reference request – Circumstances in which professional mathematicians do a good work, in their relation with other professional mathematicians and academic activities

I’m curious to know in what scenarios or situations a professional mathematician can to get more chances to get a good achiviement in his/her work. In this introductory paragraph I explain what I know about the work of mathematicians, I know that professional mathematicians have many activities related to their academic work: for example I evoke when professors attend as public to a math conference or teach in a worshop to young professional mathematicians, or when they write an email to a coauthor or collaborator, or when they teach lecture notes in his/her universities to an advanced group of researchers, when they have a meeting in an congress with a specialist in his/her field of knowledge and can to discuss ideas in person from which they were able to continue their research from another point of view, or exchange ideas with other group or mathematicians of a far country, when they are advisors of an exceptional PhD student, or when they daily study and expand the articles of other mathematicians.

Question. I would like to now if it is possible to say something interesting and helpful about when, and if it possible what are the factors/circumstances involved in such academic situations and that benefit a good work, professional mathematicians can get a good feedback and chances to develop a successful achiviement of their investment of time and work in the activities related to their profession with other professional mathematicians. Many thanks.

With my question and the words a good achievement/work I evoke those professional situations that are virtually excellent in contrast to other situations that I, as ignorant of the academic world, might think that are a wasting time (another boried conference, another day of unsuccessful work after a contact with a research group,…*). In other words I believe that the work of mathematicians is very subtle, it seems to me more subtle than for example the work of an experimental physicist than can to work with instruments and schedule his/her work using the scientific method, while I think that dedicating of professional mathematicians can be compared to a full time job. I would like to know if it is possible to add tips about what factors or circunstances play a role improving the chances or opportunities to get efficiency in the work of professional mathematicians in special with their relationships to other colleagues.

If there is literature about this (how the mathematicians do a good work as professionals in their daily or scheduled (conferences/congress ispiring new ideas,…) activities, and in relation with other group of mathematicians) feel free to answer my question as a reference request adding the reference of the article as companion of your reasonings, that I try to search and read it from the literature.

*I add these words just to emphasize the discussion here, I think that the professional mathematicians do the best possible in their works, and I respect them.

dnd 3.5e – How to deal with the rope trick in particular circumstances

Rational to the challenge: Like NPCs, cool, clever uses for NPC spells exist simply for player entertainment and storytelling. These spells should be implemented only when they offer players an interesting challenge.

The rope trick is challenging, and there are solutions to tackle it. The questions really are A. Is it a challenge interesting enough to be worth it? and B. Does the party have access to tools to address this challenge?

Nature / challenge review: 1. There is an active alarm system, and 2. as soon as it is activated, magicians fly into the clouds (using fly spells) and 3. flee to extra-planetary space using the rope trick, where they presumably rest (refreshing fly spells if the rope trick caster is high enough to cover the time they need to rest). The spell expires at some point (after the caster level hours) and casts all content (unless they leave before it expires), leading to a brief shower of wizards raining down from the sky, or feathers falling. if they have spells ready. Then they return from where they fell to that place with the air elemental, I suppose. If they are high enough at this point, they are well rested and could repeat the process if the party triggers the alarm again. – If the launchers who open the rope tricks do not have 8 or more, then they must resort to alternative ways to access the flight if they have not rested before attacking again. But they could still use alternative means to flee if they have them. Those could be unlimited (flight-giving artifacts, perhaps brooms? – with the same effect of CL <7) or limited.

Solution 0: Wait for them

If they are limited but large in number, they could probably be used in a boring replay until they are sold out. That would be a siege scenario: you ask players if you keep repeating it and fast-forward until they decide to look for an alternate solution or all wizards' charges or uses of all means of flight are exhausted (at that point they haven't rested properly instead, they sleep a lot for a few hours straight, while our players take turns setting off the alarms and they're fine.) Also consider long before this point, wizards might get mad anyway and try to attack, rather than bother with your important order all the time.

Note: The rope trick has components: corn powder and a twisted parchment bow. How much of that do you think they have as a group? Where do they get more from? If players mess with access to components, they could do the siege tactic even if they rest (but not if they have infinite alternate access to the flight).

Solution 1: Avoid or remove the alarm in some way.
You didn't explain how the air elemental works as an alarm, but it could surely be fooled somehow. It has Listen +2, Spot +3, and 60 feet of dark vision, but stealth would probably work fine. – Or just sneak up and kill the … blower. It has 9 hp. And even if the magicians still run away this time, getting a new relative takes time.

Solution 2: deal with wizards before they run away
* *to.* Prevent them from flying. I guess solution 0 did it slowly, but what about a silence spell? Dispel a magic spell? Other anti-magic sources? Stop your spell casting with an arrow to your forehead or just the way you like. Make them need to perform concentration checks by distracting them with poisonous gas traps you prepared while hiding.
yes. use solution 1: invisibility (plus a little hand to get the artifact) or hurt them. They are magicians, not clerics, so harm them as best you can. Even if they can rest, they are likely to have a low build, so they heal slowly enough not to recover much before returning.
C. Catch them. Hide (with an alarm) at their location waiting for them to return, and then close the doors after they enter, or alter the environment so that they are trapped inside even if they fly. Make sure that if you collapse the entrance you have means to leave.
re. fly and while you keep hurting them, basically 2b extension.

Solution 3: don't let the leak stop you
to. If you can fly immediately during their escape, follow them into their holes as they flee. If you didn't have the spell before, how about buying a flight parchment?
yes. If you can't fly, but you have access to a spell that goes beyond airplanes, find it from the ground. Then let the shells speak. Build a kind of rocket and launch it just below the hole. It's like shooting from the side of a barn, but from much farther … a sniper rocket. While it is difficult to build, if they are successful and one would kill all wizards, the corpses would fall from the sky after the spell expires … very well.
C. Or find worldly means to fly and follow them later. Use detection magic to find the entrance, as the entrance is invisible to the naked eye but still magical. It can be nice if it takes hours, because you can't look through the hole entrance, so you won't know what's going on inside. Of course, if you rushed right after them, you know what's going on: they just arrived. But if you are late, everyone could be aiming their magic at the entrance, as they can look out the entrance window (if they are not sleeping). – If you wait a bit and assume that you are actually sleeping thinking that you do not have access to the flight or that you would find the entrance), you could sneak in and stab them all while they sleep. – muahahaha.
re. wait outside Since your observation hole is at the entrance, if you find it and have a long-term flight source (like an undead dragon? – or a hot air balloon) park right above the hole and wait until they come out or start falling.

Solution 4: GM prevents NPCs from doing it, ideal if they don't have the tools or if the challenge seems boring
to. Magicians are also people. Even if this works mechanically, they will get bored or impatient. Maybe I'll have one of them say, "You know what to do, guys." and another says "Really? We are powerful! Why do we keep running from these losers? Let's just deal with them!" – Unless everyone is elven or immortal, they may not want to delay their plans for weeks to play hide and seek with the party.
yes. The situation changes. They plan to use the artifact for something (which is deep in a dungeon, so they can't fly away). Of course, if players don't have the means to track them, that will also be frustrating, but at least it won't be boring.
C. Think of your own reason.

Solution 5: Do not worry
to. Let the players figure it out.
yes. Break the fourth wall. If you actually limited their use and complained to them when they used the rope trick, instead of finding a way to avoid it, the situation is unfair. He decides to ban all the spell and creates a silly explanation in the game.

For example: let them converse with a strange but powerful God. Their avatar (crazy form) says to them, "You know what, this is getting boring. I've been interested in you for a while because you know … you are funny. But these things … really wizards running away like that are cheating, No? "- and if they agree with him (instead of being baffled by what he is talking about and how he knows his situation), he says" Would you agree that this world would be a better place without the rope trick ? " – And if the party magician (and all the other magicians nearby, if any) suddenly feel pain. "It will only hurt for a moment," says the joker character and runs. If the wizard ever uses that spell again, you'll notice that it works a little differently now. Summons a string as before but at the top is a small note. If he comes up to read it, it looks a bit like the kind of legal document you get when you cancel your service because of something someone did (without claiming or denying it was you). "This free service is temporarily unavailable, please report the error to the aircraft administrator (and in fine print). The premium membership expired 2 millennia, 4 centuries and 3 decades ago, so we moved on to the free version kindly provided by" Too infinity and beyond Inc. "as per the terms and conditions of use, which the administrator of the aircraft read and agreed to. Inappropriate and abusive conduct arising from his plane of existence, including intrusion and loitering, has been reported to violate the fair use clause of the terms and conditions of the service IV.9.c. paragraph 2. Until the new notice is closed To upgrade to premium membership, contact us at our office, during business hours. Sincerely , 2I & B Inc. "

What is the best way to provide access to Google Analytics in these circumstances without exposing all Google Analytics data?

In essence, an important Affiliate links to a URL in a domain registered by the Client. This URL redirects to a specific landing page for this Affiliate in the Customer's primary domain. The landing page has URL / offer and has a CTA for the Customer's purchase funnel.

As the first URL redirects to the second URL, there is no reference for GA.

The Affiliate would like to see Google Analytics data related to the traffic that the Affiliate sends to the Client: sessions, transactions, Objectives (including tickets to buy the funnel). The Client does not want to expose all the GA data of the Client to the Affiliate.

What is the best way to provide such access?

Initially I thought about the filters in a specific view for the affiliate. But of the options available, I don't think any of them will work.

dnd 5e – Under what circumstances does a ghost steed take a minute to disappear?

Dispel the magic makes it fade; antimagic field It makes it disappear immediately while in the field area.

Dispel the magic finish the spells:

Choose any creature, object or magic effect within range. Any spell of level 3 or lower on the target ends.

If the spell ends, the steed will vanish for 1 minute.

Antimagic field It is different: it does not end the spells, but suppresses its effects:

Within the sphere, spells cannot be cast, summoned creatures disappear and even magical objects become mundane. Until the spell ends, the sphere moves with you, centered on you.

Spells and other magical effects, except those created by an artifact or a deity, are suppressed in the sphere and cannot excel in it.

A creature or object invoked or created by magic temporarily disappears from existence in the sphere. Such a creature reappears instantly once the space occupied by the creature is no longer within the sphere.

Then, if you mount your phantom steed in an antimagic field, the steed will cease to exist instantly and you will be forcibly dismantled. In principle, if the source of the field moves away, you should recover it since the spell is no longer suppressed.

It is somewhat questionable if the steed counts as a creature created by magic. Ghost steed It is an illusion spell, the horse is described as "quasi-real", and the steed disappears if it is damaged because it has no life points. (Contrast the paladin find steed spell, which is Conjuration and summons a real creature based on Riding Horse statistics.)

This should not affect your response to antimagic field because it suppresses spell effects of any kind. But it does matter to other spells like sanctify and magic circle which could be used to restrict the steed of a paladin or a relative.

The HYIP business and its circumstances.

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[ Mythology & Folklore ] Open question: Evolutionists and atheists, can you even give an example of a species that gives birth to a different species in natural circumstances?

[Mythology and folklore] Open question: Evolutionists and atheists, can you even give an example of a species that gives birth to a different species in natural circumstances? .

mobile: circumstances of the application of multiple devices

We are developing an application in the field of product sales. Now we want to decide if our application is MultiDevice or not. Our application services include product display, registration request, survey response and coin-based gamification. Since MultiDevice software is technically expensive, I wanted to know under what circumstances it is necessary for an application to become MultiDevice.

Bitcoin Core: under what circumstances will a complete node disconnect a pair?

For a node to be disconnected, the default threshold of banscore is 100. In versions prior to v0.18, the default time to prevent the caller from reconnecting is 86,400 seconds or 1 day. However, this was avoided by attackers with multiple IP addresses.

Version v0.18, allows peers that their node was automatically disconnected due to bad behavior (for example, the sending of invalid data) to reconnect to their node if they have unused inbound connection slots. If your slots are full, a badly behaving node will be disconnected to make room for the nodes without a history of problems (unless the badly behaving node helps your node in some other way, such as connecting to a part of the node). Internet from which you are not). Do not have many other companions).

Below are the reasons for the disconnection or the increase of the banscore.

  • The pairs that provide a chain with less work than the minimum chain work during the IBD are disconnected
  • If the node provides invalid data as a mutated block or data that does not meet the consensus requirements
  • If the compact block has a valid header, but contains invalid txs, the pair should not be punished
  • Prohibit outgoing (but not incoming) pairs if it is in an invalid string.
  • The invalid header, the checkpoint of the invalid block and the invalid previous block will result in a total ban
  • If the previous block is missing, the banscore is increased by 10. This is done to prevent DoS attacks
  • If the pair sends a getblocktxn with tx indices out of bounds will result in a ban
  • There are other elements related to the flowering version and the flowering size that could result in the ban
  • The first message must be a version message and each connection can send a version message only once. But the banscore it increases by 1
  • If the node is sending addr messages with more than 1000 addresses, then banscore it increases by 20
  • Sending inv messages that exceed the maximum size, then banscore It increases by 20.
  • Sending header messages with more than 2000 items, resulting in an increase banscore by 20
  • The nodes should NEVER send a data element> 520 bytes or the bad behavior score is increased by 100

There is another couple's reason that could have been omitted. You can search for "bad behavior" in the netprocessing.cpp file for all the reasons.

Are complete nodes disconnected from connections that do not send enough data?

Not particularly, but a little. When the tip of the chain does not advance for more than 30 minutes, the entire node assumes that the tip may be obsolete and, therefore, will try to connect to an additional outgoing interlocutor. There is a periodic check that ensures that if the additional peer connection is in use, the node will disconnect the one that most recently announced a new block.

banscore: under what circumstances a complete node will be disconnected or

I know that a complete node will be disconnected from a node if that node "behaves badly". For example, the connection of a node will be eliminated if it sends too many messages that do not follow the rules (what rules?) And the nodes that send many expired, duplicate or useless messages. What other reasons make complete nodes disconnect from a pair?

For example, are complete nodes disconnected from connections that do not send enough data?