spell check – Spellchecker not working with dual language with SwiftKey on a OnePlus Nord 2

I’ve just god a Nord 2.

I’ve installed MS Swiftkey and setup both English and Italian.

While the input itself works with both languages, all Italian works are underlined in red.

This doesn’t happen with GBoard.

Also this doesn’t happen in another phone of mine, same configuration.

Does anyone has any idea?

powershell – SSH check installed

Can somebody help me with a script for checking if SSH is installed on a machine?

I have hundreds of PC’s but I don’t know which have SSH installed or not, so I want to make a script (but I don’t know how) for checking this. (openSSH)

I can put all machines IP’s in .txt.

So I think the script should look like this:

# ip Computers
$ip = Get-Content -Path .ipComputer.txt

# Credentials
$User = "username"
$Password = "password" 
$secpasswd = ConvertTo-SecureString $Password -AsPlainText -Force
$Credentials = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential($User, $secpasswd)

# Connecting...
ssh ip@credentials AND if connection successful or not :

# Print result
if $connection successful print in one txt (log)

IP: - Successful connection (SSH- OK)

if $connection unsuccessful print 

IP: - Unsuccessful connection (SSH- X)

Thank you in advance.

how to check specification of VPS?

Hi Friends.
Today i upgrade my webhosting account to VPS. i wish to know, how to check specification of vps i bought?
my vps specification is: 2GB RAM, 2Cores, 100 GB Space, 2TB Bandwidth.

how can i check my VPS has same specifications?.

mariadb 10.3 – Authentication relying on mysql_native_password seems to also check for Linux user?

I have a mariaDB 10.3 install. The mysql.table states that ‘root’ login relies on mysql_native_password plugin, with no password set.

If my linux user is root, I am able to connect to mysql using;

mysql -u root -h localhost

If I login as a non privileged Linux user, when I try to connect to mysql, I get the following error:

ERROR 1698 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'

Usually people having this issue have a plugin like unix_sock enabled (ex see this reply), but I don’t. And by reading the mysql_native_password doc, I don’t think the plugin is the issue. This plugin doesn’t seem to rely on the Linux user to authenticate (I’m not native English, I may missed the point).

Any idea ?

magento2.4 – Magento 2: Need to check function for auto stock status changed

I have configurable products and its child items in Magento 2.4 admin panel
I have 3 child items for one configurable parent. If I set out of stock for 2 items and save then parent would be in in stock. If I save child items with out of stock then when I check status of parent stock status it automatically stock to out of stock because all child items are out of stock so parent automatically become out of stock so I need to check the which function doing this stuff ?

I looked at into files save() function is the responsible into below file location to doing above stuff ?



views – Using Twig in global custom text to check for a specific content type

I am filtering for two content types to display in a view: Artwork Page and Cover Page. I want to change the HTML markup for Cover Page.

I have researched and tried many field names for Content Type, but with none of them I get what I am trying to achieve. In this instance, the replacement pattern for Content Type is {{ type }}; using it doesn’t work. I’ve tried both the machine name (cover_page) and the name (Cover Page), but neither of them worked.

{% if type == 'cover_page' %}
{% endif %}

{% if type == 'Cover Page' %}
{% endif %}

Check Tables | NullScripts | Best Null Scripts Site In The World

ChkTable can support you in finding out which tables or fields are no longer used in the XF installation. This is an interesting thing, especially after the change from XF1 to XF2. But even beyond that, it is always of interest to know which add-on has left remnants in the DB.

This version is still at an early stage. The first extensive tests were stable and satisfactory. So we are now looking forward to ideas/opinions.

This add-on does not change data, it only reads data.



Binance: How to check BTC value by USDT at time of arrival after blockchain disabled it

Let’s say that i received an amount of BTC to my Binance wallet like one week ago.

How can i know the value of it By USDT at time of arrival.

Usually, i was check that from blockchain.com directly where i hover by mouse and see the equivalent value by USDT at time of receive.

command line – Can’t check ram frequency on windows 10

I am using Windows 10 and I can’t find the ram frequency anywhere.

I tried to use the Task Manager method but it’s not showing me anything. There is not memory frequency option in the task manager

I also tried to find out with the CMD command.


  1. wmic MEMORYCHIP get BankLabel, Capacity, DeviceLocator, MemoryType, TypeDetail, Speed

  2. wmic memorychip list full

But the result shows that: “No Instance(s) Available.


1. I’m using ddr3 4gb ram right now

I can’t upload the image because I don’t have enough reputation 🙁

Hope that helps!