How to track channel of affiliate sales

I have organic and paid traffic on a page with affiliate links. If user clicks an affiliate link on my page and after some time buys the product, how can I get to know, which channel brought me the purchasing user, organic or paid?

❓ASK – Is it possible to earn more than $5000 a month with a youtube channel |

I follow this guy on YouTube who has up to 100k subscribers, and I’ve been wondering if he is making more than $5000 a month from his channel,

I mean he makes it seem like his channel is really making it.

Well I guess 100k subs isn’t a small thing.
Am just wondering if I should start my own channel.

Is it possible to make more than $5k the first month on YouTube?

or should I just find some other passive income opportunity.

A guy on YouTube once said, the platform isn’t big in earning its just a means to get more traffic to your affiliate offers and I actually realised that most of them just concentrate on affiliate marketing.


8 – How do I change the main channel url?

I’ve created a Feed display using a view in Drupal 8. Up at the top of the feed results I see this:

    <title>My Title</title>

How do I change the <link> value?

full node – Force Closing a BTC lightning channel on Umbrel

I requested to close a lightning channel on my Umbrel node. Sometimes this is a quick process. And other times it takes days. It’s been like 2 days now that a lightning channel with peer “Lightning. Watch” has been closing. It is still not closed. I can’t find an option to force close.

However, I do see on Ride the Lightning App on Umbrel (under peers/channels) that the channel is pending force closing. Should I be worried?

This is the first instance where it has taken longer than 1 day to close a channel.

Any thoughts?

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how many htlcs can a lightning channel have pending at a given time

Channels can have pending HTLCs, or even handle multiple payments concurrently. Is there a max number of pending HTLCs a channel can entertain? What is that max, why is it set to that number, and what are potential ramifications of a higher value (is latency a concern?)

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youtube channels list shows an item titled – no channel

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