[ Politics ] Open question: While Trump recants the trade war due to Christmas, China has just announced new $ 75 billion tariffs on US products. Who is really winning here?

It seems to me that Trump is the one who is afraid here. .

[ Hawker Centres ] Open question: What is something you eat at Christmas and also throughout the year?

[Hawker Centers] Open question: What is something you eat at Christmas and also throughout the year? .

Creating a snow globe Christmas card in Photoshop (VIDEO tutorial)

Check out this video to put together some textures and create this beautiful # Christmas card in #Photoshop from textures4photoshop.com



A liberal on July 4 is like an atheist during Christmas. What do liberals do at patriotic festivities?

Liberals like to complain on July 4 about how racists and slave owners founded the country and how horrible Jefferson was. Oh, and let's not forget how all the founders were sexist because they did not believe in feminist ideology.

Of course, I do not care much about Jefferson either, but my objections are about differences of opinion, not about nonsense, like OMFG that had slaves.


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BlackHatKings: cryptographic speculation and investment
Posted by: quintondum
Time of publication: June 9, 2019 at 01:45 a.m.

WHUK – Christmas discount offers up to 50% off! Coupons inside | Proxies123.com

WHUK – Christmas discount offers up to 50% off! Coupons inside

Christmas is coming, the season of joy has just begun. This season, here are some incredible offers and coupons distributed in the wide range of services. This, along with the exciting recommendation commissions, will make your Christmas celebrations happier than ever!


Visit this URL to get your promotional discount: Christmas discount offers up to 50% discount
Offers valid until December 30, 2017.
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Have a prosperous 2018!

[ALERT] Happy Holidays from LowEndBox – Incoming Christmas Offers! – Low-end box

Happy holidays to all our readers and followers at LowEndBox!

To take time to reflect on nostalgia, LowEndBox was launched for the first time in 2008, as a place to discuss the execution of very low-level virtual private servers. Over the years, as the hospitality industry evolved, we have adapted and implemented changes along the way to continue to meet today's lodging needs, however, our mission, goal and passion have always stayed the same from day one: to help others achieve affordable housing and be an integral resource for all their lodging needs.

Today, LowEndBox is not only a useful resource for those looking for a VPS solution, but also shared hosting / for resellers, dedicated servers, hybrid servers, VPN, and much more!

With the Christmas season on the way, we would like to take the time to reflect and thank you for being there with us and for joining the LEB movement. Our move is to make noise in the hospitality industry and interrupt the overly expensive hospitality market. It is to establish a standard for affordable and transparent housing in the market. We have been successful with the advancement of this movement for more than 10 years and counting, and we are happy for the positive contributions we have made to people's online goals over the years. None of this would not be possible without your contributions to the community, so thank you, reader of LowEndBox!

NOTICE: We will launch a series of VERY AGGRESSIVE offers throughout the holiday season of several of your favorite suppliers! We anticipate more traffic activity than ever before during the holiday season, and we have some really attractive offers for you, so be sure to check and update LowEndBox.com frequently: act quickly on an offer that you like, such as We can guarantee that there will only be limited supplies available!

We are very happy that you are here, and happy holidays! Stay tuned for Holiday Stream … it's definitely one you do not want to miss.

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions or comments!

[CHRISTMAS EVE] BigFootServers – VPS groups starting at 2 VPS for $ 18 / year! (3 MONTHS FREE!) – Low-end box

With 2018 soon to come to an end, Alex from BigFootServers has sent out some attractive end-of-year offers in VPS groups that we would like to introduce to you today. They are offering discounted packages in VPS groups, in addition to a year-end incentive that allows you to get up to 3 months free at the top. With these VPS groups, they are giving customers the ability to create VPS in Los Angeles and Dallas. We were told that as they continue to expand and add additional regions, existing customers will be able to access them within their resource pool at no additional charge.

Your WHOIS is public, and you can find your legal and legal documents here. PayPal, credit cards and Bitcoin are accepted as payment methods.

This is what they had to say:

"BigFootServers was founded when we saw the need for a simpler solution so that small businesses can start online. Our first service business model sets us apart from the rest. At BigFootServers, we treat you with the highest respect you deserve, as our valued customer.

We offer a wide variety of web hosting services to fit everyone's budget. The solutions we offer are unique (in a good way), because they allow you to control your resources and your environment, unlike conventional hosting solutions. These are different from your traditional and conventional hosting solutions, because the services we provide here put you under control. "

– All orders get 1 month free
– Prepayment biennial (every 2 years) and get 2 months free
– Prepaid three-year (every 3 years) and get 3 months free
* Open a support ticket after ordering to claim your respective incentive! You must order before the end of 2018 to claim the incentive. *

Here are the offers:

2 x VPS Pool

  • 2 CPU cores
  • 60GB RAID-10 disk
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Monthly bandwidth of 3TB
  • 2 IPv4 addresses
  • Create up to 2 VPS & # 39; s
  • Los Angeles + Dallas
  • OpenVZ virtualization
  • $ 18 / year
  • $ 36/2 years
  • $ 54/3 years
  • [ORDER]

3 x VPS Pool

  • 3 CPU cores
  • 80 GB RAID-10 disk
  • 3GB of RAM
  • Monthly bandwidth of 5TB
  • 3 IPv4 addresses
  • Create up to 3 VPS & # 39; s
  • Los Angeles + Dallas
  • OpenVZ virtualization
  • $ 25 / year
  • $ 50/2 years
  • $ 75/3 years
  • [ORDER]

6 x VPS Pool

  • 6 CPU cores
  • 150 GB RAID-10 disk
  • 6GB of RAM
  • Monthly bandwidth of 8TB
  • 6 IPv4 addresses
  • Create up to 6 VPS & # 39; s
  • Los Angeles + Dallas
  • OpenVZ virtualization
  • $ 45 / year
  • $ 90/2 years
  • $ 135/3 years
  • [ORDER]

10 x VPS Pool

  • 10 CPU cores
  • 300 GB RAID-10 disk
  • 12GB of RAM
  • Monthly bandwidth of 20TB
  • 10 IPv4 addresses
  • Create up to 10 VPS & # 39; s
  • Los Angeles + Dallas
  • OpenVZ virtualization
  • $ 79 / year
  • $ 158/2 years
  • $ 237/3 years
  • [ORDER]

16 x VPS Pool

  • 16 CPU cores
  • 750 GB RAID-10 disk
  • 24GB of RAM
  • Monthly bandwidth of 30TB
  • 16 IPv4 addresses
  • Create up to 16 VPS & # 39; s
  • Los Angeles + Dallas
  • OpenVZ virtualization
  • $ 119 / year
  • $ 238/2 years
  • $ 357/3 years
  • [ORDER]

Product description: Create, manage, resize or delete servers on demand in a few clicks! We provide you with a fund of resources, and you determine how they are used! Be sure to see these screenshots of our intuitive and easy-to-use VPS Group Interface here!


ColoCrossing – Los Angeles, CA, USA
IPv4 test:
Test file:

ColoCrossing – Dallas, TX, USA
IPv4 test:
Test file:

– Intel Xeon E3 processors
– 32GB to 64GB of RAM
– HDD 4x2TB
– RAID10 hardware with caching
– 1 Gbps uplink

Please let us know if you have any questions / comments and enjoy!

[CHRISTMAS EVE] Hosting73 – 1.5GB SSD VPS for $ 14 / year and 3GB SSD VPS for $ 25 / year in Atlanta, GA! – Low-end box

Jared from Hosting73 sent an exclusive offer of SSD VPS to the LowEndBox community recently. Hosting73 has been featured on LowEndBox before with a decent interest from the community, and we are happy to share your new offers with you today! As always, we are very interested in hearing your comments / opinions in the comments section below.

Your WHOIS is public and you can find your legal and legal documents here. They accept PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum as payment methods.

This is what they had to say:

"Our purpose is direct and simple. Since our inception, our mission has and continues to aim to interrupt the accommodation space by setting a good example. We do this by providing good service, reliable servers, high uptime, fast speeds and personalized (and fast) support. By choosing to work with us, you will not only experience the best, but you will also support us in our purpose of providing better accommodation services for all. And best of all, everything we offer is SSD, which is why it is providing the most up-to-date technology service. Welcome to Hosting73, and we look forward to working with all of you!

Here are the offers:

** ONLY BONUS ONLY: Open a ticket after your order and request double bandwidth in any plan, at no additional charge. All packages below are eligible **


  • 1.5GB of RAM
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 25 GB of SSD storage
  • Bandwidth of 2TB
  • 1 x IPv4
  • Linux OS
  • SolusVM / OpenVZ
  • Atlanta Datacenter
  • $ 14 / year
  • [ORDER]


  • 3GB of RAM
  • 2 CPU Core
  • 40 GB of SSD storage
  • 5TB bandwidth
  • 1 x IPv4
  • Linux OS
  • SolusVM / OpenVZ
  • Atlanta Datacenter
  • $ 25 / year
  • [ORDER]


Atlanta, Georgia, USA UU (VPS Accounts)
IPv4 test:
Test file:

Hardware information:
– Intel Xeon E3
– 32 GB to 64 GB DDR3 / DDR4 RAM
– 4x 1TB Samsung 860 Pro SSD & # 39; s
– Hardware RAID10 through LSI 9271-4i
– 2x 1Gbps of uplinks

Please let us know if you have any questions / comments and enjoy!

[CHRISTMAS] Optimistic Hosting – 4GB VPS for $ 29 / year, 300GB Master Reseller for $ 21 / year in New York, USA UU – Low-end box

To kick off the Christmas frenzy @ LowEndBox, David from Upbeat Hosting recently contacted us with some exclusive Christmas Day specials for LowEndBox readers. They are offering a 4GB RAM VPS for only $ 29 a year. For those who are not looking for a VPS today, they also have a 300GB master reseller hosting offer for only $ 21 a year, which we consider to be a great offer. Whether you decide to buy a VPS or a master reseller from Upbeat Hosting, be sure to share your experience below, as we would love to know!

Your WHOIS is public, and you can find your legal and legal documents here. They accept PayPal, credit cards and cryptocurrency as payment methods.

This is what they had to say:

"Upbeat Hosting is a private web hosting company based in the United States. With customers from more than 160 countries around the world, we put together several different categories of hosting to offer our users a variety of options to start their web hosting trip. With unrivaled uptime and quality support, you will feel at home choosing to host your websites with us.

Upbeat Hosting's flagship data center facilities are located in Western New York and are strategically located among the major population centers of the East Coast, New York, Chicago and Toronto. All services are protected by default with 10Gbps DDoS protection powered by RioRey devices. "

Here are the offers:

VPS Hosting Offers: Full-access VPS servers!


  • CPU 4x 3.40 GHz
  • 100 GB hard drive storage
  • 4 GB of dedicated RAM
  • 4GB VSwap
  • 5000GB bandwidth
  • 1000Mbps uplink
  • 1 x IPv4
  • OpenVZ / SolusVM
  • DDoS Protected Network
  • Instant implementation
  • $ 29 / year
  • [ORDER]

Master reseller hosting: Create shared hosting accounts and resellers driven by cPanel / WHM and WHMReseller Addon!


  • 300 GB of storage space
  • 5000GB bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Unlimited cPanel accounts
  • Unlimited reseller accounts
  • Control panel cPanel & WHM
  • Softaculous Script Installer
  • 99.9% availability guarantee
  • Free migrations
  • $ 21 / year
  • [ORDER]


West of New York, USA
IPv4 test:
Test file:

Hardware specifications:
Intel Xeon E3 Series
32GB DDR3 / DDR4 memory
Enterprise Western Digital Drives
Hardware RAID-10 with LSI MegaRAID technology
1 Gbps network links

Please let us know if you have any questions / comments and enjoy!