Taiwan VPS server, fast to China, $29.9 ! Hinet Datacente! NO security law 5TB transfer

Hi All

ServerZoo was established in 2003 (fully company licensed since), we own cages and all equipment in Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom Hinet Datacenter

We are one of the largest hosting companies in Taiwan with “real self owned” office in both Tokyo Japan and Taiwan.

***no one-man operation here***

Here is what we could offer for year 2021 for your Taiwan VPS server

2 Cores CPU

2G ram

30G SSD space

5TB monthly transfer

100% Hinet enterprise datacenter NO third grade datacenter here

1 x IPv4

NO HK security law here in Taiwan.

Great connectivity to All Asian countries including China

price = $29.9USD/month

to order or discuss, please email sales@serverzoo.com

company website :

❕NEWS – Is the latest crypto moves by China to their benefit? | Proxies123.com

Lately China has put in a lot of regulations to try and regulate and stop cryptocurrency in their country, even going so far as to ban the mining of these currencies as well. However, it is possible that this could be a good thing for the country. Based on a recent news article, this is a ban that will help China by reducing their carbon footprint, due to lower mining, and will cause only the digital yuan to exist in their economy, which may rove good as well. Do you agree with this report?


product – China Glass Pitcher

Strictly selected glass pitcher with filter, no odor, healthy and safe. The wall of the pot is smooth, easy to clean, and can be used for all kinds of drinks. Strong permeability, strong and strong, transparent and pure light perception. The spout design makes the water flow smoothly without backflow.

❕NEWS – China shuts down another crypto business | Proxies123.com

China is very serious on its stance that it has taken to be against cryptocurrency now, and it seems that many people are seeing the major impact that this country has on the rest of the cryptocurrency world and its value. In a news article, it was shows that China once again shut down a company that was providing the possibility of crypto transactions to its users, highlighting its stance against the digital world of crypto.

Good Global CDN Providers that also Work in China


I am looking for a good global CDN provider. I have checked lists such as the following:

1] https://www.cdnplanet.com/
… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1851245&goto=newpost

australia – How to buy products not made in China in Sydney CBD (because of my activism)?

I am currently staying in Sydney CBD. As we all know, Sydney is now under a 2-week lockdown.

Because of my activism, I don’t buy made in China. I was shocked when I found out that all scissors and grooming kits sold in the supermarkets (Woolworths, Coles) were made in China. This was not the case even when I was living in South East Asia. There were always some expensive ones made in Japan.

I hope this is not off-topic. Because of the lockdown, I cannot visit every shops to search like what I used to do. Is online shopping the remaining option?

❕NEWS – China has crippled crypto currency mining in Sichuan | Proxies123.com

The order to cut off power to mining pools in Sichuan has crippled Chinese miners. After the cessation of bitcoin mining pools in China’s Sichuan Province, the hash rate of some of the world’s largest mining pools in China has dropped by 37%. Following yesterday’s meeting between the China Bureau of Science and Technology and the Sichuan Yan Energy Bureau, energy companies were given time to cut off power to their mining pools by Sunday. After the companies were ordered to shut down, they cut off electricity to 26 pools.


Review the exhibition of Blackmores In china

feedback pls
4.2 The first action planbefore Double Eleven
1. A clear understading of the timeline of Double Eleven and arrange corresponding operations according to the timline.

Business registration: 04/09/-07/09

·check the registration review results

·set up a Double Eleven shopping allowance

·signing freight insurance

·sign other agreements related to Double Eleven

Commodity registration: 05/10-26/10

Event warm-up: 01/11-10/11

Official event: 11/11-12/11

2. Determine the main products, products for soecial activities and auxiliary products according to product data, market trends, and product prices, etc.

3. Determine the advertising language, activity rules, decoration style, etc. Conceive the atmosphere and requirements to be created in advance. Check the advertising language, cannot use absolute terms in violation of the advertising law; do not use unauthorized brand words.

4. It can be promoted through popular platforms such as Douyin and Weibo. Internet influences are also other choice to promote, which can greatly reduce advertising costs.


4.2The second action planduring Double Eleven
The Double Eleven Shopping Festival Gala was also impressive interactive entertainment. ‘The gala is a blobal carnival, a world-class show that engages the audience throughout th event and touches like you’ve never experienced before,’ said by marketing officer of Alibaba Group. Nowadays, the Double Eleven gala not only invites internet influences to broadcast live to promote products, but also invites celebrities to perform. Lotteries and deep discounts are very attractive for people to spend. Shopping malls in major cities will also provide venues for the live broadcast of the Double Eleven gala, those who cannot attend the event can also feel the atomosphere of the gala. Within the influence of Double Eleven gala, major TV stations have also cooperated with Alibaba, and celebrities effect can bring high ratings. Advertising space between programs is highly competitive and expensive, high quality and engaging ads can be produced. With the powerful influence of the gala in China, a brand representative of Blackmores to the Double Eleven gala to speak on stage about future plans and products, and promote the brand with the help of strong advertising.


Does receiving a student visa replace my existing business travel visa? (China)

Does receiving a student visa replace my existing business travel visa? Is it possible to hold two visa types simultaneously?

I still hold a now rare 10 year multiple entry business travel visa (though COVID-19 rules mean this is temporarily unusable). If I receive a new visa e.g. student visa, must this replace my existing visa? or put another way, what would I expect to see when I receive my passport back from the embassy?

budget – Why is air travel to China currently (May 2021) 4x the usual price?

There are fewer flights/itineraries.

Chinese authorities have imposed a strict policy regarding international flights with quotas and circuit-breakers (“Five Ones Policy”, article on this from Chinese Wikipedia). The number of seats is also limited to 75% of ordinary capacity.

Under “Five Ones Policy”, for most international routes, one airline can only operate one route from one country to Mainland China with one flight per one week.

Circuit-breakers also mean all flights from the airline (on that route) will be cancelled for two or four weeks if the number of CoVID-positive passengers on arrival reach certain numbers. Passengers booked on cancelled flights of course will have priority on subsequent resumed flights, causing overbooking (or causing companies to restrict number of available fares that can be sold in advance).

This policy is also subject to countermeasures from e.g. France and Canada (article in Chinese), because Chinese airlines gain an unfair advantage due to the number of Chinese airlines (since the restriction is nominally per airline). USDOT’s ban against Chinese-operated flights last May/June was also related.

France’s and USA’s countermeasures were largely diplomatically resolved, although the number of flights is still extremely limited. Canada’s dispute is still ongoing and has had a dramatic effect on already high ticket prices.

Not to mention, many Chinese consulates are unable to issue the necessary boarding health declaration code to many transit passengers as the required tests must be done in the country of departure of the leg to China. Some consulates impose residency requirements and refuse to issue the code to residents of a country where a direct flight is available, e.g.

Therefore Starting from November 6, the Chinese Embassy/Consulates in Germany will in principle only examine and verify the green health code with the “HS” mark or the health declaration of the passengers bound for China via direct flights from Germany to China.


Additionally, the demand is particularly higher now since many expats have not been able to visit home during the past year and summer vacation is coming up for international students.