Looking for a long-term dedicated in New York City

Looking for 4 long-term servers dedicated to the actual NYC location (not Buffalo or another outside of NYC)


Total CPU frequency> 30 Ghz (Intel only, powerful HT not included)
RAM 64 GB or more
SSD of 2 TB or more (perfect nvme)
5IP / 1Gbps / 10Tb

budget ~ $ 180 per server

[lifetime] Coastal-city Hyip as a city building simulator

I am not the administrator or the owner of the project, I don't know!

Small size image

Date online: NOV 14, 2019


Welcome to the Coastal City economic game, here you can build your own city and earn money with it, join us and see for yourself.
This project was developed by a team of SKY PROJECTS professionals, we have created for you a high quality, profitable and most importantly, the most open and honest game.
Thanks to the built-in high quality reference and bux program, today you can earn real money without investment.

Plans (click on the image):
Small size image

My deposit:
Small size image
Reference commission: 10% – 5% – 3%

Type of withdrawal: Instant
Accept payments / payment methods:
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Small size image

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hottest city on earth …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the hottest city on earth …?

hottest city on earth …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the hottest city on earth …?


Honda City vs Mazda 2 Philippines: Battle Spec Sheet! The | Proxies123.com

While the Honda City It is considered as a more dominant brand in the country, the Mazda 2 You also get outstanding features of a compact car model. If you are considering Philkotse I would like to offer the detailed comparison of two compact sedans in terms of exteriors, interiors, safety features and general specifications.
When it comes to dimensions, the Honda City has a much longer wheelbase and looks a bit taller than the Mazda 2. Both models offer passengers ample room for legs and elbows, but the interior of the Honda City is superior with 536 liters of space. In general, the two models exude a feeling of aggressiveness and sportsmanship.
In terms of interior, both vehicles use soft-touch surfaces with black interior themes that are resistant to wear, tears or stains for easy cleaning. In addition, the touch screen is ideally located in the 2019 Mazda 2 for drivers without impeding the line of sight. It is an advantage of Honda City, since the speaker set could offer better sounds than the Mazda 2. It should be noted that the 2019 Honda City comes with cruise control.
Both Honda City and Mazda 2 have various safety equipment, such as double front airbags, side airbags, curtain airbags, ABS with EBD, engine immobilizers, stability control and ISOFIX.
For more comprehensive information on the specifications and the price of two items, we will Honda City vs Mazda 2 in Philkotse with one click!

From the gate of Notting Hill to the city airport. The fastest and cheapest way

I want to find the fastest way from Notting Hill to the city airport by train or taxi or Uber. I have bags

facebook – How to block Stoke City L.i.v.e

This question is similar to the SE question that asks how to "block all invitations to applications and games (once and for all)." My question is different: ask how to "block a particular application from a single game". More details about what I'm looking for below:

For months, almost every day I received annoying requests from some of my friends on Facebook to play a game called "Candy Crush Saga". At first, I thought my friends would check their friends list and send an invitation to each of them with whom they wanted to play explicitly, or maybe just invite them en masse by pressing a large button on the game's user interface. However, now I am completely upset and I would like to block the game completely. At least, due to frustration, this is how I have come to perceive things simply by looking at the notification area of ​​the Facebook user interface.

So, my question is: what is the reality of what is happening and how

Geography – How to get Polygon for a city of GeoJSON?

Following the instructions in the answer here:


I download the required city data in GeoJSON.


regina = Import["get_geojson.txt","RawJSON"];

Next, I look at the format in which Mathica stores polygon data:


Then I get the coordinate data of the JSON in the correct format as follows:

data = Query[First@*"geometries",1,"coordinates"]@regina

But when I try to turn it into GeoPosition I got the following error:


GeoPosition :: ltrng: invalid latitude specification
{{-104.65837970000000, -104.65687330000000, -104.64605760000001, -104.645, -104.64424790000000, -104.641415499999994, -104.64117950000001, -104.64115800000000, <<35>>, – 104.50330000000000, -104.50322160000000, -104.49920109999999, -104.49840829999999, -104.49734650000001, -104.492221799999996, -104.49219340000001, <<178>>}}.

What is wrong here? Does Mathematica have a different coordinate system for GeoPosition?

python: the city building solution runs out of big entry time


The country of Hackerland has n cities connected by m
Unidirectional roads. The cities are numbered of 1 to n.
Recently, the government decided to build new cities in Hackerland.

Your task is to simulate q events An event can have two types like
described below:

  • 1 x d : A new city n + 1 It is built in Hackerland and is connected to the city x. Yes d = 0 the direction of the new road
    is from x to n + 1. Yes d = 1 the direction of the new path is
    since n + 1 to x.

  • 2 x y : Print Yes if it is possible to move from the city x to the city y, Print No otherwise.


0 <n, m <= 50000

0 <q <= 10000

x, and always correspond to an existing city in Hackerland.

The total number of cities in Hackerland will not exceed 50,000

You can find a complete description of the problem here.

My effort

I tried to use a BFS here, but all test cases but the default fail due to a timeout. For those test cases n >= 4000. m >= 20000.


n, m = map(int, raw_input().split())
roads = {}
for _ in xrange(m):
    u, v = map(int, raw_input().split())
    if u in roads:
        children = roads(u)
        children = set()
        roads(u) = children

q = input()
for _ in xrange(q):
    c, x, d = map(int, raw_input().split())

    if c == 1:
        n = n + 1
        y = n
        if d == 0:
            if x in roads:
                children = roads(x)
                children = set()
                roads(x) = children
            children = set()
            roads(y) = children
        y = d
        visited = set()
        current = list()
        answer = "No"
        while current:
            parent = current.pop(0)
            if parent == y:
                answer = "Yes"
            if parent in roads:    
                for i in roads(parent):
                    if i not in visited:
        print answer 


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to optimize the solution?

Doc city | Urgent care near me

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