Windows registry: I accidentally changed the default value of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT

I accidentally changed the default value of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, which means I clicked on the default HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT file and changed its value to "exefile", now when I try to open an exe file. It simply says that you need a new application to open this exe file. Can anyone help? I cannot restore my PC and it should have lowered the initial value. I was supposed to go to the EXE folder instead of simply changing the default HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT … can anyone help me?

Wolfram Cloud – Have you changed the canonical URLs for deployed laptops?

I am using the function below to update my notebooks in the cloud. It is traditionally implemented in the following location:

I have the URL as output from CloudDeploy call something like this

However, in the last week something has changed so that CloudDeploy instead it shows a different URL when I run it


Anyway, I can get the shortest original url out of CloudDeploy?

deploy:=Module[{notebookFn, parentDir,cloudFn,result},
Print["Uploading to ",cloudFn];

magento2: Magento 2 add-on to send emails when the customer group is changed

I created an add-on to send emails when the store owner changes the customer group in the backend. I still need to add the group (discount) in the email. The problem is that when I access a customer and change their group, they send me about 16 emails, the function that sends the email is afterSetGroupId(); so I don't understand why he sends me so many emails.

Here is my code:
SendDiscount.php plugin

public function afterSetGroupId(MagentoCustomerApiDataCustomerInterface $customer, $result)
        //$groupId = $customer->getGroupId();

        /* Receiver Detail the person who is going to receive the info that user logged in*/
        $receiverInfo = (
            'name' => 'Admin',
            'email' => ''

        $store = $this->storeManager->getStore();

       $templateParams = ('store' => $store, 'administrator_name' => $receiverInfo('name'));

        $transport = $this->transportBuilder->setTemplateIdentifier(
            ('area' => 'frontend', 'store' => $store->getId())
            $receiverInfo('email'), $receiverInfo('name')

        try {
            // Send an email
        } catch (Exception $e) {
            // Write a log message whenever get errors


This is my di.xml located in etc / adminhtml


What change changed between editions?

Now that the second edition of Eclipse Phase came out, I would like to know what parts of the story are different in second edition. I know that most of it was meant remain intact, but that does not mean that there are no changes (intentional or accidental) that you are not noticing.

An example I noticed is the differences in the economy of morphs caused by changes in the production rate of morphs; Another is an implication that in 2e, Hexanewts are not as anatomically similar to Amphibians. What are the other tradition changes, especially those that have far-reaching implications?

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magento2 – Magento 2 How to notify the user when your customer group has changed?

I want to find a solution about sending an email to the client when the backend administrator changes his client group.
I have 3 groups of customers, each one has different discounts in the store, so if I change the user to another group of customers, I want to send an email informing about the new discount.

I was thinking of an observer, because I had some observers send emails with different events.
But what would be the event for this situation? Something like adminhtml_customer_update.

I also suppose you would need to get the group where the customer is assigned.
Thank you!

The color of the comments has changed on my WordPress site after an update

I noticed that the font color of the comments I received in all my publications turned gray; How would you change this to a standard target?

I am using WordPress and the website is:

Thank you

Magical items: How have the Holy Avengers (or Holy Sword, or similar "holy" weapons for paladins) changed through the D & D editions?

Follow up on these questions and answers about the origins of the Holy Avenger and similar "holy" weapons in the Forgotten Realms, and in D & D more generally. As noted there, the Realms have experienced several narrative events created to coincide with, and explain, the changes in the rules that came with each new edition of D & D: the (first) Domestication, the Time of Troubles, etc. Magical and magical elements They have often changed between editions. How have the "holy" weapons of the paladins changed from edition to edition?

I am looking for the tradition applicable to the Realms; Mechanics that have an impact more than purely numerical; Y especially Any demonstrable relationship between the former and the latter. Put another way: I do not care that an item originally provided a +2 to hit, but it was changed to +3 later. I am looking for large differences in functions that would have significant implications for the game's narrative.

Has anyone changed from SolusVM? (But because?)


Since SolusVM is owned by Oakley / cpanel, there is no point to pay them a penny: it was: and better to change before they try … | Read the rest of