Changing the screen display "in the event of clicking" on the same page in online sharepoint

I want to create web design in MS sharepoint online. When referring to the set of attachments below, what I want to do is when I "click" this image "1 click" (in the yellow field)enter the description of the image here

Then the data is shown below.

But then when I click, let's say the "TMO" image. Change the item below into something else as shown below. enter the description of the image here
I think I need to use coding to do this, maybe javascript, html and css in this wiki web parts editor. My intention is to change the image in the "red circle" below to something else, but the "blue circle" remains when I click on the image "process flow".[3

The[3[[3[enter the description of the image here

Can you help me with the code or any other easy way to do it because I'm pretty new to this coding topic? Thanks in advance