germany – How should Chinese citizens go about returning to China?

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, flying (from Germany, but presumably also from other countries) to China is a bit complicated these days:

  • The Chinese transportation authority only allows one flight per week per airline per country of origin. Thus, there is currently a total of eight direct flights from Germany to China per month.
  • In addition, airlines are penalized for importing covid-19 cases. If too many passengers turn out to be covid-19-positive, the respective airline will be banned from conducting flights from that destination for a month.
  • A few foreign airlines start getting permits to conduct flights to China again. From Germany, this would be Lufthansa. However, at least according to reports circulated on Chinese social media, already the very first flight, in June, was overbooked, leaving some passengers stranded in Frankfurt airport without a visa to enter anywhere other than China, and with Lufthansa offering them to either get a refund for their ticket or get one of the next available seats in September.
  • Of the relatively little capacity for passengers to travel from Germany to China that is available, quite some is used up by Chinese nationals who use the connection from Germany to China as the second leg on their attempted return from the U.S.

As a result, many Chinese citizens are stranded abroad – such as my Chinese in-laws, who have arrived in January on their 90-days Schengen visa and are still here now, in July, with no idea how or when they can return.

They are on Air China’s waiting list (somewhere beyond position 200, which has barely changed during the past couple of weeks), and will have to pay the difference to their original fare (for the originally planned, but cancelled return flight) once there are any free seats.

For now, they should be fine visa-wise until the end of September, though their prolonged Schengen visa is only valid for Germany, thus travelling from another Schengen country is not an option. Likewise, they only speak Chinese, so they cannot change flights anywhere outside of China on their own as they’d be totally lost.

What is a practical way for them to proceed?

  • Rely on the waiting list, even though it may mean they have to stay for several more months.
  • Book tickets with various airlines, hoping that one such connection will actually end up flying. Of course, this means spending four-digit sums of Euros and possibly not getting back some of it, or at least only a few months later.

Is there anything they can do to increase their chances of speeding up their return? Or, conversely, is there anything they should avoid doing, so, if they cannot leave Germany before the prolonged visa phase eventually ends, they cannot be accused of “not trying hard enough”?

30 Chinese Blogging Sites!

Here’s a list that doesn’t get thrown around very often within the English speaking community. I compiled it myself, with the help of some Chinese friends of mine. I haven’t tested them all, but most of them should be dofollow and possible to register with the help of Google Translator if you are missing the language skills=] You can see further instructions on my blog, at

So without further ado:

List of 30 Chinese Blogging Sites


















Donews Blog













Hope it’s useful!


Japanese, Chinese and Thai Backlinks

Hay DP-ers, Im looking to build links in Japanese, Chinese and Thai. but dont know where to start with the languages, can anyone help, or should i really be looking for native speakers?!

i dont speak any of these languages, but I thought ppl in DP might?

If you know anyone who has experience of link building in either Japanese, Chinese or Thai, or you are a native speaker in these languages and have experience in SEO in the relative google TLDs, then i would love to hear about your experiences here in this thread….

traditionally, its the same game but in a different language, but then the Japanese language is literally backwards from what i know, so instead of – i went to kick a ball – its – ball kicked went I – and thus – my keyword research is backwards… or is it? pow pow…

Many thanks DPers!!!!



About Link Building to Chinese Site?

Link building strategic for Chinese site. How and where to place a link back?

Chinese characters in boot args in crash report

These Chinese characters showed up in the boot args field in a crash report. Is this common? I have an iMac Pro.

Boot args: 媔娮翼

How to install android from google on a chinese android phone?

I have android v85a bought from china. it has Funtouch OS installed, I want to change that to some latest compatible version of Android from google.

is it possible ?

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customs and immigration – Macau/China visa – Being an Indian resident, can i travel Macau on Chinese single entry visa?

So, I am travelling to China this month and I had applied for a 2 entry visa to the consulate which they denied for some reasons. This alters my plans to travel to Hongkong and Macau. I just need a small information about visa regulations if anyone is aware of. So, it goes like this, “I want to visit Macau, but turns out I have been awarded single entry visa . Although, I had checked that Indians do not require any visa to visit Macau but does it mean that even if I am allowed free entry to Macau or on arrival entry to Macau, coming back to China means second entry? Because if it’s so then I might get caught up in immigration issues. I would like to mention that my flights are back and forth from China and I can’t alter that travel route. Which means I cannot leave China, but the main confusion I am into is relating if Macau doesn’t need visa does it mean that Chinese visa would suffice?”

I would be very glad if I can get some answers along with some references to either official websites or someone’s experiences.

Kindly, help as I am finding this visa stuff in China a little confusing.


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Chinese customers requesting Windows 2003

Hello everyone!

I would like to see if anyone else has experienced this phenomenon and maybe they have an idea why.
We receive many requests from Chin … | Read the rest of