hibernate – check if there is a record in the database using spring boot and the JPA repository

I want to check if there is a record in the database before saving. If possible, I want to verify using two fields, that is, regno and name. method to be like checkIfRegNoAndNameExists () {}.
my model class

public class Car {
    private int id;
    private String regno;
    private String name;
    // getters, setters, ...

my kind of damage

import org.springframework.data.jpa.repository.JpaRepository;
public interface ProgramDao extends JpaRepository {

my kind of service

public class CarServiceImpl implements ProgramService {
    private CarDao carDao;
    public carModel saveProgram(carModel car) { 
        return carDao.save(program);

macos – Apple Script – How do I check if the limits of a window are equal to specific values?

Monitoring example AppleScript code use the value of the bounds for Note in your OP to verify if the current bounds match the dice list:

tell application "Notes"
    if (bounds of front window) is not equal to {0, 0, 540, 300} then
        set bounds of front window to {0, 0, 540, 300}
    end if
end tell

It can also be written as:

tell application "Notes" to ¬
    if (bounds of front window) ¬
        is not equal to {0, 0, 540, 300} then ¬
        set bounds of front window to {0, 0, 540, 300}

Or using a variable assignment:

tell application "Notes"
    set checkBounds to bounds of front window
    if checkBounds is not equal to {0, 0, 540, 300} then
        set bounds of front window to {0, 0, 540, 300}
    end if
end tell

Note the example AppleScript code it's just that and it doesn't contain any error handling as appropriate. It is the user's responsibility to add any error handling as appropriate, necessary or desired. Check out the try declaration and error declaration at AppleScript language guide. See also, Working with errors.

check boxes – paper form – how to present exclusion options

I have a paper form that is quite complex in which customers who complete it tend to ignore the options and simply send without going through all the details. This causes an operative headache and delays in paper forms that do not fill out correctly. The current form requires customers to mark one by one of the functions they require, which is quite tedious. So, what they tend to do is mark everything for fear of missing something.

One solution is to group all functions into a few basic packages and predetermine the packages. After selecting a package, the customer has the option to opt for the service he does not want, e.g. down

enter the description of the image here

However, here are some questions I have
1] While the reject option is fine on the computer screen, how to do it on a paper form?
2] Should I use a checkbox to mark or use a cross to opt for a service?


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applescript – Apple Script – How do I check if there is a window with a specific title?

I would like to create an Apple script that verifies if there is an application window with a specific name (no ID or index). I used the following code in an earlier script, and it works:

tell application "Notes" to close (every window whose name is "Notes")

However, I cannot understand how to verify if there is a window with this title. This should be incredibly simple. How do i do it?

magento2.3.3 – Magento Theme 2.3.3 Luma The check does not show payment options

Well, I've seen more questions on this topic, but there doesn't seem to be an answer, so let me try my specific problem.

Magento: 2.3.3 stock, nothing added
Theme: Luma (nl_NL mode)
Payment methods: bank transfer (enabled)
A test product was added, taxes, customer class, prices, everything …

You can't get anything, not even the title of the h1 page to represent on the page. Just show the header and footer, nothing more.


  • configuration: update
  • configuration: say: compile
  • setup: static-content: deploy -f
  • setup: static-content: deploy nl_NL -f
  • cache: clean
  • cache: blush

Nothing works … you can see it here: https://blokjeswebshop.nl/checkout/

Singapore – When I fly AirAsia, do I need to check my documents before going to the boarding gate?

Soon I will fly with AirAsia from Singapore Changi Airport.

My printed boarding pass has a large red banner that says "You are eligible to GO TO THE DOOR: you can proceed directly to outbound immigration." However, in much smaller print, it says that I need to "verify travel documents at the document verification desk before [one hour before my flight]."

So which one is correct? Do I need to visit a separate counter before immigration one full hour before my flight, or can you check documents at the door?

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python3: health check of Python versions

I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 that comes with Python version 2.7.12 by default. But it also comes with Python 3. something preinstalled. I've been learning tkinter which has totally different version numbers and PIL that has forked to Pillow It also has different version numbers.

I've been copying and pasting code samples from all over the Internet, which is for all kinds of different versions, I often don't even say it because they are code snippets.

Now the Frankenstein header piece of my Python scripts looks like this:


# Requires: sudo apt install python-pil
    from Tkinter import *
except ImportError:
    from tkinter import *

from PIL import Image, ImageTk

The only thing is that now I'm thinking that I installed tkinter for Python version 3. something last week but I can't remember. Also, last night I installed Pillow support for Python version 2.7.12, but maybe I should have installed Python 3. some compatibility because ImageTk generates an import error.

To cut a long story, How can I list all installed versions of everything related to Python?

Or if this is an X-Y problem, please let me know the correct question to get out of the quagmire.