check my answer – Solve the following recurrence-relations: $T(n)=5T(n/3)+T(2n/3)+1,T(n)=2T(sqrt{n})+log_2(n)$

Solve the following recurrence-relations:
my attempet for the first one was doing upper bound and lower bound by changing for lower $6T(n/3)+1$ and for upper $6T(2n/3)+1$ but i didn’t get the same order for $Theta$

I’m not sure if I solved this right but:
setting $y(n)=T(2^n)$ we get
$y(n)=2T(sqrt{2^n})+log_2(2^n)=2y(n/2)+n$ using the master’s theorem we get that $y(n)=Theta(nlogn)$ and therefore $T(n)=Theta(log(n)loglog(n))$
And for the first recurrence i still don’t know

jquery – Keep the selection check mark after page refresh

$('#submitDropdown > a').click(function(e) {
  $('#submitDropdown  > a').removeClass('selected');

$('#sort_descend > a').click(function(e) {
  $('#sort_descend  > a').removeClass('selected');
#submitDropdown>a>.fas {
  visibility: hidden;

#submitDropdown>a.selected>.fas {
  visibility: visible;
<script src=""></script>
<div id="submitDropdown" class="dropdown-content " style="width: 180px;">
  <a  class="dropdown-item borderbottom " href="@Url.AddQueryString(Request.RawUrl, "Modes", "All" )">
    <i class="fas fa-check pull-right"></i> 
  <a class="dropdown-item" href="@Url.AddQueryString(Request.RawUrl, "Modes", "Current" )">
    <i class="fas fa-check pull-right"></i>
  <a class="dropdown-item" href="@Url.AddQueryString(Request.RawUrl, "Modes", "For" )">
    <i class="fas fa-check pull-right"></i> 

Check the result of a math expression in mysql

Let’s say I have a table, which has four columns (a, b, oper and c) and some primary key column. oper means arithmetic operation (+ - * /) here.

a  b  oper  c
2  3  +     5
4  2  /     3
6  1  *     9
8  5  -     3

As, we can see in some cases, a <oper> b != c. So, my question is how to filter out such cases?

I’ve heard of execute, which is used for executing statements, but I don’t know how to use it inside where clause.

Also, I’m not generalizing the oper to any arithmetic operation, but it would be nice to know, if any function exists.

php – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near

Estoy ingresando datos desde php, he cambiado la consulta varias veces pero el error es el mismo, es mas activo el log de mysql, maria db y la consulta se realiza y se inserta en la base de datos, no se que mas puedo revisar,
mi codigo php es:

$covid = conectarSeguimiento();
//Preparar query
$grabarSeguimiento="insert into seguimiento(seg_sintomas,seg_fInicioSintomas,seg_tipoRiesgo,seg_tomaHispoado,seg_fTomaHisopado,seg_resulHisopado,seg_fResulHisopado,seg_incapacidad,seg_fIniIncapacidad,seg_ffinIncapacidad,seg_diasIncapacidad,seg_aislamiento,seg_fIniAislamiento,seg_ffinAislamiento,seg_diasAislamiento,seg_fMedLaboral,seg_fReintegro,seg_trabCasa,seg_recomen,seg_observ,seg_persContacto,seg_fUltimoCont,seg_diasContacto,seg_aerosoles,seg_fUltimoSeg,seg_fProximoSeg,seg_fk_servicio,seg_fk_turno,seg_fk_estPrincipal,seg_fk_estSecundario,seg_fcierreARL,seg_reporte,seg_estadoCaso) VALUES
//Envia el query
$grabSegui = $covid->query($grabarSeguimiento);
//Validacion de que si se guardo el seguimiento
if ($covid->query($grabSegui) == TRUE) {
echo "<script>alert('Seguimiento Creado Exitosamente!')
} else {
        echo $covid->error;
        echo $grabSegui;
        echo "<script>alert('Error al grabar el seguimiento.$grabarSeguimiento.')";

en el log de mariadb me retorna:

201123 20:58:49    23 Connect   root@localhost as anonymous on seguimientocovid
       23 Query SET NAMES utf8
       23 Query insert into seguimiento(seg_sintomas,seg_fInicioSintomas,seg_tipoRiesgo,seg_tomaHispoado,seg_fTomaHisopado,seg_resulHisopado,seg_fResulHisopado,seg_incapacidad,seg_fIniIncapacidad,seg_ffinIncapacidad,seg_diasIncapacidad,seg_aislamiento,seg_fIniAislamiento,seg_ffinAislamiento,seg_diasAislamiento,seg_fMedLaboral,seg_fReintegro,seg_trabCasa,seg_recomen,seg_observ,seg_persContacto,seg_fUltimoCont,seg_diasContacto,seg_aerosoles,seg_fUltimoSeg,seg_fProximoSeg,seg_fk_servicio,seg_fk_turno,seg_fk_estPrincipal,seg_fk_estSecundario,seg_fcierreARL,seg_reporte,seg_estadoCaso) VALUES
                'OTRA EMPRESA','F')
       23 Query 1
       23 Quit

pero sigue saliendo:
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘1’ at line 11
no importa como cambie la consulta, lo peor es que si ingresa los valores
me toca trabajar con xamp 3.2.2
ya estoy desesperado

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Updating item inside folder in SharePoint list and Check if folder exist in PNP JS SPFx

I was trying to creating an SPFX solution using React where on submit of form I am creating multiple items inside a folder in SharePoint list and also updating item inside a folder

I am able to create folder, add Item inside folder and get item from folder. But not able to Update items inside folder using PNP JS SPFx

In Below link have done the codes for the same:
Creating items or updating items inside folder in sharepoint list in SPFX typescript using PNP or spghttp client
It would be really helpful if anyone has any idea how to Update item inside folder in SharePoint list and also check if folder exists inside sharePoint list.

mysql – How to check a value exist in column and update

I’m actually doing a leaderboard but encountered a problem
I’m trying to check in my db if a player already exist and if his new score i greater than the previous one update it:

$query = mysqli_query("SELECT Count * FROM `score` WHERE playerID='".$playerID."'");

    if(mysqli_num_rows($query) != 0){
        if ($score > $row('score')){
    $sql = mysqli_query($con, "REPLACE INTO $db_name.$db_table (name, score, playerID)
                               VALUES ('$name','$score','$playerID');" );
        } else {
            // ERROR MSG: Your new score is lower.(not updating the database)
        } else {
    $sql = mysqli_query($con, "INSERT INTO $db_name.$db_table (name, score, playerID)
                               VALUES ('$name','$score','$playerID');" );

I don’t know why but it’s just duplicate the new entry.
I read several exemples but nothing work or codes are too old.

java swing – Check wich object of a combobox is selected

i have a combobox with many countries created, and i wanna make that if you choose a country of that combobox, a new combobox with cities of that country appears, but it seems i cannot get the right if statement

This is the firs combobox

here are the 2 comboboxes
introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí
and here is the condition on the statechanged.

i added a sout to see if the code reaches that, but nope

i also tried with Objects.equals(comboPais.getSelectedItem(), “España”) and comboPais.getSelectedItem().equals(“España”)

How to check the openness of $f$ in the following problem?

enter image description here

I have shown that $f$ is continuous, onto but not one one. How to check the open case? Please give a hint.

malware – Can I check the content of a suspicious file directly on the server using an editor, e.g. vim?

In order for the opening of the file to pose a risk, the file would need to include an exploit for the specific text editor you use. Then when you open the file, the exploit would trigger.

While possible that’s not very likely. It certainly isn’t common.

The far more likely threat is that there is malicious PHP code in the file that triggers when the file is executed by a PHP server.

But all that aside, I’m not sure why you are questioning whether you have been infected when you are looking at files being served that you did create and there are links to malware. You’ve been infected. Start with that assumption…