javascript – Hola, tengo un problema con mi chat de PHP, cuando quiero subir mi scroll para ver los mensajes anteriores , el scroll se baja automaticamente

En las siguientes lineas es done cargo los mensajes anteriores

        var loadOldMessages = function(){
            $.ajax({type:"POST", url: "conversation.php"}).done(function( info ){
                $("#conversation").html( info );
                $("#conversation p:last-child").css({"background-color":"lightgreen"});
                var altura = $("#conversation").prop("scrollHeight");

winforms – Erro ao desconectar Chat Cliente c#

Estou recebendo a seguinte mensagem ao desconectar chat na parte do cliente.
segue a mensagem.
Não é possível ler os dados da conexão de transporte: Uma operação de bloqueio foi interrompida por uma chamada a WSACancelBlockingCall.’

Segue código

 private void RecebeMensagens()
        // recebe a resposta do servidor
        strReceptor = new StreamReader(tcpServidor.GetStream());
        string ConResposta = strReceptor.ReadLine();
        // Se o primeiro caracater da resposta é 1 a conexão foi feita com sucesso
        if (ConResposta(0) == '1')
            // Atualiza o formulário para informar que esta conectado
            this.Invoke(new AtualizaLogCallBack(this.AtualizaLog), new object() { "Conectado com sucesso!" });
        else // Se o primeiro caractere não for 1 a conexão falhou
            string Motivo = "Não Conectado: ";
            // Extrai o motivo da mensagem resposta. O motivo começa no 3o caractere
            Motivo += ConResposta.Substring(2, ConResposta.Length - 2);
            // Atualiza o formulário como o motivo da falha na conexão
            this.Invoke(new FechaConexaoCallBack(this.FechaConexao), new object() { Motivo });
            // Sai do método

        // Enquanto estiver conectado le as linhas que estão chegando do servidor
        while (Conectado)
            // exibe mensagems no Textbox
            this.Invoke(new AtualizaLogCallBack(this.AtualizaLog), new object() { strReceptor.ReadLine() });

Desde já agradesço.

Can I add two SEO plugins on one WordPress site? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Hi Friends,

Visionary. You can technically install as many of any plugins as you like on WordPress. That being said, you should step back and examine the functionality of each plugin to make sure they won’t create conflict with each other. There are different types of plugins that aid in SEO which pair well together.

What’s the difference between landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Hi Friends,

Conversion Rate Optimization: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)in simpler terms refers to the process of boosting the number of site visitors. Also these visitors are the ones who actually respond to a certain pop-up or button on your site. Such actions may involve filling a form, placing an order or even commenting/sharing/liking a content. For Quality CRO, it’s important to recognize how a visitor responds to certain features, and what exactly he/she looks for in a site. That way, you can remove those elements which prevent them from taking further action and become your customers.

Landing page optimization: (LPO) is the process of improving elements on a website to increase conversions. You can define Landing page optimization as a subset of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), as in the fact that improving your landing page activity is a part of improving your overall Conversion rate statistics. For Landing Page Optimization A/B testing is one of the better strategies to improve the conversion rates.

Which on-page SEO factors affect the quality score of your landing pages? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Hi Friends,

The more relevant the ads, the more targeted the keywords, and the higher quality the landing pages, the better the click-through rate for the ads. This is in stark contrast to organic search results, which aren’t typically as reliant on click-through rate, because they have a whole host of other factors to consider.

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instant messaging – Samsung Chat Service Privacy

I’m trying to find out privacy settings behind the wifi chat offered by… Samsung? Its built into my S10e as an additional chat service with little to no information about it. It’s free and enables chat over WiFi and to groups of users who have the feature enabled. It also enables Android users to see when others who have the service are typing like on the iPhone.

My concern is privacy. If it’s free, how do I know that I’m not the product here?

The Stack Exchange app won’t let me upload a 256KiB image so I’ve added a URL for the screenshot: screenshot of new messages feature

Create button that trigger Facebook customer chat button popup?

Help me create webpage clickable button that when we click it facebook customer chat button pop up.. here a video I found from a web page button do that
maybe they use js app or JS custom code. can u help us create one like thatimage shows how it works

What is the bounce rate in webmaster tools? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Bounce rate is a website traffic metric that shows the percentage of visitors who left the website while visiting only one page. It includes all website visitors who left (bounced) the website while not doing any other interaction such as clicking on the menu tabs, CTA buttons, or on any other clickable part.

c# – What to use to create a video chat application in ASP NET

I want to develop a video chat in my ASP Net Web Project and I would appreciate a piece of advice on how to implement it

How it should work?

A user clicks a button open video chat and he is redirected to a page, where the chat can happen.

When he is redirected he is asked for permission to use mic and video and waits for someone to join. When he sends the same URL where he is located and someone joins the video chat starts.

What am I using

  • ASP.NET Web project – .NET Framework 4.8
  • SignalR
  • JavaScript

What I’ve researched

I’ve seen WebRTC as highly praised technology. I’ve noticed an implementation of it here. However,
the only problem with this article is that it seems that WebRTC is using STUN/TURN servers. I am not familiar with how to create one and if there are public ones to use, like a google one.

const configuration = {
  iceServers: [
      urls: [
  iceCandidatePoolSize: 10,

I have seen those ones in a couple of GitHub projects, but recent posts claim that they are not working anymore.

What is exactly my question?

I would like to ask, if I am heading in the right direction with WebRTC and SignalR or if there is an option I don’t know about, which implementation is more native for .NET.
TURN/STUN servers? Is this the only problem with using WebRTC?
Are there some examples?