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Copying WhatsApp chat history to new Android

There have been many questions asked and answered on this topic but unfortunately I’ve not found one that addresses my issue.
I have read that to transfer the WhatsApp chat history to a new phone it is necessary to first back up the chat history from the old phone (before removing the SIM) to Google Drive. Unfortunately I didn’t do this. I moved the SIM from my old to the new, installed WhatsApp and registered it with the old number, so losing all my chat history.

I assume that my chat history is still on my old phone but if I run it with a different SIM, WhatsApp presents me with the welcome screen and I have no way of accessing my chat history (I have not tried registering WhatsApp on the old phone with an new number). So I now have a chat history on both my old and new phones.

Is there any way to access the chat history from the old phone and combine it with that on the new phone.

Suppose I temporarily move my original SIM back to my old phone and get WhatsApp running again with the old number, will my chat history be restored? If so, I am thinking I could then do the Backup to Google Drive and then somehow combine the two histories on the new phone

How can I Stop receiving notifications from someone without opening theirs chat( Google Chat )

My Company uses Google Chat(G Suite) as an IM client.
I’m having trouble and don’t want to receive chat notifications from a specific person.

I want to clear the “Notifications” checkbox in the attached image

So I referred to the official help.
However, it seems that I can’t change the notification settings until I open a chat with the person.

  1. Go to Hangouts at or in Gmail.
  2. Click a contact or conversation.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Untick Notifications.

As you know, Google Chat has “Read receipts”.
Once I open a chat, the opening notification will be shared with the person.

I am in a position to refuse any contact with the person,
so I don’t even want to know what I’ve read.

I just want to avoid opening chats and getting notifications from him, but is there any way?

No video chat button in Discord voice channels

I have set up a Discord server with several voice channels. I see no button for the video chat in the lower left corner, so it seems not to be possible to do video chat nor screen sharing. Voice is enabled: I see the microphone, headphone and settings icon.

I have gone into the Server Setting and the Roles there. For the “everyone” role I see connect, speak and video enabled. Also for another role that I have set up, these configuration setting are enabled.

I have other servers with Voice channels where I do see the “Video” and “Screen” button, it is apparently only for this particular channel.

Note a old Reddit post with a similar question:

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encryption – What is the best way to implement E2EE for a chat with support for multiple devices?

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Chat – Support Board – WordPress Chat Plugin

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Chat – Support Board – WordPress Chat Plugin – Chat – Support Board – WordPress Chat Plugin

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Support Board for WordPress

Support Board is a WordPress plugin that helps you automate your customers’ communication with artificial intelligence-driven bots and a chat system integrated with the most-used platforms. Save time and use the software you already know and love. Communicate with your…

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Connect – Live Video & Chat Messaging, Live Class, Meeting, Webinar, File Sharing, Whiteboard | NullScripts

* NEW FEATURE – Lifetime Membership
* NEW FEATURE – Paddle Payment Gateway Integration
* NEW FEATURE – Prefer Rear Camera configuration option for Live Meeting
* UPDATE – Improved membership feature
* UPDATE – Migrated to Dart Sass for build
* FIX – Issues with file uploading and uploader component
* FIX – Issues with Live Meeting on Chrome Browser on iOS
* FIX – Issues with Membership
* FIX – Issues with ask host before join option
* FIX – Issues with Signal Server configuration
* FIX -…


url – short links for viber / discord / google chat profile of mine

i was wondering how to mention profile url s of mine on

google chat

the way we do for

whatsapp (
telegram (
messenger (

do they go like, lets say, ?

can someone help write them?

now extending this further, can we write out our profile on any general messaging or video call platform by taking 1 or 2 letters from its name or brand name, then put a .me next to it, followed by / and a further addendum like a number or a username with or without a path?

thank you in advance!

api – What GUI library should I use to create a chat application in Java

Im trying to create a chat application in java, I’ve done a lot of the backend in spring boot (its an API) but im not sure what I should do for the GUI lib I tried JavaFX and me and my other dev HATED it, if your interested on the api (in case It could help you narrow my choices down) here it is, I would want to know the best one with an interface made into it and one made without (unless the best option has an interface) what I mean by interface is like ScenceBuilder or QT designer

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