git – How can I check the timestamp of a remote commit without cloning the repository?

There is a Git sub-command called ls-remote which allows listing of all the branches and commit hashes of the leaf node/tip of each branch.

How can I also query the timestamp of those commits, or other related information of the commit, without cloning the repo locally? (or, is there no way to do this without cloning the repo)

Cloning table with one to one relationship

I have two tables person and person_details with person_details have a one-to-one relationship with person table. What’s the the best way to clone person_details table ?

redirect – production site routes to staging site after cloning

Check your production site’s wp-config.php file for one or both of these lines:

define( 'WP_HOME', '' );
define( 'WP_SITEURL', '' );

…and set them as appropriate if they exist.

These constants will override the settings in the database if they’re present. See Editing wp-config.php for details.

windows 10 – What issues should I anticipate when cloning encrypted disks?

This question is related to my other questions about cloning here, but I am cloning my OS from a small SSD to a larger SSD. It’s a DELL laptop with Windows 10 and it has core isolation, TPM, and Secure Boot as security. If I clone the disk, I assume I should turn off all encryption beforehand. But will I be able to turn it back on after I install the cloned disk? Will the encryption detect some difference and fail to boot? What issues do I need to be aware of?

enter image description here

sharepoint online – Unable to get a github repository either by downloading the Zip file or cloning

I want to install the Script Editor Webpart from this url @ but if i try to download the zip file it will break in the middle + i tried to use the GitHub desktop but i will keep getting this error:-

enter image description here

so any advice how i can download or clone this repository? and can i only download the related files for the modern script editor instead of having to download the whole repository?

ios – Can’t get Flutter project running after cloning from GitHub

I’m new to Flutter and have been learning it recently. Been trying to get this flutter app running for my internship, but can’t seem to figure out why it’s not running. I have no problem getting the default flutter app running on both iOS and Android simulators and on my personal iPhone. Flutter doctor checks out fine. I’ve tried flutter clean, removing the Podfile (as it recommended because it said it was out of date), downgrading flutter to the same version my team was using because I was thinking maybe it was a problem with that working with Xcode 12, and running things like pub get and pod install. Same error all around when trying on Xcode, terminal, android studio, and VScode. I’ve been pretty much going in circles with the same errors trying different things.

I’m running the app with the following command: flutter run -t lib/main_dev.dart –flavor dev

The third image is the error I got after I tried the first solution on Stackoverflow.

The fourth image is when I try running the app on my android sim.

I’ve tried the following answers here in Stack overflow

First solution

When I was getting deployment warnings

Flutter doctor -v results

enter image description here

enter image description here

error when running on Android simulator

I could go on with the bunch of different errors I’ve encountered trying to run on Vscode, android studio, and so on, but basically, I’ve been going in circles with the same errors and the images below are just the ones I’m encountering now. All I’m trying to do is run the project I cloned from Github. I’m hoping anyone here will find an error that looks familiar to them or a similar situation where they couldn’t get a flutter project to run after cloning.

Website Cloning and 301 redirection


Our competitors display unethical behavior to our website.
They drop our website rankings by website cloning and 301 redirection.
… | Read the rest of

rooting – Cloning the ActiveSync Exchange on a rooted phone

Given i already know a working ActiveSync Device ID, username and password, is it possible to change the ID on another device so that it will be able to access the same account? If i try to log in with a new device id, it gets placed into quarantine so i need to re-use the working id.

ios – Can I report someone for cloning my game?

I recently found out that someone cloned my game from 2018 (2d, pixel art, here: that was on iOS, made it in 3d for android (here: Copied name, mechanics, everything, even some of the optional gadgets.

I paused my apple dev subscription at the end of 2019 so my game is not available for download anymore, but this guy released it in mid 2019, when it was.

I was wondering if I can somehow take action and have google remove the game from the listing.

cloning full Centos Server system and files

I have a VPS running Centos 8, I would like to switch providers, but I need to clone the full system and files.
could you please let me know what is the easiest way to do so?

I really appreciate your help.