Create user on Windows server 2012 remotely [closed]

I want to create user on remote server using kali linux so what I can use for this task.

Do two homotopic simple closed curves separate a compact orientable surface? They may intersect

Do two homotopic simple closed curves separate a compact orientable surface?
If they are disjoint they do and bound a cylinder. But if they intersect. All the components but one are homeomorphic to open disks?

riemannian geometry – Principal eigenvalue of non self-adjoint elliptic operators on closed manifolds

Consider the elliptic operator $Lu = – Delta u + langle nabla u , X rangle + c , u $ acting on functions on a closed Riemannian manifold $M$. Here $Delta$ denotes the Laplace-Beltrami operator, $X$ is an arbitrary smooth vector field, and $c geq 0$ is a smooth function on $M$ which does not vanish identically. Does $L$ have a so-called `principal eigenvalue’ $lambda_1 > 0$, whose corresponding (unique up to scaling) eigenfunction does not change sign?

A similar statement holds for smooth domains in $mathbb{R}^n$, as shown for instance in Evans’ PDE book, chapter 6. Moreover, in this paper it is sated that this fact is equivalent to the operator satisfying a maximum principle (which is indeed the case for the above $L$).

summation – Closed for solution for $sum_{k = 0}^{n} Q^{k} ( 1 – Q) ^ {k}$

I know the binomial expansion formula:

(1 + x)^n = sum_{k = 0}^{n} {n choose k}x^k

However, I am trying to find (if there is any) a closed-form solution for the following equation.
sum_{k = 0}^{n} Q^{k} ( 1 – Q) ^ {k}

Could you guys point me to some solutions? TIA.

Liberals say they wanted businesses closed for Covid, then they protest by the millions with no social distancing, then they burn down ?

Transnational corporations are trying to tank small businesses. They promote their causes through social liberalism in marketing, and the irony is that liberalism is being used to justify the very things that cause the economy to be unbalanced. They’re being manipulated, this situation is being manipulated, but I think it’s a far stretch to try to claim the lockdown itself spawned from these motives. Plutocratic vultures are opportunists, and I think the same is true with G.F. and the race war narrative.

What is axe poison? [closed]

What is axe poison?

I tried asking AJ Pickett about it but the information is slow in coming. All I know is pit fiend venom is supposed to be an ingredient.

Hxd editor find inside a file by entering some hex search values and without knowing other values [closed]

I have a file with some parts with this hex below that i want find with random numbers

hex = 31 00 39 00 39 00 20 00 38 00 33 00 30 00 20 00 35 00 36 00 34

text string of the hex = 1.9.9. .8.3.0. .5.6.4

sometime this numbers change with a random value for example 1 9 9 become 6 2 2

8 3 0 became 9 4 1

5 6 4 became 4 3 3

how i can do a search of this hex = 31 00 39 00 39 00 20 00 38 00 33 00 30 00 20 00 35 00 36 00 34

without know the numbers ?

upload image error "An Ajax http request terminated abnormally.." on Google Chrome [closed]

My website i use Drupal 7.69

I use Google Chrome Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)

when upload image it’s show

And click “Remove”

But i use Safari not have error.

Sniff USSD traffic without root privilege [closed]

I want to save every USSD message my phone send/receives. I failed to root my phone. I have tested tPacketCapture, Packet Capture and Debug Proxy, that use VPNs and don’t need root privileges but apparently are unable to save USSD traffic. Is there an application to do that somewhere?

Regarding skills and character creation [closed]

I am a 1st level sorcer with an Intelligence of 10. How many skill points do I have to work with?