transit – During covid, can a filipino citizen allowed to have a connecting flight from japan to india?

Im a filipino citizen with business visa travelling to india as my final distination but with stop over in japan through a connecting flight. I heard many restrictions between countries to countries during covid in airports, my question is’ can a filipino citizen are allowed to have a connecting flight from japan to india during covid 19′? Right now there are no direct flights from Philippines to india and still negotiating the air bubble arrangement between 2 countries,
thank you.

uk – Can a Russian citizen enter Gibraltar with an EU residence permit?

According to some information on the internet, a Russian passport holder can enter Gibraltar if they hold a valid Schengen visa.

How is a German-issued EU residence permit (for work) treated by Gibraltar? In the Schengen area, it behaves like a multi-entry Schengen visa, in that countries like Switzerland and Croatia accept it as equivalent (personal experience).

customs and immigration – UK citizen married to an Irish citizen. How much time can I spend in the EU after Brexit?

Because your wife is an Irish citizen, you are the spouse of an EU citizen. You will therefore continue to have rights under the free movement directive even after most citizens of the UK cease having those rights. In particular, as long as you travel with your wife (or to join her), you are a beneficiary of the directive. So in fact, very little will change for you as far as traveling with your wife is concerned. This would not be true if your wife were not an Irish citizen.

Because you qualify for free movement, you may remain indefinitely in any EU country provided that you have sufficient resources (or your wife is working, studying, or looking for work, but these don’t seem to apply to you). You may spend up to three months in each EU country without having to register. You may be required to register with the authorities to remain longer than three months. The details of this registration depend on the country in question — some don’t require it at all.

The 90/180 rule that applies to most short-term visitors in the Schengen area does not apply to you. This is explicit in the Schengen Borders Code, which excludes beneficiaries of the directive from the provisions applying to nationals of so-called “third countries.”

Would I need a visa to do this after Brexit for each country we visit, or can I only stay for 90 days?

The UK is going to be on the visa-exempt list for the Schengen area (otherwise known as “Annex II”). Because of that, family members with a derivative right of free movement may only be required to have a visa if their country of nationality is an “Annex I” country. In other words, you will continue to be able to visit the Schengen area by yourself for short visits without a visa, and you will not need a visa in the Schengen area when you are there with your wife.

(If the relationship between the UK and the EU should become so strained that they introduce visa requirements, then you would also need a visa to travel with your wife, at least in theory, but family members crossing at the land border are generally admitted without such a visa provided they have satisfactory evidence of their family relationship. Furthermore, the possibility of such a severe deterioration between the UK and the EU seems very remote.)

How can an Bangladeshi citizen travel to Trinidad and Tobago from Bangladesh without needing a transit visa along the way?

I would like to travel Trinidad and Tobago and few other Caribbean. Most of the connecting flights are going through USA , Canada which I need transit visa.

I have found some route not sure is gonna work or not.

Dhaka To Istanbul To Havana ( turkish airlines) and from Havana to Port of Spain ( copa airlines ) 2 ticket will be separate I’ll have only hand bag no checked baggage. So in that case is it possible to get boarding pass from havana airport inside transit area ?
Istanbul and Havana both I don’t need transit visa.

Visa Requirement for Ecuador – Indian Citizen

Anyone know what the visa requirement is for Indian citizens who want to visit Ecuador?

Most popular answer I find from Google is Visa on Arrival with Indian passport valid for 6 months, but I’ve also seen others saying prior visa or eVisa needed.

If someone could paste the Timatic requirements, that would be helpful too.

Can an Indian citizen on H-1B travel to visa-free countries for Indians (such as Nepal, Thailand) without an H-1B stamped on an Indian passport?

From what I know, you cannot get certain visas, such as a Schengen visa, from the US, if you do not have an H-1B visa stamped on the passport.

However, certain countries do not require Indian citizens to have any visa.

  1. Can an Indian citizen visit visa-free countries, from the US, while H-1B is not stamped on passport?
  2. Will airlines check for a return US visa stamped on passport?

Can one apply for a newborn US baby’s Indian e-tourist visa if both Indian citizen parents have lost jobs and lost H1B status?

If Indian citizen parents lose their jobs in US, then OCI cannot be applied. OCI needs both parents to present a valid H1B visa (or any valid US visa for 6 months).

  1. However if both parents lose jobs, can e-visa still be applied for new-born US citizen baby ?

  2. If visa is obtained, is it possible to visit India with a new born ? The reason I ask is parents don’t have a job in the US, thus no way to return to the US. While every tourist visa needs a return ticket. Immigration may ask how will the baby return to the US after 90 days stay, what can we answer ?

Our plan is to convert tourist visa to entry visa in India and apply for OCI in India.

Can an Indian citizen on H1B travel to visa-free countries for Indians (such as Nepal, Thailand) without an H1-B stamped on an Indian passport?

From what I known, you cannot get certain visa’s like Schengen visa, from the US, if you do not have H1B visa stamped on the passport.

However, certain countries do not require Indian citizen’s to have any visa.

  1. Can an Indian citizen visit visa-free countries, from the US, while H1B is not stamped on passport ?
  2. Will airlines check for a return US visa stamped on passport ?

usa – Can Indian citizen with B1/B2 visa travel in foreign flights during COVID?

Indian government doesn’t place much restriction in traveling outside country. Most restrictions are placed by receiving countries. If you qualify for admission in receiving country, you can travel on Vande Bharat flights.

From this post, you need to qualify any of the following criteria in order to get admitted to USA. Without these, you won’t be allowed to board the flight.

US citizens and nationals
lawful permanent residents (green card holders)
spouses of citizens or LPRs
parents of unmarried citizens/LPRs under 21
siblings of citizens/LPRs, both unmarried and under 21
children, foster children, and adoptees of citizens/LPRs
air and sea crew members
diplomats and foreign officials
those granted exceptions by high-level officials

Just a valid B1/B2 visa doesn’t qualify.

Chinese Citizen Apply for French Visa (Passport Talent) in USA with H1B Extension Pending Approval

My H-1B visa expired on Aug 28, 2020, and my employer in the US applied for an extension for H-1B on Aug 13, 2020. Per 240 days rule, I can legally stay in the US and continue to work while my extension is pending for approval with USCIS. I applied for a French visa last week (Passport Talent) as I”m relocating to France for work. I submitted 1) my original I-797 showing my H-1B was valid until Aug 28, 2020, 2) USCIS receipt on Aug 13, 2020 showing they have received my H-1B extension application, 3) USCIS’s explanation on 240 days rule. I received an email today from French Embassy asking me to provide additional documents to prove my legal stay in the US . Any advice on what kind of documents I should provide? Thanks!