I am a British citizen and resident outside of the United Kingdom

I want to have a visa for my non-EU spouse who is a Pakistani citizen. I have heard that a non-European spouse can have a dependent visa to visit Europe
We want to travel to Portugal. Please help me with the facts and the process.
Thank you

Customs and immigration – Traveling to the United Kingdom, a citizen not divorced from the EU with a biometric card proving permanent residence as a member of the EU.

My friend is a citizen of the EU who will not be divorced soon. She received permanent residence as a member of the family of an EU citizen. You were informed that the card will still be valid, but you have been told at the UK border that your circumstances differ from what the card will and will not be valid after the divorce. Can you please tell us who is right or not, or how should you treat it?

Thank you

Visas: travel to France with the residence card of a family member of a unionized citizen

I have Italian citizenship and my spouse has the residence card of a member of the family of a union citizen with comments "EU rights to reside".

I'm planning a trip to France, I read that you do not need a visa if you have a green card, did anyone try to make the trip with just that?

Also, does it matter if I travel by plane vs Eurostar?

Appreciate any help!

Visas: Indian citizen traveling from Vietnam to India through Bangkok

I am traveling from Vietnam to India through Bangkok.
The details of my flight are the following:
Vietnam – Bangkok: Vietnam Airlines
Bangkok – Mumbai: Air India
Period of stopover in Bangkok: 2h20m

I would like to know:
1. Is the baggage checked to India or do I have to collect it in Bangkok?
2. Do I need a visa to Bangkok? If yes, can it be done in advance or do I have to do it alone at the Bangkok airport, since the stop period is much shorter?

Ashish k

Can a US citizen traveling in the UK volunteer for 1 week?

I will visit friends in the UK for 2 weeks (and then I will return home to the United States). I was invited to volunteer at a summer camp for children for a week since I am an educator in the United States.

I would love to volunteer at your camp, but I am not sure if I need to apply for a visa. As a US citizen with a passport, I know I can stay in the UK for up to 6 months, but I am only visiting for 2 weeks and I hope to volunteer for 5 days. Should I apply for a visa and can someone give me a clue about which one?

Thank you!

United Kingdom – Do I need a transit visa to visit London for 18 hours during an Indian Citizen stop?

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visas: double citizen of the VWP countries and possible re-entry to the United States in the other

I know, but out of curiosity, someone can leave the US UU With the passport that you entered with your visa exemption (before 90 days), immediately reapply for your other country passport (eligible) and re-enter with a new 90 days?

Or will everything be linked electronically and will they call you to the border?

Thank you!

Transit visa for Frankfurt for the Indian citizen in h1b I797A

My status change from F1 to H1b was recently approved and I have I797A with me. My F1 visa stamped on my passport is still valid and I go to my country of origin (India) to make the H1b stamp.
I have a Lufthansa flight with a 4-hour stopover in Frankfurt. Do I need a transit visa for my case?
(I see that my flights arrive and depart in the same terminal)

I am a Syrian citizen and I want to go to the United States. Can anybody help me please?

My sister is already in the USA UU And she has a green card. He also has a baby who was born in the USA. UU., So he's an AMERICAN CITIZEN, so the question is, can I get the visas to visit her and her son?

note: I requested to visit the visa before she has a green card and a baby, so I received

Thanks for reading, I hope you can help me by doing that.

Adjustment of status for a child of a US citizen admitted to VWP

I am a naturalized American citizen. I have a baby born out of wedlock in the Dominican Republic before they naturalized me. My son has a German passport and entered the United States with me in a VWP / ESTA a month ago. I want to apply with forms I-130 and I-485, but now I am afraid that I may be deported. I have enough proof that he is my son. What are the chances of a baby being deported?