Import Magento 1: If the "Use default value" option is checked, do you jump to the default view?

I'm starting to learn a little about the Magento import / export tool.

The problem I have is that our store consists of 2 stores:

 - Default View
  - Canada
  - USA

The way we set it up is that Canada uses the Default View and the United States uses the United States view.

The problem I have when importing is that if the import is configured in the Canada View, uncheck the "Use default value" and enter the new value in that field in the Canada View.

This creates confusion in the manual edition of products where the views of several stores have different content for Default vs. Canada vs. the US. UU.

Is there a way to configure the import to jump to the default view if "Use default" is checked?

luggage – Transfer of checked luggage in Shanghai to Nanchong

I travel soon from Los Angeles to Kolkata through Shanghai. Nanchong Kunming for China Eastern until the end.
I heard that checked baggage must be removed for customs and re-registered in Shanghai. Is this true, or can luggage be billed to Kolkata (since it is an airline and an itinerary)? With only a brief stopover in Shanghai, it may be impossible to make the payment, customs and registration there.
I will really appreciate helpful advice from anyone who has recently traveled on this route (basically connecting two national endpoints in China).
Thank you.

html: leave the option checked when selecting the option of another selected JavaScript

Hi, I have the first selection option:

And I also have the second selection option:

I would like when I choose any option of First select mehe put the 2nd select account In the Select option, how?

pagepage – Prevention of submission of forms if the checkbox is not checked

I am using Mathematica forms for a questionnaire and wish to avoid submitting the form if a check box requesting consent has not been selected. In more general terms, how could I perform additional validation in the fields in addition to what Mathematica already provides?

If you were writing a normal HTML / JS form, the form would have JavaScript associated with the onsubmit attribute that would verify the status of the box and return False to avoid sending. I am not sure if FormFunction and FormObject can be used for this purpose, or if I would need to use something more complicated built with AskFunction.

luggage – Checked baggage for domestic transit in China from an international flight

I am planning to travel to Xiamen, China from Berlin, Germany and some of the flights have a stopover in a Chinese city like Guangzhou or Beijing. In this case, should I take my luggage first from arrival and re-check my luggage for the domestic flight to Xiamen?

sql server: column operand type clash calculated in the date column when it is checked if there is null

This error is generated when trying to create a table with a column calculated from a Date countryside.

Operand type clash: int is incompatible with date

If I comment the calculated column, it works.

(DateInActive)(Date) NULL,             -- Date origination
(IsValid) AS (IsNull(DateInActive, 1)) -- Failure here

Thinking in IsValid is simply to return a bit of ignition | off for this field to indicate no inactive The date has been reported and, if so, is valid.

The column will finally be passed to JSON in a For JSON exit as a is-a field for use outside of SQL.

Full SQL

CREATE TABLE (history).(PhoneBook)(
    (PhoneBookId) (int) IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
    (PersonId) (int) NOT NULL,
    (PhoneId) (int) NOT NULL,
    (DateActive)(Date) NOT NULL,
    (DateInActive)(Date) NULL,
    (IsValid) AS (IsNull(DateInActive, 1))
    (PersonId) ASC,
    (PhoneId) ASC


air travel: are adjustable monitor stands safe for packing in checked luggage?

I have a monitor and support (HP ZR2240w) that I would like to take with me as part of an international movement.

The monitor stand is quite heavy and contains some type of spring; It is not clear if it is a compressed gas spring or a simple metal coil. I can't look inside the mechanism, the plastic housing seems stubborn enough to remove it and expose the internal parts.

If there is a gas spring inside, will it be safe under reduced air pressure?

Are consumer products required in the US? UU. Do they have labels that indicate the presence of compressed gas inside?

Email – Thunderbird: with POP, how does "Leave message on server" work when it is not checked?

I installed Thunderbird Portable because I wanted to copy an email from one account to another. I accidentally selected POP3 instead of IMAP. By default, the setting is "Leave message on server for up to 14 days" and "Until you delete them".

Of course, I don't want my emails to be deleted automatically in 14 days. So how does that work exactly? Are they marked for removal or would Thunderbird be the one to remove them if it were opened?

If they are marked for disposal, is there anything I can do to uncheck them?

Thank you!

uk – Can I bring NEW PC PARTS (still in their boxes) in my checked luggage?

Hi, I hope you have a lovely day so far.
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my question.

I am packing a motherboard, graphics card, ram, power supply, chip, fans, SSD, external hard drive that are ALL completely new in their respective packages, packaging them all in my checked luggage. (Also a new PC case, which obviously will still be in its box!)

My biggest question of all is if that allows me to do this. I bought all this as a surprise gift for my husband who lives internationally (unfortunately).

I come from the United Kingdom and fly to South Africa. Do I need to declare all these items?
Will it be easier to unpack and wrap them individually to make it look like I've already used them? Do I need to explain my new products to security here in the UK? Is it easier to leave them in their original packaging?

It is my biggest fear, in case the security is not happy with something and confiscate my components that cost almost £ 2k in total.

Thanks in advance, any response will be appreciated.

luggage: my checked luggage got stuck at the transit airport for security reasons

I was flying A -> PEK -> B, where flights A -> PEK and PEK -> B are operated by different airlines (Air China and Azerbaijan Airlines in my case). My luggage was checked by carrier A to final destination B.

When I arrived in B, it turned out that my luggage got stuck in Beijing. When the airline staff contacted the Beijing airport, they told us that they found a power bank in my suitcase and that, for security reasons, they cannot load it into the plane. That was very surprising because I didn't have any power banks in my suitcase. What they identified as a power bank may have been a small mobile phone that I had in my bag … But can they really refuse to load my luggage because of that? How did my bag get to Beijing then? He went through customs at A and headed to Beijing without any problem. What are my rights in this situation? Can I ask the airline to open the suitcase and remove items that are considered dangerous?