l5r 4e – Shark Clan losing Honor due intimidation

Reading Rank 2 of the Jirozame Bushi Eyes Of the Predator

In the wild many animals are paralyzed when faced with a clearly
superior predator, and the Shark bring this attitude to the fight,
purging all emotion from their mind to establish superiority. Before
initiative is rolled (or before the Assessment roll in a iaijutsu
duel) you can make an Intimidation/Awareness roll, contested by your
opponent’s Honor/Willpower. If successful, you can add +5 to your
Initiative roll, or to your Focus roll in a iaijutsu duel.

Using Intimidation makes your character to lose honor. Does using this rank still make me lose Honor?

How do I get many players to join my clan in Warframe?

Advertise, research, establish networks and invest.

Be sure to recruit in several regions if you want a diverse and larger clan. Focus on the newest players, since they are less likely to be already affiliated.

Asking during missions or in relays is also a valid strategy. Joining the first missions and helping newbies could get you new players who could use the help.

Start and, if possible, finish as many research projects as you can so that people feel more tempted to join the plans and Empyrean rooms.

Join an alliance to increase your reach and meet new people.

Create an attractive Dojo and Icon to get the attention of players with greater aesthetic inclination.

world of darkness: What rules can I use to emulate a werewolf of the Wendigo W20 clan with V5 rules?

I make a stage using vampire the rules of masquerade V5 where I want my players to face a werewolf of the Wendigo clan, since those werewolves are in the werewolf Apocalypse W20 (the werewolf has characteristics of a newborn equivalent for man wolf by his powers). As in V5, they only give rules for "basic" werewolves, I have to adapt that power from my W20 book.

The problems are that I am not so good with homemade things, so if I can use vampiric powers that work the same way, I prefer to use them; and I'm not very good at understanding some of the W20 rules (maybe because I'm too influenced by the V20 vampire)

I have some ideas (for example, using blood sorcery rituals to track someone to emulate the characteristic that makes wendigos so dangerous), but I think that the experience of people who have much more experience in this domain can only improve it .

world of darkness: how to interpret vampires that are really representative of their clan?

Use clan culture

You want to mention things that are part of the clan culture. Individuals represent groups showing products or behaviors that make them part of that group. Also, if you are the DM, you can define the culture of a clan in a given area. Here is a list of things you can include:

Witch Social awareness, resistance to conservative ideas, political literature, pop culture, che shirts, Palestinian scarves, proudly labeled "SJW". Brujah are often represented as idealists.

Gangster Animals, outdoor activities, hunting, domination, action before thinking, territoriality, mountain equipment, cabin in the forest. Gangs are often represented as insular.

Malkavian Theories of conspiracy, psychology, pseudoscience, psychotropic drugs, frequent incidents with authority, meticulous planning, oddities, shouts. Malkavian is often represented as unpredictable.

Nosferatu Computers, secrets, pet rats, shady businesses, horror movies, social exclusion, black humor, geek. Nosferatu are often represented as pragmatic.

Bullfighter. Social drugs, clubs, social networks, celebrities, large social gatherings, musical instruments, large expenses, entourage. Toreador is often depicted as a hedonist.

Tremere Magic, spells, secrets, cults, pentagrams, new era, wicca, gothic jewels, dimly lit places, Harry Potter books. Tremere are often represented as mysterious.

Ventrue Business, skyscrapers, office work, suits, public personality, attachment to high-profile brands, lawyers. Ventrue are often represented as self-confident.

world of darkness – By VTM 5e, does the Kindred of the VtMB2 clan reveal that the trailers are infringing the laws of the Camarilla?

For reference: from the publication of this question, Bloodlines 2 clans currently launched are: Brujah, Tremere and Toreador (not counting the fine blood).

This is due to the way I saw a theory in the comments of one of the revealed videos, which speculated if the Kindred that appear in these videos could be the blood search targets for the fine blood PC.

They cited the following things why they thought so:

Brujah – Very little subtle Looking for cases of arson and murder that could attract some unwanted attention.

Tremere- Very dirty blood ritual

Toreador- filming herself eating / murdering someone

If the theory is correct or not do not being the subject / question here – just the context), at least the Toreador, I agree that it is likely that he is doing something that should not With doing what is essentially a tobacco video.

However, I am not quite sure of the seriousness of that by itself, if she is not distributing it (I do not know), or about others, since they seem more of the norm.

So, my question is, considering that the game really relies heavily and specifically on VTM 5E (even mentioning the fall of the Pyramid):

According to the rules set out in the VTM 5e rpg, do any of the relatives in the VtMB2 clan reveal that the trailers actually commit rapes or infringe the laws of the Camarilla during them?

character creation: Would this be a viable way to play a clan characteristic?

I was considering if at some point in the future, for a Malkavian character, maybe a feature could be implemented for a game (maybe a shot): that there would be several players in a single character, to represent the character that listens to different voices training.

When it comes to the character that is really doing something, there would be a dice roll to see who scored the highest score, and whoever scored the highest score would be who directs what the character does that turn (a bit like "Everyone is John "game, but with vampires).

Would that be a feasible mechanism to implement, or, perhaps from the perspective of the people with more experience with this game, would it be too impractical or even innovative?