sleep: click on the mouse button to activate the mouse without sending the click to the PC.

My new wireless mouse sleeps after a few minutes to save energy. Waking it up requires clicking a button. The problem is that the mouse then sends the click to my PC. If my mouse is over a button, the button is clicked. If it is over another window, the computer changes the windows.

I often cannot locate the mouse cursor without moving it, and the mouse does not move when it is asleep, so it is difficult to avoid clicking random things. Using the right or middle mouse buttons is less problematic, but it still does things that I don't want, change windows or enter scrolling mode.

I would prefer not to send a click that activates the mouse to the PC. Does any wireless mouse work that way? Maybe the cheap one I got is poorly designed. Earn up to 1 Đ per click

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Right click + "Settings" on the desktop does not work

I've been testing some things in Ubuntu 19.04 (because I'm a new Linux user and wanted to learn more about it), and some problems appeared.

When I (The right button of the mouse) in "Desk" and choose "Screen settings" or "Settings" Does nothing. It used to work. I've only done two things that may have helped create these problems: install and remove kubuntu-desktop Y mySQL.

These are the commands I used:

Kubuntu installation and removal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop
sudo apt remove kubuntu-desktop
sudo apt autoremove

Changin the display manager and the presentation screen

sudo dpkg-reconfigure sddm
sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth
sudo update-initramfs -u

Install and remove mySQL

sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client
sudo apt-get purge mysql*
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get autoclean

I hope that helps

html: click event that deletes records from the list

I have five selection options that list through an API some records based on my return {}, shown by my interpolations, they generally look like the list, but when I use the click event to activate an event that calls the function from which it consumes the API, it deletes the records from the list leaving only the selected item shown and has no way of changing the items in that list. Follow the code:


information display: emphasize the areas in which you can click on a data visualization

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macos: how do I change ctrl and click to interpret it as separate functions and not how to right click?

Karabiner has the option to completely disable the ctrl-click and register it as a normal click, but that is not what I want. In many video games, Ctrl and Click are buttons that you use simultaneously all the time, and I wanted to know if it is possible to register those two without right clicking.

What I want to happen when I click with Ctrl:
Ctrl + Click, no right click entry

What really happens:
The right button of the mouse

What Karabiner does:

The Gmail inbox shows 1 unread message, but if I click on the inbox, it will not be displayed

If I look in: inbox, it won't show either. If I look for both in: inbox is: unread, then it is shown. If I search in: spam is: unread it is no longer displayed, or in: (anythingelsehere) basically. What I am trying to say is that CLEARLY is in the inbox, and not elsewhere, but for some reason, the only way I can find the message is to search specifically with that filter combo, or directly search for the string of the subject. I can also see it if I only navigate to "All emails"

And for the record:

No, I don't have filters that should filter this email

No, other messages do not seem to find the problem, only one in particular

No, there are no tags applied, unless you have "inbox" as a tag (but it won't show if I'm looking for a tag: inbox)

No, it does not appear in any other filter on the left other than "All mail"

No, I don't have any of the "primary" and "social" weird tabs enabled

No, I am not using POP or any other third-party tools to interact, this is using the latest version of Chrome and I go to

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