Which city in the world has the best escape room games?

Which city in the world has the best escape room games?

connecting flights: which city in China is the best place to depart to get to Lhasa?

I am planning to go to Everest base camp this December and my tour guide told me to arrive in Lhasa. I am currently in Shenzhen and, for some reason, I cannot find tickets for Lhasa directly from Shenzhen. What city is the best place to take a direct flight to Lhasa? Or from which city of Tibet is the best place to start if I want to take a tour of the EBC?

Spells – What parts, if any, of the Localize City Bomb are doubtful by RAW?

RAW, the legality of the locate the city The bomb is ambiguous. Step 3 is the main problem, which depends on the definition of "extra" that the rules do not really define. Step 3. has another possible problem, and step 6. has some problems, but those that I don't consider valid as RAW.

  1. No problem; clearly locate the city It is a spell that can be cast.

  2. No problem; Even if you argue that you need to have snow around you and use a moving action to pick it up, you can do it.

  3. The Flash Frost feat describes its effect as a reference to "spells that use cold and ice to harm your enemies." However, the problem with this argument is that this is the description, before the current one. Benefit section that describes, in terms of rules, what the effect is. The benefits section only says that "This metamagic feat can be applied only to spells that have the cold descriptor and that affect an area." Locate city Meets those criteria when launching with Snowcasting.

    The benefits section says that the spell deals with "a extra 2 cold damage points, "which is a fairly common ambiguity in the rules: can you add, earn a bonus, earn more, something you didn't have before? Should we treat the spell as if it had done 0 damage previously, so that now does 0 + 2 damage, or should we consider that "extra" requires that the damage has already been present? This is ambiguous, however, "ambiguous" is as far as possible: the rules use a lot "extra", and often it's not clear, but the game never defines it. So this still could job. And deciding "extra", since it always requires a certain previous amount, could set a problematic precedent for many other things, since the word is used a lot.

    Another potential problem for Flash Frost is that we are going to use the energy replacement in it to change the cold descriptor, as Flash Frost requires, to the electricity descriptor. However, there really is nothing in the rules that suggests that D&D 3.5e use "constant targets," which would cause us to step back and verify the cold spell descriptor for Flash Frost after applying it. The little we have suggests that D&D does not do this. Look here for more.

  4. No problem; with Snowcasting and Flash Frost, locate the city It is a divination spell (cold) that causes 2 cold damage, which the replacement of energy can change to a divination spell (electricity) that causes 2 electricity damage.

    Note that the Deities and demigods The Energy Substitution version, which is also the version found in the SRD, is the previous version of the feat, and does not mention changing the descriptors, which would cause a problematic ambiguity. Full arcane It has the latest version of the feat, however, and explicitly addresses this.

  5. No problem; locate the city It affects an area and, thanks to the previous steps, ours causes damage and has the electricity descriptor. It works as written.

  6. Locate city Specify your area as a circle of 10 miles / radius of level, and "circle" is not in the list of valid area types for explosive spells. However, this is really part of a broader lower specification in D&D 3.5e: very few spells actually define themselves as "bursts" as the Explosive Spell indicates. The burst is simply the default area type, so things will only say "Xfoot radius "instead of"X"foot radius explosion". Otherwise, they will often not bother to distinguish between an explosion and an emanation, unless the effect moves, the two generally cannot be distinguished. Except the explosive spell on locate the city under this reasoning I would suggest that it also does not apply to a large number of spells for which it was almost certainly intended, such as the ball of fire described in the example of the feat.

    The other argument that people sometimes make is that locate the city Specify "circle," instead of "sphere." The idea is not that this avoids the combination, but that it makes it much less useful, since it can only hit things on a plane (the geometric term, not the cosmological one), and even then they simply deviate above or below that and almost certainly they don't take damage since they don't move 10 feet. This is, in my opinion, really understanding straws, and a very bad precedent to set in the game. On the one hand, it will cause many problems when using locate the city for its simple purpose, locate cities, but most importantly, the game uses "square" everywhere when I really should be using "cube." Many of the rules of the game are written assuming 2D when things are really 3D; Who knows why. But locate the city It's just another case of that: trying to discuss more than that is just asking problems from other precedents.

Note that, regardless of RAW, I recommend banning the combo. It is dominated. That is not the question here. Personally, it would probably prevent Flash Frost from adding cold damage to any non-damaging spell of too large area. It would even allow Flash Frost in spells without damage, provided they are small, but not for something so big. Even without the rest, that would cause problems.

dnd 3.5e – What other spells can drive the city location bomb?

The localize city bomb is a series of metamagic feats that you can apply to a locate the city spell to do a lot of damage in a very wide area.

If he locate the city spells were banned, what other spells could use this combination of feats to produce a similar effect?

(Context: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/a/159280/21179)

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online resources – tourist / simple maps of the city to print

There are many sites that have one or some very good maps, of the cities for which these sites are.
There are some world maps, such as Google and Open Street Map, that have a good standard but are not specialized in tourist maps.

In your case, you would first look for tourist sites, tourist information -name city- and only below for map sites.
Those maps can be made more useful by showing your hotel, those tourist things you want. Be it restaurants, places to get money, museums or whatever, all those you want and not extra.
If you wish, you can print a poster size but frame the cut you want and print the screen. (Sometimes you may want to use the & # 39; print screen & # 39;) option.

And when you're in a hotel, don't hesitate to ask for a local map. In many places they are happy to distribute them, in other places they do not, asking never hurts.

If you arrive in a city and (still) don't have a map, you can take a picture of a public map with the information you need. (On your phone, your camera or both).

Hidden tickets in the city: booking a backup flight for a short stopover

City A – City B – City C, a whole ticket, approximately $ 220. The stopover in city B is only one hour, and City A – City B is a transatlantic flight. The direct flight for the first leg costs around $ 380. There is a direct flight City B – City C a few hours later for $ 30.

My question: is it reasonable to book the full route? Y the only leg later, in case I lose my connection? This is more than $ 100 cheaper. The second flight guarantees me when I will reach the final destination, while if I lose the connection, that specific flight could be full and I might have to wait longer. If I don't lose the connection, I won't take the second flight.

This feels similar to the city's hidden reserve, but I am planning to make the entire trip, so most concerns do not apply. The remaining concern is that the airlines will not like or allow me to book two flights knowing that I will only take one of them (but not knowing which one at this time).

International travel: how can you book a car in the city of Bagan before entering Myanmar?

I (French citizen with French, American and international driver's licenses) would like to reserve a car for ~ 24 hours in the city of Bagan, Myanmar. I am not yet in Myanmar and I would like to reserve the car before arriving in Myanmar. How can you book a car in the city of Bagan before entering Myanmar?

The only car rental company in Myanmar that I found, Yoma Car Share, does not allow customers to reserve cars before obtaining a Yoma Car Share member card, which according to their website can only be obtained at one of the Yoma branches Car Share in Myanmar.

Relational calculation of tuples: look for names of people who own at least one house in each city of Canada

Using the tuple relational calculation, find names of people who own at least one house in each city in Canada.

In bold there are keys.

City(City name, name of the country, area, population)

House(hno, # rooms, stno, name of the owner)

Street(stno, city name, length)

This is what I came up with:

{h.owner-name | House (h) and forAll c (City (c) and c.name = "Canada") ->
(There is s (Street (s) and s.city-name = c.name) and There is x (House (x) and x.stno = s.stno and x.owner-name = h.owner-name))}

How I read this out loud: "For all Canadian cities, there is a street with a CASA x that has the same owner as CASA h".

Is this correct? I've thrown my hair trying to understand the relational calculation of tuples.

Driving – Rent a car for a day and leave it in another city in Italy

I want to rent a car in Italy, is it possible to take it in one city and leave it in another? In this case, from Bari to Naples.

Also, is there a minimum number of days for a rental? One day is probably enough in my case, but 2 days should also be fine.