Indian citizens: travel to the United Kingdom as an unaccompanied minor

I would turn 18 in July and wish to travel to the United Kingdom in June. I have an Indian passport. I would be traveling alone. I have had 2 previous visas in the United Kingdom (both expired) that said I cannot travel without my parents.

Could I travel alone? What would be the documents required to travel alone?

Indian citizens – transit visa in Germany

I am an Indian citizen who stays in Poland with a Polish national visa. I applied for the Polish Temporary Residence Card (TRC) in September 2019 and received a stamp in my passport that legalizes my stay in Poland. A decision on my resident card has not yet been made and my current Visa will expire soon.

However, I have to travel urgently to my home country to work. I have booked a flight from Lufthansa to India (from Warsaw) that transits through the Munich airport.

As my visa will expire before the planned travel date and my TRC application is still in progress, can I go through Munich with the TRC application stamp on my passport? Or do I need to obtain a transit visa?

Indian citizens living abroad, renew passport in India

I am an Indian citizen living in Germany (with residence permit), I can renew my passport in Germany. But I will be in India for 3 months and I can also easily renew my passport in India.

If I choose to do it in India, will this affect my entry back to Germany, since I will not have the seals while leaving Germany and the seals upon entering India?

PD: It is significantly cheaper to do it from India.

UK citizens – New UK passport double citizenship observation

I just received my new UK passport and a detail really bothered me. On the first page, they printed all the information about my second passport, full name, number, expiration date, issue date, etc.
During the online procedure you are asked if you currently have a foreign passport, of course I did not lie. Then they request a complete copy of the foreign passport in color.

Why??? Why expose myself in this way to all foreign governments?
Maybe the officer in charge did not love me or had a capricious desire that day, but I have not heard that anyone else has done this to them, and I think it is strange that the United Kingdom publicly publishes information about its citizens.
Any ideas?
The only problem I had was that my photo uploaded online was not great. It happened, but the system complained of contrast or something. So, in the process, I added a handwritten letter plus 2 professionally made passport photos.

Tnx applause

Indian citizens: for an appointment on February 21, 2020 at the PSK India office, when should we submit an application online? What option comes to change the address details?

To get an appointment on February 21, 2020 at the PSK office in India, when should we submit an application online to get the same date or get options to choose the date before or after the desired date?
And, if I want to change only a minor correction in my address, then I must apply as a complete address change while applying online. If yes, should I also bring proof of address?

US citizens – Nexus card processing time

The processing time according to the CBSA as of January 28, 2020 is 39 business days. This is a little more than it was when I was approved in August 2019, when it was 25 days, which is exactly how long it took me As far as I can tell, it's quite accurate, however, no one can tell you exactly how long you The application will take.

As an anecdote, my mother recently submitted her application and did not receive conditional approval in a short period of time, so it does not appear that the waiting time has diminished since when I requested it.

Since there is a maximum of 45 business days until the end of March, the probability of obtaining conditional approval and scheduling your interview is very low, although theoretically possible. However, since your ability to use Global Entry is based on your passport, not the NEXUS card, you can use it immediately after approval in your interview, so if do If you are conditionally approved and receive an interview, it would be good to go.

Indian citizens – Schengen visa application for NRI

I am a non-resident Indian citizen who works in Lagos (Nigeria). My wife, a housewife, also has a Nigerian residence permit and my 9 years. The eldest daughter also has a Nigerian visa, since the minors do not need a residence permit, but most of the time they remain in India to the fullest.
We want to visit some Schengen countries for 15 days.
Can I submit an application for myself and my family from Lagos, will it require a personal / Bio-metric interview for my family as well?
Can we submit an application from India too, but since I am NRI, I do not have ITR for the past 3 years, it is mandatory even for NRI.

International travel: US citizens who visit Canada frequently to see others

I am a twenty-year-old American citizen who plans to visit Canada frequently (monthly or bi-monthly) to see another important person.

I usually visit once a year to visit family in Montreal. I am planning to visit Ottowa more frequently.

Beyond preparing the documentation of the relationship, should I be aware of something else? Are there special rules that I must keep in mind given the frequency of visits?

By context:

  • I plan short visits, mainly long weekends (3-4 days)
  • I have a good job in the United States that I intend to keep.
  • I have known my partner for 3 years. We have been dating for 1 year.
  • I will be flying every time from Boston

Will the residence cards of Article 10 held by relatives of British citizens continue to facilitate entry / travel to the EU during the Brexit transition period?

I am British, my spouse does not belong to the EU and has a Article 10 residence card issued by Malta.

We are currently on an extended trip outside the EU and will not return until shortly after Brexit when we plan to fly to France. From France we intend to travel to Ireland, before returning to Malta.

Before Brexit, everything (airlines / boarding, immigration) is quite simple thanks to the residence card, but I have not been able to determine if the card will still be considered valid after January 31.

Most of the UK government councils addressed to British and EU citizens seem to imply that nothing will indeed change during the transition period, but I have not seen any guidance specifically for family members of a British citizen who does not belong to the EU.

Will the residence card of Article 10 continue to facilitate my spouse's entry / trip to the EU after January 31?

Jordanian visa on arrival for citizens living in Germany

I am an Indian citizen who plans to visit Jordan for 7 days. I have been living in Germany for 4 years with the EU blue card. I also have valid US visas. USA, United Kingdom and Canada.

I would like to know if I am eligible for Visa upon arrival.

The information on the website of the Indian embassy in Amman says:

Indian citizens residing abroad are granted an entry visa upon arrival or through Jordan's diplomatic missions abroad.

PD I tried to get to the embassy in Berlin but I didn't receive a clear answer. I was told that my residence should be valid for 6 months. My blue card expires in May 2020 (same as the expiration date of my passport that I recently renewed) and I will submit my public relations application in Germany in February.