Where can I selling my clash of clans village

Hello. I have a 179 level TH12 acoount and I want to selling this for 90 dollars . Where can I sell Quickest? Please help me. How do you think the price I gave you

Android device manager: clash music audio with creating a new intention

I'm a newbie, so please drive.
I made a music player app using recycler view. The recycler view is in the main activity that shows the name of the songs. I made a separate adapter class that I applied on the click listener in the bindview method. In the click listener, I implemented the intention to call another musical activity that is playing the song. Now the problem is that when a song is already playing and I press back and click on another song it also starts playing along with the previous song. I tried to stop and reset the media player on the adapter taking instance of music playing class, but it didn't work. I tried to implement the audio focus change, but was unsuccessful at that. I thought about implementing the media player in the adapter class, but it will make my code messy. Any help is appreciated.

Clash of Clans | Forum Promotion

I have been playing Clash of Clans on my mobile devices for approximately 8 years. It is a game that caught my attention and has happily helped me to spend time while enjoying the excitement of the game since then.

Basically, they give you a small map and you must build and improve your army and base to participate in individual and multiplayer attacks while defending your resources by strategically building your defense.

It's a great game if you like real-time strategy, I definitely recommend trying it! Like all games these days, you can expect a small payment to be incorporated to win, but that's why I say just enjoy the game at your own pace.

Feel free to add me, my username is shown in the upper left of my base screenshot below. : pigeoncoo: