How to add a checkbox in a text cell?

Before working on my code I wrote tests in a text cell . I want to add a box at the end of each sentence to follow my progress. Then, I will check the box if the program passes.

How to add a checkbox in a text cell?

Magento2.3 Add a custom filter as a checkbox

Here is a very special question (I hope everyone understands the request).

  1. I want to add a custom check box filter in an administrator HTML listing grid.

  2. If this check box is checked, I need to order the complete items in another way.
    That is, I need to select all entities in my custom table and make special orders directly using a subselect (first order all items that have a SKU). So, for this, I think I have to build a native query.

  3. I need to add a custom column SKU that only has one value if the Entity only has one SKU.

So, my question is:

1) How can I add a custom check box filter?

2) How can I manipulate the filter query if this check box is configured with a custom native query?

3) How can I just fill out a custom column with my own value? (which are not coming out in the table)

I can't find any solution for this on the Magento DEV pages, so I hope some can tell me the LIST FILTER XML syntax and the classes I have to investigate.

Configuration API – How to save the checkbox options on the add-ons options page

First of all: I am really a newbie. So I used a template for my options page and tried to customize it (so far it works pretty well).

About my complement:
Create to post types and some meta boxes within them. The meta boxes have some fields and saving fields works quite well so far.

Now I get to the point, where I want my options not only to be shown on the options page, but to save the entered values.

I try it with a "brief excerpt" because all other options work the same way.


"; } function field_1_2_callback() { $settings = (array) get_option( 'my-plugin-settings' ); $field = "field_1_2"; $value = esc_attr( $settings($field) ); echo ""; } function field_1_3_callback() { $settings = (array) get_option( 'my-plugin-settings' ); $field = "field_1_3"; $value = esc_attr( $settings($field) ); echo ""; } function field_1_4_callback() { $settings = (array) get_option( 'my-plugin-settings' ); $field = "field_1_4"; $value = esc_attr( $settings($field) ); echo ""; } function my_settings_validate_and_sanitize( $input ) { $settings = (array) get_option( 'my-plugin-settings' ); if ( $some_condition == $input('field_1_1') ) { $output('field_1_1') = $input('field_1_1'); } else { add_settings_error( 'my-plugin-settings', 'invalid-field_1_1', __('Error in Field "Enable Food Post Type"', 'nutriplus'), 'error' ); } if ( $some_condition == $input('field_1_2') ) { $output('field_1_2') = $input('field_1_2'); } else { add_settings_error( 'my-plugin-settings', 'invalid-field_1_2', __('Error in Field "Enable Nutritional Information Meta Box"', 'nutriplus'), 'error' ); } if ( $some_condition == $input('field_1_3') ) { $output('field_1_3') = $input('field_1_3'); } else { add_settings_error( 'my-plugin-settings', 'invalid-field_1_3', __('Error in Field "Enable Additional Information Meta Box"', 'nutriplus'), 'error' ); } if ( $some_condition == $input('field_1_4') ) { $output('field_1_4') = $input('field_1_4'); } else { add_settings_error( 'my-plugin-settings', 'invalid-field_1_4', __('Error in Field "Enable Diet Post Type"', 'nutriplus'), 'error' ); } return $output; }
  1. I don't know if check boxes need sanitze or validate …
  2. I don't know how to save the current value and, of course, load the default value. I found examples with php functions instead of value = "xxx", but I don't know how to include this
  3. And yes … I know … the marked attribute should not be there when the current value should appear ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe someone can help me

Organize the checkbox and the vertical to horizontal alignment option button on a new form in the SharePoint online list

We have several check boxes and columns of option buttons on our SharePoint online list form. We want to change the display of all check boxes and option buttons horizontally.

We try below the script, but all checkboxes and radio buttons are shown on a line (see screenshot below). We want horizontal alignments based on columns.

Any suggestions on how to do it?

Thank you

enter the description of the image here

Script tested:

php: how can I add a checkbox in my WordPress plugin

How can I add a checkbox and a save button in my wordpress plugin to activate and deactivate it here is my code:

My Plugin Info";


thanks in advance

php – how can I add a checkbox in my wordpress plugin

Aqui va Mi Plugin";


html: the checkbox with the marked property does not return any value

I have a code where the person must select a gym modality, for example, the martial arts plan, the person must select what fight he wants. Then I made the following code:

The logic is, to show a checkbox for each existing mode, the value will be the ID of the mode, but if one of the modes is mandatory, it is already marked and disabled, I created an array that will receive exactly the values โ€‹โ€‹of each checkbox .

I made this TS code:

private myCheckBox: any() = ();

addCheckbox(i) {
    let index = this.checkBox.indexOf(i)
    if (index === -1) {

    } else {
      this.checkBox.splice(index, 1)

But I don't get the value of the checkbox that is checked and disabled, any way to fix it? Or even a better way to mark the check boxes than for their value. How to obtain the "marked" property of a check box?

How to add a checkbox with the description text box in the file fields in Drupal 8 programmatically?

I need to add the check box field with the description text box once I upload any file from the Drupal panel.
I need the same functionality as the description text box, I need to show this checkbox once I upload any file.

delete the data from the checkbox in the browser by pressing f5

I created a .php page with a form and a check box of 3 elements … after clicking on one of the elements. When you press Send, the data is sent and the box is cleared. OK perfect

however, if I press f5 to refresh the page it reloads keeping the same check box data instead of leaving it clean and reset again.
Can anyone know any code or function that zeroes the check box by pressing f5?

How do I cross-sell in Woocommerce with a checkbox like this (image)

enter the description of the image here

I want to make my website similar to this one, where you can simply click on a checkbox and add the product to the cart, and also to the price counter.