google sheets – How to change cell format on ImportHTML Function

I’ve used the ImportHTML function to scrape play-by-play information from Basketball Reference.

I am using a Vlookup to create a rating system based on time, point different, and several other factors.

I realized the TIME vlookup isn’t reading correctly, but the formula is exactly how it should be (I’ve tested it, and it works fine when I type in the info manually). It only doesn’t work on the time that is coming from my ImportHTML.

I can’t get the format to match – I’ve tried every format option on both my vlookup & the data, and tried forcing it with the TEXT function (might of not done that correctly).

I’m at an absolute stand-still at this point — has anyone experienced anything similar?

Other ways to force a format change on imported data? or another way to correctly pull the values from a range of times? I’ve tried the Lookup function as well.

For Reference:


upper lower bounds


charging – How do I change the Battery Percentage that corresponds to a Voltage in Android

My original Li-ion has 3000mAh capacity.

I’ve modded my device to have a total of 7000mAh capacity now.

The enhanced capacity means that my percentage is not displayed accurately anymore.

About 2000mAh charge displays 75% charge.

That means 5000mAh are located in the top 25% of my battery indicator.

(Charging times confirm: 1 Hour @1800mA goes from 25% to 75%, but 75 to 83 takes almost the same time and so on)

I know a lot is possible with a rooted android device but I’m not too much of a software person.

How can I change the percentages that display?

There has to be some kind of lookup table where the Vbatt->”%” conversion is done.

unity – Change item rotation axis in inventory item visualization

I’m learning unity and i’m trying now make an inventory, i made a simple interface, and now i’m trying to make a item visualization. I look for some codes from web and i found this one:

using UnityEngine;

public class TurnObject : MonoBehaviour
    protected Vector3 posLastFame;
    public Camera UICam;

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update()
        if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) {
            posLastFame = Input.mousePosition;

        if (Input.GetMouseButton(0)) {
            var delta = Input.mousePosition - posLastFame;
            posLastFame = Input.mousePosition;

            var axis = Quaternion.AngleAxis(-90f, Vector3.forward) * delta;
            transform.rotation = Quaternion.AngleAxis(delta.magnitude * 0.1f, axis) * transform.rotation;

I know some code, but I’m not good with geometrics. In this code when I move my mouse horizontal way, my object turn in the Y axis. And that’s good. But when I move my mouse vertical the object move in the X axis instead of Z axis.

Is there a way in this code for change this? I really have difficulty to understanding geometrics in Unity.

localisation – Change translated strings from language file

first time I’m using Magento2 and I had to change the default language of frontend to Greek.

I followed the guide from Mageplaza Installing via composer and after I deployed, it worked like a charm. The issue is that some strings are translated a bit weird and I wanted to change the translations for them. I cant find where I could override those translations with my own strings. I thought that deploying the file would create a .csv file somewhere inside the project and the only one I find is the one inside vendor/ folder ( which obviously I wont edit ) and the one at /app/design/frontend/Smartwave/porto/i18n/el_GR.csv which overrides the strings from Theme.

How I could override the translations from the ./vendor/mageplaza/magento-2-greek-language-pack/github_contributions.csv and ./vendor/mageplaza/magento-2-greek-language-pack/el_GR.csv

Google Page Experience: Upcoming Search Ranking Change

Google is planning a search ranking change incorporating Core Web Vitals, and planning for the new algorithm.

multithreading – C++ Thread does not detect global variable change

I have 2 threads monitoring the same global state, if the state.shutdown becomes false, the thread run() should return. The code is below.

#include <iostream>
#include <chrono>
#include <thread>
#include <mutex>

using namespace std;

struct State {
    bool shutdown = false;

    ~State() {
        shutdown = true;

State state;

#define CHECK_SHUTDOWN     
    std::cout << (state.shutdown ? " SHUTDOWN " : " NOSHUT ") << typeid(*this).name() << std::endl; 
    if (state.shutdown) {  

class Mythread {
    void join();
    void run();
    void launch();
    std::thread self_thread;

void Mythread::run() {
    while(1) {

void Mythread::join() {
    if (self_thread.joinable()) {

void Mythread::launch() {
    self_thread = std::thread(&Mythread::run, this);

std::mutex mtx;
void shut() {
    std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lock(mtx);   
    state.shutdown = true;

int main()
    Mythread thread1;
    Mythread thread2;



    //state.shutdown = true;
    shut(); //This makes no difference with the line above



    return 0;

However, even I manually set the state.shutdown to be true, the threads can never detect it. I got prints like:

 NOSHUT 8Mythread                                                                                                
 NOSHUT 8Mythread                                                                                                
 NOSHUT 8Mythread                                                                                                                                                                                                                

...Program finished with exit code 0                                                                             
Press ENTER to exit console. 

at the end. I’m also confused given that the run() function is never returned, the threads join should hang. However the threads can join successfully.

Any help would be very appreciated here!

mac – Why cant i change directory on desktop in terminal?

When i want to change the directory to a specific folder on my desktop (summer 2020 classes) it tells me that no such user or named directory exists.

I want to open ‘summer 2020 classes’ from desktop

Example from terminal:

cd desktop

cd summer 2020 classes

and i get this error: string not in pwd: summer
too many arguments

posts – How can I change the product layout in the store page in WooCommerce?

I am a beginner at WordPress and PHP, (coming from mostly java and c#) and I was wondering how can I change the store page in woocommerce, I have knowledge of HTML + CSS and I want to implement my product design to the store page… I am using OceanWP theme.

I am looking for help with overriding the theme somehow,
I also need examples if possible (see code below) please

<div class= "main-body">
<?PHP foreach: product>
<div class ="title">
<?PHP echo product title>
<img src=<?PHP echo product image>

etc (ignore my bad syntax)

alter table – MySQL: change column type using expression

In a MySQL database, I need to convert some UUID columns (BINARY(16)) into VARCHAR. I want to convert them in the canonical form, not as bytes. For clarity, in lowercase and with hyphens, and not in the 0xHEXADECIMAL format.

In Postgres, this is enough:

ALTER TABLE my_table
  ALTER COLUMN my_uuid_column

The MySQL equivalent returns an error:

ALTER TABLE my_table
  MODIFY COLUMN my_uuid_column

ERROR 1366 (HY000): Incorrect string value: 'x.....' for column 'my_uuid_column' at row 1

And even if it worked, the result wouldn’t really be in canonical form.

I know that in Postgres I can resolve this with USING expression:

CREATE FUNCTION foobar(foo uuid) returns VARCHAR
  SELECT 'foobar' -- format the UUID using some helpers.

ALTER TABLE my_table
  ALTER COLUMN my_uuid_column
  USING foobar(my_uuid_column);

And it does what you’d expect.

I can’t find a way to do something similar in MySQL.

color – Change colours of Code

I want to change the colour of some important variables in my code. My code is quite long and sometimes I have to change these specific variables, but it is quite annoying to search them, beacause their is no contrast and it is hard to find them. Is their a possibility to change their colour?