enumerations – Check radio input – JavaScript

I need to verify which of the 3 different radios is selected for a scan.


I wanted to use the Switch, there are only 2 results: Angular and React return the same, so it would take a verification of enumeration data

server: Ubuntu 16.04 VPS security: check if the operating system installation is not altered (clean)

Before continuing, I must inform you that I asked this question on August 1, 2019 on unix.stackexchange but I did not get any suitable answer. So I have brought the whole question here, but here is the original place where I asked the question for your information and I encourage you to quickly review it. Nor did I find any related questions so far. Thanks beforehand for your attention.

I had requested a VPS with Ubuntu 16.04 / 64-bit LTS server edition with some open ports, which are essential for my application.

I recently received the VPS, so I accessed the VPS using ssh and changed the ssh password.

Now my question is:

How can I make sure that the Ubuntu 16.04 installation that was delivered to meIs it a clean installation and does not have any additional functionality (malicious or not) and / or additional files with respect to the original operating system that Ubuntu provides publicly?

Now I have to say that I trust my VPS provider, but I have this question in general.

Unfortunately I could not find any similar questions. so I would be happy if you mean one.

The following are more details that may be useful.

Thank you.

cat /etc/os-release departure:

VERSION="16.04.6 LTS (Xenial Xerus)"
PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS"

hostnamectl departure:

Static hostname: ubuntu
Icon name: computer-vm
Chassis: vm
Machine ID: *** (not shown deliberately)
Boot ID: *** (not shown deliberately)
Virtualization: vmware
Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
Kernel: Linux 4.4.0-157-generic
Architecture: x86-64

uname -r departure:


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Can you check this YouTube channel?

I am not sure that this is the right sub-forum, but I am trying my best to post here.

Travel channel in Youtube

1] Is the recording of these videos well or well recorded?
2] Are the title tag, description and tags good?
3] How to get more visits and subscribers?

Try to answer the best you can. Thank you

8 – The check box Automatically update the twig calculated in the web form is missing

Executed the command: composer requires & # 39; drupal / webform: 5.4-beta1 & # 39;
Some of the components in the Extender section show the updated version, Webform (the first one) still says 5.0-RC12).
My calculated twig is not updated unless I go or go back or send. The checkbox for automatic update is not visible
I have all my twig files saved … Could I uninstall the module and start over?
Using d8.6

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I started on a free WordPress blog 2-3 days ago. I had never written articles, blogs or managed a website before, so this takes a long time. However, I already gave up because it seems like a free WordPress blog is not going to do it.

This is what I really want to know:

As a 15 year old boy, he has never blogged or managed a website. Can you say if I should buy one and start blogging with a host and domain based on what I have achieved with this blog here? …

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mp3 – How can I check my music by tag on my mobile?

I'm a fan of the old winamp music player

It allowed me to check my music with id3 and v2 tags: with winamp, I could create complex queries like comment has "rock" and year > 2010 and return the matching results

(I had correctly configured the tags with one of the many tools dedicated to that)

Now, I can't find any music player that allows me to do the same, especially on Android mobile.

There is one?

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enterprise sharepoint: you cannot edit a Choice field with check boxes and fill options

I am a fairly novice SP user, however, I have encountered a problem. I have created a list, and one of the columns is a & # 39; Choice & # 39; with check boxes so that users can select several items. When I set & # 39; Allow padding options & # 39; In No, everything works fine. However, when I set it to Yes, suddenly that field becomes uneditable. When I'm going to create a new item, it works fine. However, if I try to edit the list directly, there is no drop-down menu and there is no way to edit that field.

What it looks like with & # 39; Allow padding & # 39; set to No
When set to Yes [! [The & # 39; New item & # 39; works fine] 3

& # 39; New item & # 39; works fine & # 39;

It does not work

This is what it looks like when I try to edit this field in the list.