unity – Iterating through an array to check if all variables have a certain value

unity – Iterating through an array to check if all variables have a certain value – Game Development Stack Exchange

it.information theory – How does the choice of basis of parity check matrix affect the tanner graph

Given a binary linear block code defined by its parity check matrix $H$, many important characteristics of this code are determined by graph theoretic properties of the Tanner graph $Gamma$ derived from $H$. The girth of $Gamma$ and the distribution of low length cycles greatly affect the BER (bit error rate) performance when the commonly used iterative decoding algorithms are used (belief-propagation,…). We’re free to choose linear combinations of the rows of $H$ as another basis; this doesn’t affect the code (same codewords,…), but how does that affect the Tanner graph and its properties? What (if anything) is invariant under a change of basis?

Check transaction per block in Bitcoin

what is bitcoin-cli command for checking how many transaction per block ?

Thanks you

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How can I programmatically check if a 12 word mnemonic is valid?

I would like to use python to check if a 12 word mnemonic is valid. How can this be done?

Do you check how much DDoS bandwidth hosting company gives you?

As a customer you check with your hosting company how much DDoS bandwidth they gives you?

Which value is good?

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algorithms – Create Check Digit

I’m trying to create check digits and append them after the UPCs.

The data looks like this:
enter image description here

Because there’re leading 0’s in the front, I have to read it as a character:

import pandas as pd
upc = pd.read_csv("/Users/lee/Desktop/upc.csv", dtype = str)

Here’s the check digit calculation algorithm:
(1) sum up odd digits; sum up even digits then multiply by 3; then sum of both sums.
(2) take this result module 10.
(3) if the result in not 0, substract from 10, this is the check digit; if the results is 0, then 0 is the check digit.

for example: upc 003459409000
step (1) 0 + 30 + 3 + 34 + 5 + 39 + 4 + 30 + 9 + 30 + 0 + 30 = 60
step (2) 60 mod 10 = 0
step (3) check digit = 0

Based on the algorithm, here’s the code:

def add_check_digit(upc_str):
    Returns a 13 digit upc-a string from an 12-digit upc-a string by adding 
    a check digit
    >>> add_check_digit('002606500006')
    >>> add_check_digit('003355800010')
    >>> add_check_digit('002640027530')

    upc_str = str(upc_str)
    if len(upc_str) != 12:
        raise Exception("Invalid length")

    odd_sum = 0
    even_sum = 0
    for i, char in enumerate(upc_str):
        j = i+1
        if j % 2 == 0:
            even_sum += int(char)
            odd_sum += int(char)

    total_sum = (even_sum * 3) + odd_sum
    mod = total_sum % 10
    check_digit = 10 - mod
    if check_digit == 10:
        check_digit = 0
    return upc_str + str(check_digit)

If I use this function, I get this:
enter image description here

Now my questions are:

  1. This function works only for a single upc, i.e., I have to copy/paste each single upc and get the check digit.
    How do I create a function that works for a list of UPCs in a dataframe? Each result should return a 13-digit UPC with the check digits appended after original UPC.
  2. The UPCs are read as strings. How do I apply the function to the UPCs? I suppose I should convert the strings to numbers somehow. I’m really new to python.
  3. After I get the new UPCs, how do I save the result in a csv file?

Thank you very much for your help.

python – StatsModels Groupby linear regression data type error: Pandas data cast to numpy dtype of object. Check input data with np.asarray(data)

I am trying to run linear regression by group using statsmodels, but I’m getting the error: Pandas data cast to numpy dtype of object. Check input data with np.asarray(data).

Dtypes are the following: EmailCampaignId: int64, percentOpen: float64, and Email Dates: datetime64(ns).

import statsmodels.api as sm 

def GroupRegress(data, yvar, xvars):
    Y = np.asarray(data(yvar))
    X = data(xvars)
    X('intercept') = 1.
    result = sm.OLS(Y, X).fit()
    return result.params

df_emails.groupby('EmailCampaignId').apply(GroupRegress, 'percentOpen', ('Email Dates'))

I believe int64 and float64 should be okay, and maybe regressing on datatime64 is the issue. I’d appreciate any help!

Additionally, I’d like to output R^2 for each group in a table. How do I pull this?

javascript – How to check if a string is included in an array? discord.js

Basically I am trying to make a discord bot to make trivia questions by showing an embed and awaiting the answer, I have put the answers in an array in a separate file, the possibleAnswersF is the array that includes the answers that give you 5 points, and the possibleAnswersT is the array that includes the answers that give you 10, and possibleAnswers is the array that includes all of the answers, I tried to use possibleAnswersF.includes(collected) but it wouldn’t work, I tried to make collected an array and use includes() the other way but it jumped to catch() instead.

const { MessageEmbed } = require('discord.js');
//const talkedRecently = new Set();
const Characters = require('../../triviacharacterlist');
const points = require('../../points.json');
const fs = require('fs');

module.exports = {
    commands : ('trivia', 't'),
    minArgs : 0,
    maxArgs : 0,
    callback : (msg, arguments, text) => {
      function TriviaGuess(possibleAnswers, possibleAnswersF, possibleAnswersT, CharacterImgDir) {
        const guessCharacterString = "Guess character bo3";
        let pointAmt1 = 5;
        let pointAmt2 = 10;

        const triviaEmbed = new MessageEmbed()


        const filter = m => possibleAnswers.some(answer => m.content.toLowerCase().includes(answer));
        msg.channel.awaitMessages(filter, { max: 1, time: 15000, errors: ('time') })
            .then(collected => {
                    const fivePoint = `**Congrats**, ${collected.first().author} you got **5** points for guessing the character only!`;
                    const tenPoint = `**Congrats**, ${collected.first().author} you got **10** points for also guessing the series/game!`;
                        if (possibleAnswersF.includes(collected)) {
                            points(msg.author.id) = {
                                points: points(msg.author.id).points + pointAmt1
                            fs.writeFile('./points.json', JSON.stringify(points), (err) => {
                                if (err) {
                        if (possibleAnswersT.includes(collected)) {
                            points(msg.author.id) = {
                                points: points(msg.author.id).points + pointAmt2
                            fs.writeFile('./points.json', JSON.stringify(points), (err) => {
                                if (err) {
            .catch(collected => msg.channel.send('too bad u took too long ya 3am'));
      var characterRandom = 0;//Math.floor(Math.random() * 0);
      if (characterRandom == 0) {
        TriviaGuess(Characters.CreeperVariants, Characters.CreeperVariantsF, Characters.CreeperVariantsT, Characters.CharacterImgs.creeperimg);

The other file that has the arrays:

const CreeperVariants = (
    'creeper minecraft',
    'creeper mc'

const CreeperVariantsF = (

const CreeperVariantsT = (
    'creeper minecraft',
    'creeper mc'

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