php – get the data from one parent table and the children from another without repeating the parent row

I would like to obtain the data from the table and the data of the children are in another table but I do not know how to make the query.

What I do is a normal query * form table 1, I know how to perform an "internal union" but I do not want the data to be repeated in table 1 "father"

select * form parent INNER JOIN children on parent.pnt_id = children.id_pnt;

but this does not work for what I need.

                                            father children
+ ----- + ---------- + ------ + ------- + + ----- + ---------- + ------- +
| id | pnt_id | info | infotwo | | id | id_pnt | n_child | ...
+ ----- + ---------- + ------ + ------- + + ----- + ---------- + ------- +
| 1 | 7 | home | big | | 5 | 7 | joan |
+ ----- + ---------- + ------ + ------- + + ----- + ---------- + ------- +
| 2 | 8 | work | fat | | 3 | 7 | luci |
+ ----- + ---------- + ------ + ------- + + ----- + ---------- + ------- +
| 3 | 9 | soft | thin | | 6 | 8 | troy |
+ ----- + ---------- + ------ + ------- + + ----- + ---------- + ------- +

I would like that when I get the results I throw myself like this

print_r ($ parents);

$ parents = arrar (
          info -> "home",
          infotwo -> "big",
          data_child -> arrar (
                      n_child -> "joan",
                      n_child -> "luci"

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do Republicans care more about the fetus than the lives of children who attend school?

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do Republicans care more about the fetus than the lives of children who attend school? .

The children of Elie Hirschfeld of the royal house sue for $ 70 million – Everything Else

The children of a valid multi-millionaire house magnate are suing his father, claiming that he refuses to deny his legitimate scratch on the associate's fortune.

The abandoned children of the final Elie Hirschfeld family are suing their father for $ 50 million dollars ($ 70 million dollars), claiming that he refuses to realize the pinnacle of his deserved right to the fortune of the intimate.

The three children, Benjamin, 21, Jonathan, 20, and Matthew, 19, alleged that their father transferred the interests of altering the properties of the house directly or indirectly subsequent to puberty, before their unpleasant divorce behind their mother, Susan , in 2009.

However, he is now doing everything possible to save them from the money, the documents in the Manhattan Supreme Court's indictment of his father, who is the son of the late Abe Hirschfeld, the colorful parking tycoon who owned The Post for a chaotic 16 days in 1993.

Now, considering that Elie does not talk about her three children, that each one has reached the age of majority recently, Elie refuses to undertake the repentance of the plaintiffs in these properties or to account for the pension that these properties have been Winning beyond these interests were irrevocably transferred For the plaintiffs, court documents are recovered.

Elie has hidden these interests from Elie Hirschfeld children and continues to hide these interests in an effort to defraud the plaintiffs. In fact, a note from Elie contains the then [o]The only thing I can answer is that children can sue me more.

Elie, 69, has allegedly refused to designate the trio, taking into account any recommendations on his interests, related revenues and who have been managing the various residential and commercial properties, which are located in Manhattan and New Jersey.

The plaintiffs now have their voices and will surely remain stuck by their father, which legitimately belongs to them, the admission to the judicial documents.

The trio acquires several percentages of the final household, takes admission to the trust, joins in the crime and receives $ 50 million in damages.

In a post to The Post, Elie said the claims were, at best, without merit.

The purest show for these claims without merit, dating from the mitigation at the top of the 10 years, is that my children and their lawyer are clearly ill-informed, said Elie. Unfortunately, the most likely excuse is that the claims are irregular in a series of concrete battles related to contentious divorce in the midst of me and my son's mother.

If pres. Trump puts us into a war with Iran, he will send his own children to fight to show how patriotic the Trump family is, right?

Well, being so stupid and silly is probably too old to be considered for military service, so that brings it to the youngest son Baron!

But just as your old grandfather did with his father, I am sure that the family healer can find an unusual illness that will make him ridiculously ineligible for military action.


Dungeons and dragons: if 2 aasimar have children together, what will the resulting children be?

If two Aasimar had children together, it would be that child:

  • a celestial full?
  • a celestial mean?
  • A normal human with a celestial blood line?

If it is medium or complete, would they get both advantages of the bloodline or the relationship with the celestial ancestor is meaningless?

Since tables do not exist for the celestial bloodline, of which I am aware, my question covers the whole story in general. I know that in Edition 3.5, an Aasimar can be a descendant of a celestial with human parents. However, nothing is said about the children of Aasimar.

javascript – How to fix flattenChildren (…): I found two children with the same password even though I'm using unique keys?

I have a cloning function that clones an image and I add it to the image matrix, and I want to send those images to the Image component, but I get an error saying flattenChildren (…): I found two children with the same key although I make sure that the key is unique.

this is the function of cloning and I am changing the title for each new image that I add to the matrix:

cloneFunc (data) {
data.title = this.num.toString () + data.title;
this.num ++;
this.setState ({images: [...this.state.images,data]});

and here where I map through the matrix

render () {
he came back (
{ (dto => { he came back ; })}
); }

Sharopoint infopath – & # 39; list of children? & # 39;

So I'm creating a list through infopath. The required columns are:
1. Vaccine options (vaccine a, b, c … n)
2. Prices of the vaccine.
3. Quantity
4. Total

I need to create a list in which if I choose the vaccine to, column 2 will be automatically filled with the price. Also, I need to derive the total cost (amount x price). How can I do this without codes / java script? Thank you!

What lens and flash should I get to take pictures of children?

I'm new to having a camera and I'm not sure how everything works
My digital SLR.

Just a basic tip, but before buying anything, I would say that you practice enough to be comfortable with the use of your camera. Bad technique will follow a new team, and getting a new team can exacerbate the complexity of the image when you're learning.

Having said that,

I have a T6, and I would like to take pictures with flash without the
Children squint and that is quick when shooting.

The way the flashes work is that they use a large capacitor to release a ton of charge at a time to fire the flash tube. That capacitor takes time to "fill up" on the batteries. Therefore, attempting to shoot in rapid succession may not be possible, given the time the capacitor can take to "recharge". The only way to make the flash faster is to shoot at a lower power and not use the entire charge at once. Therefore, you may need to increase the iso or the aperture.

To prevent children from squinting, I really recommend not using the direct flash, but get a flash shoe (flash) and bounce (point the head towards a reflective surface, such as the ceiling or wall), and use the light as your illumination. Mark the head so there is no direct light will also look more pleasant, as well as avoid hitting someone in the face with light.

A used 580EXII or a Godox TT685C (at the time of writing this article) are not too expensive and are good solid flashes. But the TT685C is better if you think you could make lighting settings outside of the camera, since it has built-in built-in radio. See also: What characteristics should be considered when selecting a flash?

I'm not sure how I should choose the lenses.

It may be too early to consider buying a lens if you do not know it. why you want a new lens

The lenses have two main specifications: the focal length and the maximum aperture. The focal length affects the magnification and the field of vision; The maximum aperture affects the depth of field and limits the speed of the shutter speed without adding flash. When taking portraits, most people prefer a slightly telephoto main lens, such as a 50mm f / 1.8 or 85mm f / 1.8 lens; but you can also use the lens of kit 18-55 until you discover what you most want to change to take portrait photographs.

[ Politics ] Open question: leftists, how do you feel about aborting unborn children?

[ Politics ] Open question: leftists, how do you feel about aborting unborn children? .


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