printing – How to reset the cartridge chips using only PC and the printer instead of an adapter?

I was searching about refilling my Epson ink cartridges, however, this process requires resetting the chips after injecting ink in the cartridges otherwise the printer does not allow the flow of ink. They use some adapters for resetting those chips, but if someone could use his printer as an input device and make some program, could he accomplish this achievement without buying an adapter?

usability: what is the difference between pills, chips and labels / tokens?

Chips They are used to represent complex entities in small blocks, such as contact details. This can contain entities like photo, text, icon, etc.
enter the image description here

There is only one difference in representation between the pills or the chips, otherwise both can be used for the same purpose and yes the "labels" is data that is contained in the chips or pills, not in the user interface.

Interaction design: how to display multiple chips in an input field?

I have an input field where the user can select multiple items. Currently, I am using chips to capture user input.

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  1. How to show N no of chips, for example 10 number of chips in this example?
  2. User should be able to see all selected chips


  1. The known solution to this problem is to keep expanding the input field. I have a restriction not to expand the line. The height of the input box must not be increased at any cost.

The interaction I thought of is adding a click + drag interaction in the input field which is certainly not intuitive.

What is the best way to solve this problem?

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Field error display of edge-to-edge material design chips

The material design specification for the text and chip fields says that errors should be displayed below the field

In the case of edge-to-edge chip fields (such as those at the top of the chip page:, where should the errors be displayed? In the example image, there is no space for the error subscript.

enter the description of the image here

Chips vs. check boxes within drop-down menus for filtering search?

There are hundreds of filter labels to choose from. Since these tags are an unexpected feature for the user, they should be easily seen. I plan to give them a search bar. Also, for the most popular tags, I plan to have chips under the search bar (for ten chips) in a horizontal slider. Is this the best option, or should I show a vertical list of fully visible label options to choose from?

CPU architecture: what is the use of counting more than one billion transistors in modern chips?

Then I am a programmer. More or less an amateur web developer who is also interested in hardware and architecture. I can't help noticing that all chip manufacturers like Intel, AMD, Apple, etc. They keep saying they have more than a billion transistors in their CPU chips.

As I understand it, there are some circuits for:

  1. Mathematical Computing (FPU, IPU)
  2. Branch prediction system,
  3. Caches and Registries
  4. Multiple instruction set execution engines
  5. Operation Code Buffers

Each of them is complex on its own, but the basic design of most of these things would take about 10 of thousands of transistors or maybe 100. Even then, more than one billion seems too much. Is it just the transition of Basic Implementation to Fully advanced implementation Does the increase in transistor count cause or am I missing something?

PD: I am a newbie in hardware and architecture. Please excuse my ignorance and naivety.

unit: I was watching a tutorial of an endless runner game, like subway surfers, but when I try to generate chips, it is not generated in the correct position

Hello everyone, I'm new here and also in game development. I was watching a tutorial of an endless runner game, like subway surfers, but when I try to generate chips it is not generated in the right position. Here is my code:

    public class TileManager : MonoBehaviour
        public GameObject() tilePrefab;
        public Transform playerTransform;
        private float spawnZ = -6.0f;
        private float tileLength =-12.0f;
        private int amnTilesOnScreen = 7;
        private List activeTiles;
        // Start is called before the first frame update
        private void Start()
            activeTiles = new List();
            playerTransform = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Player").transform;
            for(int i=0;i(spawnZ-amnTilesOnScreen * tileLength))
        private void SpawnTile(int prefabIndex=-1)
            GameObject go;
            go = Instantiate(tilePrefab(0)) as GameObject;
            go.transform.position = Vector3.forward * spawnZ;
            spawnZ += tileLength;
        private void DeleteTile()

Chocolate chips

According to Nestlé, Mrs. Wakefield (owner of the Toll House Inn) was making chocolate cookies but ran out of normal bakery chocolate, so she replaced it with broken pieces of semi-sweet chocolate, thinking it would melt and mix with the dough . . He clearly did not, and the chocolate chip cookie was born. Wakefield sold the recipe to Nestlé in exchange for a supply of chocolate chips for life (instead of patenting it and earning billions!) Each bag of Nestle chocolate chips in North America has a variation of its original recipe printed on the back (margarine is now included both as a variant of butter and for those who want to pretend it is healthy). YES)

Are check boxes or chips the best user experience for a large number of options?

I have a design requirement to list all industrial sectors and the user must choose one or more corresponding industrial sectors. Here is a list of all industry sectors:

A. Agriculture, forestry and fishing
B. Mining and quarrying
C. Manufacturing
D. Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
E. Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
F. Construction
G. Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
H. Transportation and storage
I. Accommodation and food service activities
J. Information and communication
K. Financial and insurance activities
L. Real estate activities
M. Professional, scientific and technical activities
N. Administrative and support service activities
O. Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
P. Education
Q. Human health and social work activities
R. Arts, entertainment and recreation
S. Other service activities
T. Activities of households as employers; undifferentiated goods- and services-producing activities of households for own use
U. Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies

Would they be better represented as material ui chips or check boxes?



Materialize CSS chips with jquery

I am learning Materialize and at the time of creating a chip that when I write add tags it didn't work, I just can't write the chip. Below is my HTML code: