DSolve produces a strange character K[1]

I am trying to solve a linear differential equation as in the following code:

DSolve(x'(t) == a + b E^(g t) + (c + d E^(-g t)) x(t), x(t), t)

whose yields

enter the description of the image here

K(1) In the integral term it is mysterious. I looked here and here, but I couldn't find a solution. I couldn't find anything in my equation that makes it indisputable.

Thanks for your help!

dnd 3.5e – Can a character add improvements to the named weapons and armor?

Can improvements be added to the weapons and armor named (such as Holy Avenger or Banded Mail of Luck) through the standard elaboration or do those elements remain as they are and are insurmountable?

I see a text that says & # 39; they are generally preconstructed with exactly the qualities as described here & # 39 ;. (DMG p219,226) but did not see textual evidence to the contrary to answer my question.

My suspicion was that they can be further improved because non-magical items are included in the DMG, such as Mithril Shirt and Dwarven Plate. However, I also noticed in Table 7-7 (DMG p220) that the non-magic elements are not in italics, so I wonder if this means that they are more improvable and not the others. The only exception to this is "Mithril Full plate of Speed", where "speed" is on the list of improvements, which makes me wonder if I was right.

But I also don't see any text that defines what italics means in that and other similar tables. More uselessly, table 7-2 (DMG p216) shows everything in italics.

I realize that "A GM can allow whatever I want" might be an answer, but I am looking for a book or Frequently Asked Questions text quoted for my answer. Thank you!

The character set & # 39; utf8mb4 & # 39; it is not a compiled character set and is not specified in the file & # 39; /usr/share/mysql/charsets/Index.xml'

Complete error

The character set & # 39; utf8mb4 & # 39; it is not a compiled character set and is not specified in the file & # 39; /usr/share/mysql/charsets/Index.xml'
InvalidArgumentException: There was a problem connecting to the database: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2019]    Unable to initialize the utf8mb4 character set (path: / usr / share / mysql / charsets /)

mysql See 14.14 Distrib 5.7.26

I'm trying to fix this error, but I can not fix it on an active server. I had to go through the procedure of adding the following to the /usr/share/mysql/charsets/Index.xml file in a local virtual machine that worked.

  UTF-8 MB4 Unicode

I have restarted mysql a couple of times since I updated this in vain. My database connection is shown as such

<? php
$ db = new PDO ("mysql: host = $ host; dbname = $ db; charset = utf8mb4", $ db_username, $ db_pass);

And all the variables in my database seem to be verified based on other publications I've seen

enter the description of the image hereenter the description of the image here

my.cnf has the following set also

set of characters-server = utf8mb4
collation-server = utf8mb4_unicode_ci

unit – the character teleports instead of jumping normally

I do not know what could be wrong with my code, I added a force to the rigid body when the player presses the key. space bar, but instead teleports and slides down …

Here is the code:

void Home ()
jumpForce = new Vector3 (0, 80, 0);
anim = GetComponent();
rb = GetComponent();

void FixedUpdate ()
// Rotation of characters with A and D

var z = Input.GetAxis ("Horizontal") * rotSpeed;

// Movement of characters with W and S

var y = Input.GetAxis ("Vertical") * speed;


if (Input.GetKey (KeyCode.RightShift))
y = and * sprintSpeed;

transform.Translate (0, -y, 0);
transform.Rotate (0, 0, -z);

// Character jump

if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.Space))
rb.AddForce (jumpForce, ForceMode.Impulse);

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dnd 5e – Only one character can move at a time during combat?

It always seemed strange to me that, in D & D 5e combat, players move one at a time. This never seemed realistic to me. Why, in a room of 6 fighters, a player (and only one player) can move 30 feet and act before someone else can move? Would not the 6 players move at the same time? You mean that while I'm carrying that monster, the monster is standing there waiting for me to run 30 feet to reach it? Would not the monster move too … maybe even away from me? If I move within 5 feet of a monster (after being 30 feet away) to attack it, the monster could not, in theory and at the same time. Being away from me so I never catch him and can not attack him? If I move first and attack without ANYONE having the opportunity to move, that seems a BIG advantage for whoever has the initiative.

So, is there a way to track the movements of ALL BEFORE the attack / action phase? Does a "reaction" have any relevance? Or is it really a "I have to go first and then you move when I finish" something like that? If that's what it is, that seems really boring.

dnd 5e: Which of these two dowries is more compatible with my multiclass character Cleric / Druid?

1) You can not copy druid or cleric spells in a spellbook.

From the player's manual (page 114, sidebar of your spellbook):

Copying a spell in the book. When you find a sorcerer spell
1st level or higher
, you can add it to your spell book if it is
of a level for which you have spells and if you can save
The time to decipher it and copy it.

My emphasis. An assistant's spellbook can only contain wizard spells. Cure Wounds, Goodberry, etc. they are not assistant spells, so you can not copy them. Keep in mind that some spells you get as a cleric, such as Protection from Evil / Good, are also in the spell list of the wizard. You can not copy them unless you have a roll of that spell, because although that spell is in the list of attendees, you know it as a cleric spell.

2 and 3) You can write a scroll of any spell you know.

The rules for writing spell scrolls are in the Xanathar Guide for Everything, page 133. The only requirements are that you have money for the materials, Arcane training and any expensive material components that the spell requires. You could do all this right now, even without Caster Ritual.

Note that these rules are technically optional, and there are no rules for creating spell rolls in the main books. Be sure to ask your DM how you want to handle the creation of spell rolls.

4) You can not use the spellbook as a druid or cleric.

Druids and clerics have Ritual Casting, however, they only allow you to cast ritual spells of druids and clerics that you have prepared. The only way you can use the spellbook would be to take levels in the Wizard, at which point you could turn it into your spellbook.

Keep in mind that even with the Caster Ritual feat, you can not use the spellbook. Instead, you should create your own ritual book and then copy the spells from the spell book you found in your ritual book, paying the costs in the usual way. However, if you ask your DM, they can allow you to use the spell book you found as your ritual book.

dnd 3.5e – Making a tank character

It is often said that the knight has five good levels: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 20th. Basically nothing in class from 5 to 19 is very good. Loyal to death is amazing, but you will spend 16 levels of class in getting it, so keep that in mind.

Ultimately, because the fighter and the knight are so similar, this question about a combat tank is very good reading. Since you're not a fighter, and you do not get nearly as many bonus feats (or such high quality), you can not do everything that is mentioned in the answers, but since the suggestions are mostly just feats and objects, you have those options and you just have to choose less of them. Dungeoncrashing is out, but that also allows you to ignore options related to bull rush; Attacks of opportunity, shooting and Intimidation remain solid suggestions for you.

In particular, since the best that can be obtained from Knight's high levels is an increased Salvation CD for temper testYou should probably lean on that and pump Charisma, and that also improves Intimidate. You do not get the quick-acting Intimacy that a Zhentarim soldier does, but the fearsome property of the armor of Drow of the Underdark It can allow you to do it as a movement action. Combine that with the skill trick of Never again outnumbered Complete scoundrel and the Imperious Command feat, also from Drow of the Underdark, and can reduce all those around him to cuddle at the beginning of each fight, while at the same time challenging them to a temper test So even if they get over it, they still have to fight with you. And you would still have your standard action to attack someone if you wanted.

Another potential use for Charisma is to use the Magic Device, which you can do a class skill by taking the Apprentice dowry. Player's Manual II. If your opening gambit in combat is intimidating everyone around you, temper test they and also activate some useful wand, you are in serious business. Most of the time you probably have to move to a position, but it's worth having the option.

Unfortunately, both Intimidate and temper test they are effects that affect the mind (well, probably), which means that if you are fighting against constructs, undead and similar nonsensical creatures, you could be effectively annulled. That's where the shots and opportunities attacks should appear. Unfortunately, as a pure gentleman, you have to take advantage of the Combat Experience to get an Improved Journey, and that means Int 13, which hurts a lot when you want to focus on the Charisma and the Constitution, and the dexterity is not bad. It is likely that you will have to download Force, which means that you probably want a Weapons Finesse (or a Feycraft weapon, ask your DM if non-light weapons that still work with the Weapons Finesse can benefit from Feycraft as they do). light weapons). You could try being a dragon-born killoren from Races of the wild (dragonborn is a template, which means you also have a race to go with it) to take Charming the Arrow: you can use it in hand-to-hand with one of the hybrid arcs of Races of the wild, but probably it's not worth giving up the scope.

The suggestions of Mage Slayer, Occult Oportunist and Supernatural Instincts recommended for the combat tank are also good options for a gentleman. It is likely that the dowries in the closed rooms are too situational to bother you when you do not have so many additional dowries. Martial study and martial posture Battle volume They are also good ideas, you probably want defensive reprimandand you definitely want scrub of blades. Island of blades Y glow of the iron guard It would be good too, but you only get one position at a time, so be aware of that.

Finally, at very high levels, you may want to buy a starmantle cape since Book of exalted works. Non-magical weapons that hit you while you get disintegrated. If you can dispel the team of the creatures, there are properties of weapons in Compendium of Magical Objects to do just that, or the spell allies can help, you can destroy everything. However, on the other hand, it is 132,000 gp, potentially destroying your booty and can ruin the fun of the matches, so think about it and maybe execute it with your DM and your group before doing it.

The best way for an armed character to wield weapons? [on hold]

My homebrew gunslinger7 / sorcerer7 cut his arm during some scams in the previous session. It was incredible But he uses almost exclusively a revolver, which does not say that two hands are needed to load, but it seems that only with one hand would make it a little more difficult. My question is, how can I use spells and / or abilities to help him operate firearms? That is to say. Animated object, magician's hand, telekinesis, etc.

dnd 5e: How fast must a character move to be effectively invisible?

As the other answers have indicated, there are no rules that imply this. When a monk reaches level 18, he gains access to the empty body class function (PHB, page 79):

Empty body
Starting at level 18, you can use your action to spend 4 ki points and become invisible for 1 minute. During that time, you also have resistance to all damage but damage of strength.

But this requires that you reach level 18, and still It is not related to movement.

You mentioned in your question:

If it reaches the speed at which it is effectively invisible, I declared that the attacks of opportunity on it are no longer a thing.

The mobile feat (PHB, page 168) increases your speed Y allows you to avoid attacks of opportunity (at least against anyone who has attacked that turn). Your might reflavour this feat (without changing the mechanical benefits, which would unbalance the feat) to affirm that, at the moment they take this feat, they can now they move so fast that they are invisible when they move, and that's why they do not take attacks of opportunity (but, again, everything from a taste perspective, in mechanical terms, it's because they have this feat and they do not become invisible).

That's just a suggestion anyway, from the "Yes, but …" school of DM instead of "No".