commerce store. I have uploaded a handful of products to each platform and said that the ball rolls. I recommend that the new owner do a little promotion and interact on social networks every day and you will get more traffic boost to the site every day, which is what you need to make sales.

How long does this site take to run?

If you have time to promote a store, then you don't need much free time. Having a commitment is much more important, which will help you succeed. This site is an ideal company that is well worth the initial investment because the real site is automated in regards to inquiries and shipping of products. There are also several online and offline promotion methods that I will share with the new owner or this store.

What will the new website owner get?

  • I will transfer the catchy domain name –
  • I will configure the website in the buyers accommodation account (I will advise on the accommodation account if the buyer does not have one)
  • I will include logins for websites, Pinterest accounts and Instagram
  • I will advise on the best ways to market and promote the site effectively!

Starting a brand of equestrian clothing.

I am currently working to start my own clothing line that is aimed at the equestrian community. Being a driver, I know what I want from the brand, but I have some questions about where to buy the clothes (ideally in the UK).

When searching the Internet, I discovered that not many / if no one sells wholesale riding clothes to re-label and print / embroider logos. As I want to develop the brand very slowly to immerse myself in every step I take, I'm not at the stage where I can / want to go to a manufacturer, so I'm looking for other options. If anyone knows where I can go to get good quality clothes, such as polos, t-shirts, sweaters, coats, etc., which I can re-tag and mark as mine, it would be the most appreciated. This will be the basis for designing my own clothes with a manufacturer in the future.

Thank you.

Drive: what size / image resolution is best for a 2D mobile clothing game

I have started the process of making 2D dress games (ie, Pastel Girl and Cute Girl Avatar Maker). Most of the tutorials I've seen always include things like game physics, but I do not need to consider the physics of games at all. I just need the game to look good. I would like the resolution of the game to be 1080p with an aspect ratio of 9:16 since my target market is Android and iOS devices. For the tests, I have a Galaxy S7 and a Tab S4.

What size of image and resolution would be better for such a game?

I have experience with ZERO Unity in this project, so forgive me if I ask you something that may seem obvious.
Thanks for the help!!

[ Newborn & Baby ] Open question: You get stuck on a desert island. Do you only have one piece of clothing?

What is it? .

Please check the website of my clothing store


I posted my online store 3 days ago and it is a women's clothing store. I have put 25 different clothes in my store and I am selling them on my website. The problem is that I have not received any orders since I published my website and I started to worry about that issue. The only drawback I see on my website is that the products are few for an online clothing store. Could you please take a look at my website and give me some comments on first impressions and products? If you see any inconvenience on my website that I could not see, let me know.

My Web site

Thanks in advance.

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Fishing clothing site 50

The site looks good. I'm not a big fan of the name because it makes me think of baseball more than fishing clothes.

One thing that I would add would be a page about. Who are you? Customers want to buy from someone they trust. Maybe a story of how the company started or why it started. I can buy clothes anywhere, why your company?

I live in a rural area that is largely populated by hunters and fishermen. They like to connect with others of the same mentality. That is the best way to build a relationship with this type of niche.

Good luck

A good website to buy women's clothing online? |

In Sweden, there are many websites and applications to buy fashion dresses for women online. But if you want good quality women's clothes in natural fibers online. Then you should visit the smile now.

The wear and the smile offer all kinds of fibers, such as tops, skirts, blouses, outwears and others at very cheap prices. Explore your collection of fashion dresses with new and modern fashion designs.

Mens Online Fashion Brands London – Advertising, Offers


The first time I launched my website, I had a lot of confidence in my website and predicts that there will be at least thousands of viewers every day. Obviously, my prediction was very wrong and I became very sad. I posted many ads on social networking sites, but my circle was not that big. The other day I spoke with a friend of mine who was already in the business. He told me about SEO and I researched it as soon as I returned home. My background was very small, I had to choose an SEO tool that was cheap and reliable. Not to mention that I found that tool that made my website easy to search and found with every keyword I entered.

I have made my fortune, now is your time.

Visit the website:


What can you find when buying women's clothing online? – Everything else

Today, the internet has completely changed the retail industry. Gone are the days when you have to go to the mall or a large department store if you want to buy the latest trends in designer fashion. Now all you have to do is turn on your computer.

Virtually all retail stores have women's clothing online; however, shopping online at a retail store does not offer much savings. Let's be honest; Everyone needs to reduce their expenses a little. But why sacrifice quality if you do not have to? If you're looking for savings, what you're looking for are online boutiques that sell discount designer clothes. You can get the best of the best at a price that fits your budget.

Discount online designer boutiques seem to have an infinite supply of women's clothing online. This is because your inventory is continuously changing. Therefore, it is advisable to act quickly before someone else buys an item that you like.

The online boutiques have all the best designers, a great selection of designer sizes and fashions that will fit the personal style of anyone.

Below are examples of the types of women's clothing that you can get online at discount designer stores;

  1. Dresses

Are you looking for a designer dress for a social outing? Do you want the latest styles of summer dresses to wear on those warm summer days?

  1. Jackets

Do you need a spring jacket for those cool mornings? Get the latest designer jacket to match your current wardrobe.

  1. Pants

Jeans are one of the most expensive items to buy. The online boutiques have high quality designer jeans at much lower prices.

  1. Pants

Do you need a pair of dress pants for work? How about some casual pants to go out at night with some friends? Here you will get all kinds of pants for every purpose.

  1. Shorts

Skirts are ideal for both work and play. Get a designer skirt that can serve both functions.

  1. Best costumes

Look your best and stay on top of your game with a designer suit. You can even get two with the savings from discount designer online boutiques.

  1. Cute women's tops

You can never have too many tops to choose from. Online boutiques have many great designers, styles, sizes and colors to choose from.

  1. Blouses

Having a few elegant blouses to match with your pants or skirts is a must.

Finally, it is important to visit an online store known as Here designers have unlimited clothing options for you. They will help you mix and match elements that will give you that perfect look. The price is also very cheap and favorable for your pocket.