hooks: How can I enable a block, configure the pages on which the block content can be viewed and dynamically changed from my custom module?

I have a custom module in Drupal 8 called hello world. In that module, I make a custom block called Hello World. I try to enable blocking and set its region to "sidebar_second" from inside my module. I'm also trying to make it only visible in a certain type of content and change dynamically. The content of the block must be a link to the other nodes in that type of content. I can not figure out how to do that, can anyone show me how to do all that?

Thank you!

Changed the geographic destination of my blog in the Google Search Console. How long will it take to see the results?

I changed the geographical orientation of my non-listing blog to my country about a month ago, but so far I have not seen any results, I have not seen any effect of the change. How long will it take to see the effects of the change?

Virtualization of kvm: what file has been changed from one VM overlay to the next?

I have a base image of a windows10 machine.

[win10_base image].qcow2 - [overlay_with_bug].qcow2  

I have an error in an application that I can play. This error alters something in the system.

I want to reproduce the error in an innocent Windows VM. All changes must be tracked in the overlay of this image. How can I recover the changes stored in the overlay? Which format would be the best? Is there something like a comparison / analysis tool for VM-Images?

Should the violated passwords be changed if 2FA or MFA is enabled?

If a site has experienced a violation in such a way that usernames and passwords have been leaked, should passwords be changed if 2FA or MFA are enabled?

Before this question is marked as duplicated, the question "Will 2FA protect me if there is a password violation" limits the response to the effectiveness of 2FA and does it consider whether passwords should be changed?

Microsoft recently announced limitations on password expiration, which suggests that passwords should not change as long as they meet the standards set by NIST and / or prohibit the use of common passwords.

Given the different types of 2FA or MFA, should passwords be changed in all scenarios or are there scenarios in which it is not necessary to change the passwords?

magento2 – Magento 2 – Add new quote item when the quantity changed to> 1

I wanted to add a new budget item (new row on the cart page) when the product quantity is more than 1.
I have already tried to accept the answer provided here. Whenever I tried to add an existing cart item from the page of & # 39; product details & # 39 ;, the given solution is working.

The problem I face is when someone changes the amount of the page & # 39; payment / shipping & # 39 ;, the previous solution does not work.

Can anyone provide a solution for this. I am using version 2.2.7 of magento

Thank you.

magento2 – I changed my site to the single store mode and now the navigation does not work correctly

I recently assumed the management of an e-commerce site for my client and, observing the configurations, I saw that it was configured as a multi-store site. It did not seem to require that configuration, so I switched it to a single store mode. But now the navigation is not working properly. The home page appears blank.

How can i fix this? I tried adding views of the store thinking that I could reconfigure it as it was but that does not seem possible at this time.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Functions – Why was the implementation of "Exponent" changed from version 11.3?

I have a following expression and I need an exponent of n

    Exponent[Exp[Sqrt[n]]* n ^ 2, n](* two *)

Exponent[Exp[Sqrt[n]]* n, n](* one *)

All versions 7,8,9,10 to 11.0 da (correctly)

    Exponent[Exp[Sqrt[n]], n](* 0 *)

But versions 11.3 and 12.0 return without evaluating.

    Exponent[Exp[Sqrt[n]], n](* Exponent[E^Sqrt[n], n]*)

Why this incompatibility? This expression was part of my long program and today I lost a lot of time to discover why my program does not work with a superior version of Mathematica. Compatibility is a good thing.

mysql – Mariadb does not start (dir can not be changed, errcode 13: permission denied)

I moved my MariaDB database to / media / user / extdrive1 / mysql, updated conf files, and modified Chown for the unit to 7777 for the user mysql.mysql. Nonetheless, sudo systemctl start mysqld fails, and if I check the syslog, it returns an error code 13: Permission denied to / media / user / extdrive1 / mysql.

I'm not sure what else to try; The mysql file of apparmor is empty.

search – Twitter username changed. Still shown in Twitter searches

If my Twitter account were @johnsmith, and I changed it to @johndoe, I would expect searches in the Twitter search entry for the previous user name to show no connection to the new name now.

On the contrary, if I change my identifier, I wait a few days and then look for the old name, I see the many responses of other users tweeted to the old name, and some of these, but, interestingly, not all, have the new name added to them now (they are shown as tweeted for both the old name and the new name, despite being dated before the new name existed).

Why would this be? It can be avoided?

design – How to create an application like ChangEd

Really curious, how did ChangEd to create your application? More specifically, I'm interested in how I would handle money and transactions. How would you send the money to student loan providers automatically? How do you create a FDIC ChangEd account and store money there? I know there are APIs such as Plaid that allow you to connect to the user's bank details. So, does ChangEd charge you extra, then hold the money and send it out of your name? Or do they create a bank account for you and ask you to authorize the transaction when it is time to repay the loan?

The founder of ChangEd answered some questions about Product Hunt, but the underlying design is not yet clear to me. Should I be in some kind of partnership with the bank or the student loan provider to do that or can I create an application like that?