oracle – Pl sql gets x the character of a string in a query


(SELECT mrrt.musteri_rol_ad
FROM calisan ct, musteri_rol mrrt, musteri mmt
where ct.bagli_rol_id = a.acente_id
AND ct.calisan_rol_id = mrrt.musteri_rol_id
AND mrrt.musteri_id = mmt.musteri_id
And ct.teknik_personel = & # 39; H & # 39;
AND ct.calisan_rol_id is not null
and rownum <2) Bayi_Yetkili_Kisi,

(case when M.TCK_NO is null then M.VKN_NO
otherwise null ending) VKN_NO,

(Select (SELECT taa.adresi
FROM tobb_acente ta, tobb_acente_adres taa
WHERE ta.levhano = a.levha_no
And ta.tobb_acente_sorgu_id = taa.tobb_acente_sorgu_id
And rownum <2)
DE musteri_adres mat, musteri_rol mrt, musteri mt, adres ad
WHERE mrt.musteri_rol_id = a.acente_id
AND mt.musteri_id = mrt.musteri_id
And mat.musteri_id (+) = mt.musteri_id
AND ad.adres_id (+) = mat.adres_id AND rownum <2) address,

(SELECT mi.aciklama
FROM musteri_iletisim mi, musteri_rol_iletisim mri
where mi.musteri_id = m.musteri_id
And mi.iletisim_tip_kod =
pck_const_iletisim_tip.cep_telefon ()
AND mri.musteri_rol_id = mr.musteri_rol_id
and my.musteri_iletisim_id = mri.musteri_iletisim_id
and rownum <2) as CEpTELEFON ////// HERE \\

And MR.ROL_ID = 1
And A.Uretim_Kaynagi = & # 39; E & # 39;
AND MR.Ust_Musteri_Rol_Id is null
And M.VKN_NO! = & # 39; X & # 39;
AND TO_CHAR (TRUNC (MR.Bitis_Tarih), & # 39; DD / MM / YYYY & # 39;) is null or MR.Bitis_Tarih = SYSDATE 

Hi guys, I need help on the split in sql sq that I get ACENTE_AD x character and I want to see only the first 5 characters. and they give me CEpTELEFON like 012345678 and I want to divide the first 3 characters (012) in one column and the last 6 characters (345678) in the other column. Thank you.

2013 – Create the compilation file of the react application has a character ~ not valid for SP

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Archives of dresden: What character ability could be used for medical or healing purposes?

For a character in the Dresden Archives who is a physician / physician, which of the Abilities is supposed to be really used / rolled up to try to put that medical skill into use?

For example, I would say "scholarship" It would be a necessity to have established at least a Good value for a trained doctor, but that would be what you do, have to try to heal someone / possibly patch a wound in a street, or it would be something like "survival" Would you use it instead?

Or am I looking at this the wrong way completely and maybe it would be a appearance invocas (for example, along the lines of "is a doctor") and do not an ability for this?

I feel there has to be an answer to this somewhere in the rules, I just could not find it.

unit – Why is my character jumping at different heights at random?

I have a character controller in my character's game and I'm trying to make the character jump. This is working but sometimes it jumps much higher than other times. Does anyone know why this happens? Here is the code:

                using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

Public class movement: MonoBehaviour
CharacterController cc;
Public flotation speed;
float forward;
float sideways;
vertical float
gravity of the public float;
Public float jump;

// Start is called before the first frame update
void Home ()
cc = GetComponent();

// The update is called once per frame
Null update ()
Forward = Entrance.GetAxis ("Vertical") * Speed;
Side = Input.GetAxis ("Horizontal") * Speed;

yes (! cc.isGrounded)
vertical - = gravity * Time.deltaTime;
if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.Space))
vertical = Jump * Time.deltaTime;

vertical = -8 * Time.deltaTime;

Vector3 Delta = transform.TransformDirection (Sideways, vertical, Forward);

cc.Move (Delta * Time.deltaTime);

dnd 5e – If a character possesses a lich body through the Magic Jar spell, what benefits does lichdom have access to?

You can try to own any humanoid 100 feet away from you [..]

The description of Magic Jar specifies that the goal for possession is a humanoid. The liches are not humanoid, they are undead. Therefore, RAW this scenario does not work.

Assuming that you want to limit yourself to allowing it, the next problem is that, according to the description in the MM, the power of the liches has little to do with your body and everything related to the connection of the souls of the Liches with their phylactery, so it is even doubtful that possessing the body of a Lich confers any advantage over possessing the corpse of a spell caster (which, of course, does not work with the Magic Jar either, because corpses are objects, not humanoids).

Assuming that a sign can be made that by saying that the phylactery somehow maintains the body of the Lich even with its soul that no longer inhabits it, the next problem is that, according to the description in the MM, a Lich begins to fall apart if his phylactery does not feed regularly with living souls. While never exactly specified how regularly this has to happen, presumably it is meant to mean often enough that the ethics of this plan do not work as well as might be expected.

Can a character have two of the same type of identity document?

If a player wants to have two of the same type of identity card, for example, two Bastion cards, is it possible according to the rules?

dnd 5e – Who was this character from the Annihilation Tomb adventure before they became a monster?

The book makes all this very confusing, but Ras Nsi is in fact a Tabaxi. Except … it's not a cat person. In the old Chult, the people of Chult lived in several tribes, and the largest of these tribes was the Tabaxi tribe.

It is a little uncertain in the universe if the tribe received the name of the feline humanoid, or if the misunderstanding came from an explorer who asked for a feline humanoid of the Tabaxi tribe, he was told he was a Tabaxi and assumed that that ; tabaxi & # 39; it was the race of the creature instead of what tribe it belonged to.

To make things even more confusing, the language that speaks (tabaxi) is not the same as that spoken by cat people. In fact, if you look closely, the Tabaxi species does not even speak Tabaxi, because Tabaxi is a human dialect of Chult. The language that the furry friends spoke in previous editions when they still had their own language by default is a dialect of Payit, which has no relation to the human Tabaxi.

This difference is correctly explained in Dragon + # 11 in the article Lore You Should Know by Matt Sernet, "Tabaxi vs. tabaxi".

Fog City – Does a character have to use Change the game to attack with an object in the environment?

Creating history tags

Players can create story tags using the Change the game move (or any movement option or game that generates juice, see page 232).

[…] The MC can create story labels whenever it is considered appropriate, but it is recommended to use them in moderation; One or two history tags per scene should be enough to make things interesting.

Fog City Player Guidep.212

When something exists as a history label, that means it is special and meaningful. Anything that you come out of Change the game It is a consequence of the application of your mythologos to the situation in question. Everything that the MC falls into the scene is an important component of the scene.

So, if you snatch a bar stool as a history label, perhaps as a result of extensive watchmaking training and telling what sensei taught to look for weapons everywhere, which means that it is probably best translated as "I have a bar stool and you do not. "

On the other hand, if you do not have the opportunity to Change the game or make use of other personality traits, if picking up a bar stool is just something that could be done, what prevents anyone from doing so, in which I can only assume that it is a knockdown fight to suddenly drag Start at a restaurant? And then everyone has a stool, so their stool is not special and never was.

dnd 5e – Can my character be a non-rogue thief?

While the general response is YES, will continue to depend on your Dexterity skill score and your skills choices.

The bounded accuracy of 5e is really shown here in skills. This is great because it means that many designs of different characters can cross and, while it may not be so good, it is still quite similar.

If being stealthy or having a good set of hands is important for your design, I would recommend increasing your Dexterity and selecting those skill skills.

You can do it frequently, but not necessarily always effectively.

But that is not really different from any other class. Being effective will depend on the task and the DC established by the DM. You will not necessarily be so effective as a class that has experience (dual domain), but can still be competent. And even if you're not, with a decent Dex you can try it 🙂

While being successful is fun, not being successful can always open new paths for history.

Be aware of the consequences

Whether you are an expert in thief-type skills or not, you should always remember that there are consequences in actions. Think about when / where / who during your decision process to perform these skills. If they catch you, you should generally expect a reaction from the game world.

dnd 5e: if a character releases a magic object that activates / deactivates, is that element deactivated when released?

The description of an article will indicate the conditions to "turn it on / off".

In the case of a Sun Blade, a bonus action is required to make the sheet (dis) appear and its fall does not have a direct effect because it is not indicated in the description:

While grabbing the grip, you can use a bonus action to […] make the sheet disappear

However, in the case of a Tongue of Fire sword, leaving it would do put out the flames

The flames last […] Until you fall or holster the sword.