tag removed – Change the formula

I’m a programmer having a Math issue. I’m building an animation based on coordinate system. Now I’m painting my animation and want to make a soft color transition. I want my color to be darker at the bottom and lighter at the top. To set the color it, I use this formula:

color = (y/3000, y/4000, y/10000, 0.3)

This is RGBA format. The first value in brackets is red, the second one is green, the third one is blue and the forth is alpha. Let’s pay attention to red only.

At the very bottom of my animation, Y value is 1000, and at the top of it, Y value is 100. When I divide 1000 by 3000 at the bottom, I get 0,33 of red, that is a light red. When I divide 100 by 3000 at the top, I get 0,03 of red, that is a dark red. I need it to be vice versa: 0,03 at the bottom (dark red) and 0,33 of red at the top (light red). I’ve tried to change the formula I’m using, but it didn’t work for me. Is there any chance to make it work? I need to point out that the formula must include Y value, because it’s the only way to make the color transition really smooth.

I’ll be very grateful for any responses!

How can i change dateformat of webform submission

Is there a way where we could change the date format of the form submission? For Example in the Webform I have created there’s no date picker in it. But when the web form is submitted by the user by default it comes in this format Sun mm/dd/yyyy but I want it dd/mm/yyyy (It is stored in Structure ->Websforms –>Submissions)How can i change the date format once the webform is submitted?

magento2 – How do we change the Default Stock or Default Source for Magento 2 MSI?

This is because MSI isn’t complete yet – there is functionality not yet migrated to it.

The default stock is hard coded because of that – backwards compatibility.

There are many extensions and even parts of Magento that still rely on “inventory 1.0” and so the default is hard coded so they don’t break.
My default stock mysteriously acquires amounts at times, positive and negative.

This in between status is painful but hey, it’s only for another year or so 😉

For example for bundles to work, products must be “in stock” in default stock (real stock or “in stock” status with “back order” on, because bundles aren’t MSI migrated yet. It’s really annoying, but hey, bundles are hard. (the good news are, when you ship it ships properly from your stock)

When MSI is at 100% coverage, we will be able to change who default is.

How to make a change in iis apppool using appcmd.exe

I want to edit the parts marked in the photo using appcmd.exe or another comman-line method.
enter image description here

Android x86 change Keyboard layout

How can I change the keyboard layout used by Android from the command line?

I installed the Android-x86 release from https://www.android-x86.org/ in a VirtualBox VM. Unfortunately, the VM only boots to command line and I cannot access the GUI. I want to follow the following solution to directly boot into the GUI: https://stackoverflow.com/a/61247128/12336925

I cannot type the commands as I want and I cannot use vi appropriately because I have a German keyboard.

sharepoint online – How to change the message in any site from “This site hasn’t shared with you” to “Let us know why you want the access of this site”

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How to change which microphone a website is using in Chrome?

I enabled microphone permission to a website in Chrome. Then I realized Chrome was using the wrong microphone by default. I changed the default microphone in Chrome’s settings but the website is still using the wrong one.

When I allow microphone permission on new websites it uses the correct one that I updated in Chrome’s settings.

When I click on the microphone icon in the address bar while on the website in question it has a drop down with the wrong microphone selected but the drop down is disabled / grayed out for some reason. How do I fix this?

fares – Validity of Ticket After Change

Let’s say I buy an air ticket which allows changes with no fee. The ticket is valid for one year since the date of issue, and if it’s partially used, up to one year from the date of the first outbound flight.

What happens to ticket validity in case the change is processed as revalidation? Similarly, will validity be extended in case the change requires reissue?

pr.probability – Change variables in Gaussian integral over subspace $S$

I have been thinking about a problem and I have an intuition about it but I don’t seem to know how to properly address it mathematically, so I’m sharing it with you hoping to get help. Suppose I have two $ntimes n$ real matrices $C$ and $M$ and consider the Gaussian integral:
$$I = Nint e^{-frac{1}{2}ilangle x, C^{-1} xrangle} e^{langle x, M xrangle}dx$$
where $N$ is a normalizig constant and I’m writting:
$$langle x, A x rangle = sum_{i,j}x_{i}A_{ij}x_{j}$$
the inner product of $x$ and $Ax$ on $mathbb{R}^{n}$. $C$ is the covariance of the Gaussian measure; moreover, suppose $M$ is not invertible and has $1 le k < n$ linearly independent eigenvectors associated to the eigenvalue $lambda = 0$. All other eigenvectors of $M$ are also linearly independent, but associated to different nonzero eigenvalues.

This is my problem. I’d like to know how does the formula for the Gaussian integral $I$ changes if I was to integrate over the subspace $S$ spanned by the eigenvectors $v_{1},…,v_{k}$ associated to $lambda = 0$. Intuitively, this integral wouldn’t have the $e^{langle x, Mx rangle}$ factor because $Mequiv 0$ in this subspace. In addition, since $S$ is a $k$-dimensional subspace, I’d expect this integral would become some sort of Gaussian integral over a new variable $y$ which has now $k$ entries.

I would like to know if my intuition is correct and if it is possible to explicitly write this new integral over $S$, which I was not able to do by myself. Thanks!