timestamp – In the time side channel, is there any way to improve the measurement time accuracy?

I want to measure the execution time of a function. The execution time of this function is only slightly different in the two cases. Is there any way I can accurately measure its time to distinguish the two cases?
The possible solutions are:

  1. Use precise measurement functions. Such as __rdtscp or std::chrono clock. I tried __rdtscp, but due to the noise caused by the serializing and the granularity of time stamp counter, __tdtscp is still not accurate enough. Is there any way to reduce the noise during __rdtscp measurement?
  2. Increase the time difference of function execution. This is what I want to do now. But once this function is changed, the background becomes less convincing.
  3. Is there a lot of noise in calling functions? Is there any way to reduce the noise in calling functions? Can calling functions in inline assembly reduce noise? Or is it new to do some other work before calling the function?

Can someone give me some advice?

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macos – How do I route system audio to specific channel on audio interface?

I have a multichannel audio interface connected to my MacBook Pro by USB. I set the interface as the output device in System Preferences > Audio, and the system audio is routed to outputs one and two. I want to route the system audio to channels 11-12, how can I do this?

css – Changing Contrast and Saturation for a given Color Channel in JavaScript

I know how to build color channels in JavaScript (iterate through an image and place each color value in an array). I would like to be able to change Contrast and Saturation for a given color channel. For example, use the CSS3 Contrast or Saturation filter to apply changes only to the Red channel.

Thank you

PS: I’m staying with Pure JavaScript here (no 3rd party libraries).

schengen – Visa Issues when crossing the English Channel by Jet Ski

The rules will be the same as for any other kind of pleasure craft, such as yachts. I would suspect that with a craft that small, it would need to be accompanied by a support boat, and so the rider would be treated as part of the crew of the support boat (I believe this is how it is done with cross-channel swimmers etc – obviously they cannot carry their passport while swimming!)

You would have to notify the relevant authorities (on both sides) well in advance, as the English Channel is the busiest stretch of water in the world, and small craft are at significant risk, as outlined here:

You must meet the legal requirements (COLREGS) of any channel crossing to make sure you’re not putting yourself or other people at risk. The strait has strong tides, sandbanks and shoals. Weather conditions can change quickly. Visibility is often poor and it can be difficult to navigate.

Large vessels passing through the strait can be difficult to manoeuvre. They can take several miles to stop or turn. Some container vessels are 318 metres long, 42 metres wide and service speed is 24 knots (35 mph). They have to commit to a course of action long before they can see a swimmer or detect small craft on radar.

This RYA Page suggests that you do not need to notify UK customs if you are entering from another EU country:

If you are departing the UK and going directly to another EU country, you are free of formalities with UK customs.

If you are arriving into the UK directly from another EU country there is no need to fly your Q flag or notify customs of your arrival unless you have goods to declare or non-EU nationals onboard.

This Government Customs Notice says that:

Anyone on board who is not an EU national must get a UKBA officer’s permission to enter the UK from a place other than the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands. As the person responsible, you must make sure that anyone requiring immigration clearance (including yourself if appropriate) obtains the necessary permission to enter.

If there is anyone on board requiring immigration clearance, they will need to contact the nearest UKBA office by phone to arrange clearance. The National Yachtline will be able to advise on how to do this.

Noonsite, however, states that

As a member of the European Union, EU regulations apply. In principle therefore boats coming from another EU country do not have to clear Customs, although they have to report to Immigration.

It also suggests that the requirements have tightened up recently, and I’d imagine they will tighten up further in the next few months, as there are currently many reports in the media of people-smugglers trying to use small boats to bring migrants across the channel illegally. It may well also change after the referendum this month…

It probably also depends on whether they actually enter France, or merely load the JetSki straight onto the support boat and turn round to return to the UK.

lightning network daemon – How do I explore the current commitment transaction for a channel?

I would like to see how a commitment transaction for a given payment channel looks like (without actually closing the channels and transmitting the transaction to the network 🙂

I assume that all of the building blocks (such as balances) are somewhere in channel.db. Is there a way to quickly get this information out and construct the commitment transaction out of it without much coding?

Download youtube videos when subscribed channel uploads new live video

marasy8 regularly uploads live video to YouTube, and then marks them as private after the session ends. However, I live in another country so I have different time than his. This makes it almost impossible for me to directly watch those. As a solution, I’m thinking about downloading those videos as soon as the session starts. Is that possible? (That is, as soon as the session starts, the youtube-dl command is executed)

Google Calendar specific shared calendar notifications to public Slack channel

I would like to get my whole team notified in Slack when a meeting is about to happen.

As a team, we have a Google Calendar shared calendar for our team meetings. And we share information in Slack in public channels.

How could I set up the Google Calendar to Slack integration to work so that events that are about to happen are notified in our channel?

It’s easy to set up personal alerts, from my own calendar to my own Slack channel, but with shared calendars and public channels, I don’t find where to set it up.

According to the description of the Slack app, it doesn’t seem to be possible, but maybe there is a way to make it work somehow?

Slack will only sync with the primary calendar for the Google account that you’ve connected.


Thanks for your help.

how to implement channel binding feature in TLS

I found some explanations with the concept of tls channel binding. But I cannot find any specific example about how to implement this feature.

I want to know if this feature needs to implement on application layer, like extracting some data related to current connection and verifying it at application level.IF it is, then should I verify this channel binding data with specific rules or just verify it as what I like.

If my understanding is wrong, can anybody correct it?