Tourism – Can a foreign citizen living in the United States drive with a foreign license outside their home state?

I am a foreign citizen who has been living in the United States for some years. I do not intend to drive in my home state (Maryland), so I have not bothered to convert my foreign license into a US license. UU. However, I want to be able to rent cars for short trips in states other than my home state (California, Colorado, etc.) picking up a rental car at the airport.

Many of the DMV state websites claim that, as a foreign or foreign short-term visitor, you can drive with your foreign or foreign license, but I'm not sure if this strictly applies to the special case of residents of another US state. . UU. Who owns a foreign license.

The few times I tried, I had no problem renting a car, but am I playing with fire when I do this (for example, if I get stopped or if the car is damaged)?

Thank you!

[ Politics ] Open question: When was the last time you were a good citizen?

[Politics] Open question: When was the last time you were a good citizen? .

Citizen of the United Kingdom traveling to France at the end of November

I will go to France with my girlfriend at the end of November. She is a citizen of the United Kingdom. Is there any possibility that you will be asked to obtain a visa in case Brexit is not negotiated?

usa – Canadian citizen traveling to the US UU.

I have a quick question. I am a Canadian-born citizen who travels (with my Canadian passport) and I have been traveling back and forth from Canada to the United States to visit my boyfriend and my longest stay in the United States this year was 34 days. My question is that I am reaching the 180 day mark for the year and I was wondering if the visits were counted by calendar year (January – December) or from the date of entry. I would still like to go in November (which I would use my last 12 days), as well as in December, but only for 3 weeks at a time. However, the December trip will take me more than 180 days a year.

Also, is it possible if you exceed the 180-day mark for a year to be banned from returning to Canada (do you care how long you were absent)? I apologize if this seems a bit odd for a question, but it is something that worries me and I would like to meet the requirements.

I return to Canada for longer than I was away and I have never been taken to high school. I have the funds to support my travels.

Whenever they ask me, I always say that the purpose of my trips is to go to Disney, since he lives in Orlando.

Planning: Can I cross the US border? UU. overland without a US passport UU. If I am a naturalized US citizen. UU.

I know. UU. They cannot refuse entry to a US citizen. UU., Which, of course, can show that you are showing your certificate. That said, they are likely to have to verify it and that may take some time.

The United States Department of State says:

If you are a US citizen who crosses the United States from Mexico by land without a US passport, you may be slowing the lines and increasing your waiting time.

If your license is an enhanced security document (called RealID), you can also use it.

Please note that if you are not yet in Mexico, your guards have the right to refuse entry if you do not have a valid travel document (passport or passport card). Although that is unlikely since I have friends who cross only with their RealID all the time.

That same page that is linked says:

The Mexican government cannot allow US citizens who drive or walk to Mexico to enter the country at land border crossings if they do not have a US passport or passport card.

Can a minor US citizen travel in and out of the country?

1] Is there an age limit for traveling alone, for example: must you be at least 10 years old?

No. Young children should be in the company of a responsible adult. Older children can travel alone, although airlines require that children of a certain age range use the "unaccompanied minor" service in that case. The details and the specific age range varies from one airline to another.

2] What letter should parents provide to the US airline / government. UU. To guarantee parental approval to travel?

This will depend on the airline, the country from which the child is traveling and the transit countries, if applicable. With regard to the United States government, a simple permission letter should be sufficient. It can help if the letter is notarized. The airline or other countries may have more stringent requirements.

3] Is the child allowed to leave the United States soil?

Of course. As long as it can be established that the child travels with the permission of the parents, and especially if the child travels to join the parents, there will be no problem leaving the US. UU. This means that the child has permission to be in the country where the parents reside, of course. If the child is not a citizen of that country, it may be necessary to show a visa or residence permit to the airline before the airline allows the child to board the plane. Details vary by country.

United States – Irish short stay visa exemption for Indian citizen in the USA. UU.

Breaking it down from your link:

  • Do you have an eligible short stay visa in the United Kingdom?

If you can

  • Does your visit to Ireland end before your permission to remain in the United Kingdom ends (this is granted by an immigration officer from the United Kingdom when you go through immigration from the United Kingdom)?

You don't have this information yet, but suppose you are granted the stay as planned. Then yes.

  • Was your passport issued by one of the countries listed below?

India is on the list, then yes.

According to all the indications of the official website to which it has also been linked, you can do so with the United Kingdom visa without additional need for an Ireland visa.

This is also compatible with the following:

Travel between Ireland and the United Kingdom with a single United Kingdom-Ireland visa

You can visit Ireland and the United Kingdom with a single visa issued by any country, whether you are a Chinese or Indian citizen. For example:

You can visit the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland) without requesting a United Kingdom visa, if you have an Irish (tourist) visiting visa.
You can visit Ireland without applying for an Irish visa, if you have an eligible visitor visa from the United Kingdom (short stay).
You can travel an unlimited number of times between each country with any visa, provided it is valid.

Read how this works under the British-Irish visa scheme.

Is an hour stop at Singapore Changi Airport (Indian citizen traveling from the USA to India) sufficient?

I guess your flights through Singapore are both on Singapore Airlines (SQ) and on a single ticket, in which case: It is likely that 1 hour is enough, but SQ will take care of you if it is not.

Changi is an extremely efficient airport and does not need to go through Customs / Immigration for a transfer. SQ flights to / from India and the USA. UU. They use Terminal 3, which can walk from end to end in 15-20 minutes, so if your incoming flight arrives on time, it will surely make your connection.

However, if your incoming flight is Very late, Singapore Airlines will take responsibility and put it on the next available flight.

Chinese visa for Singapore citizen

Singaporean citizens do not require a visa when they visit China for visits of up to 15 days. Are there any exceptions to this rule? The person in question plans to travel through Kashgar and Urumqi (visiting Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan) and I understand that these are sensitive areas within China.

Is it recommended to apply for a visa in this scenario?

visas – Extended Schengen holidays with non-EU spouse of EU citizen of EU non-EU resident

I am an Australian and Italian citizen (EU) and my wife is a citizen of the Philippines.
We are living together in Australia.

We would like to have an extended vacation (say 6 months) exploring the countries that make up the Schengen Area.
We do not have an itinerary in mind, we would just like to arrive and wander as tourists.

Although my wife has the right to enter the Schengen Zone with me (since we present proof of marriage at the border), do I understand that the airlines will not let her fly there without a pre-established visa? Is that correct?

I suppose you will have to apply for a visa from one of the Schengen member states?
We have no itinerary or intention to become residents of a Schengen member state, so I am a little confused about how to proceed.

What visa will she need? Will it be okay to stay longer with that visa while she is with me?

From which member state should you apply for a visa? As we have no itinerary, I guess the first state we entered?

I would appreciate any help.