Add Chromebook to google play

I am logged in on my phone and can download stuff on there. The problem im having now, is that my chromebook is not showing up on my devices.

I don’t know how to zoom in and out on my chromebook [closed]

I have a chromebook. How can I zoom in and out with a built in mouse.

How do i Unblock everything on my Chromebook?

I don’t know how to unblock everything on my Chromebook. I was wondering if someone could help me?

How do I Get Rid of Securly on a School Chromebook os

I need to know how to get rid of securly extension on my chromebook os, but it has an admin on it, and it is annoying when it is blocking sites I want to go to.

How to prevent visits to Hangouts on school-issued Chromebook?

My twelve-year-old has OCD. His school recently issued a Chromebook to each student in secondary school. My son compulsively goes to Hangouts and his grades are suffering. I am working on getting the school to block Hangouts, but I have not been successful yet. While I’m working on that, I’d like to set up some sort of redirect, with perhaps a script, so that when he tries to visit Hangouts on the Chromebook while he’s at school, the browser will automatically go to a different address (such as Google Classroom).

How can I do this?

(There’s no point in trying to guide me through killing his google+ account. I’ve tried that. It refuses to die.)

Is it OK for my Smartphone to be on a AC charger for a Chromebook? [closed]

I need to know what could happen to my Smartphone. Will my phone break? Will it explode?

Chromebook Crouton WebSurf browser won’t let me install chrome

I have tried many ways, none seem to work. I tried the terminal, it said the command didnt exist. I tried the download website and no links work on it, and the images are all screwed up.

Can’t log into Google with my Chromebook

I can log into Google on my PC and tablet but I can’t log in using my Chromebook. I have the same password for all devices, the keyboard language is correct and WiFi is good.

What linux operating system works on chromebook with sound?

I’ve tried over ten linux operating systems and each of them when I install doesn’t have sound. I’ve done the updates and still no sound. Besides galliumOS which one works. My whole goal is to get virtualbox installed but I’d like to have sound I’ve been at this for two weeks now. Or can I just install virtualbox by way of gallium?

How to restore a collapsed tab on Chromebook

I was using a Chrome browser on Chromebook to write a blog post.

The tab collapsed, and all my writings are gone. The tab is still there and I did not close it. I am sure that my post is still somewhere on my Chromebook, isn’t it…

How can I get my post back? I’ve been spending hours on it. Please help me out……..