Change text size and font family in Blogger Editor?

Is there a possibility that we can change the font size and text family in the Blogger Editor?

Exmp: I add this line to css from inspicter:
p, pre {
margin: 0;
font size: 16px;
Typeface family: Arial, sans-serif;

This worked
But once the page is updated, everything returns to the way it was
Is there any way to keep the amendment?
Thank you

8 – Change the system path. 404 dynamically according to the context

I have a site that uses the groups module to denote several locations, all with their own content.

I would like to give the possibility of programmatically altering the .404 system path according to the context of each group, to the arbitrarily chosen content within the group content.

I don't find much documentation that directs me in the right direction. Has anyone done this before and can you point me in the right direction?

9.0 foot – How can you change battery saver to dark mode on Android 9 (Samsung Galaxy S9)?

How can you change battery saver to dark mode on Android 9 (Samsung Galaxy S9)?

I use Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android S9.

Screenshot of the Android application Google Drive, which seems to indicate that it is possible to change the theme in battery saving:

enter the description of the image here

unit: change the order of execution of Animator so it can be combined with Physics

I am trying to make a rag character controlled by an animator also be affected by physical collisions. Similar to this game: Crazy Shopping.

The problem is that the animator controller overrides every change that occurs in the Fixed Update or in the internal physics update (even when the animator update mode is set to Physics Animate).
enter the description of the image here

I think this can be achieved by changing the order of execution of the animator so that it can happen before the physical update. In this way, physics can affect the animated object. There are solutions such as using a second object that contains the rag doll and in LateUpdate you can set the positions and rotations of the animated object that works well, but not what is in my head.

ActiveRagdoll from MetalCore999 is also a really cool job that I would love to learn how it works behind.

How I can get this? I don't even know if my solution would work correctly?

Do you have any suggestions or a different way of thinking? I would really appreciate a road map on this.

javascript – How to change tabs in materialize without using JQuery?

To achieve navigation between tabs And do not depend on the use of JQuery so first we will retrieve the tag from the messy list through the class that is assigned in this way:

let tabs = document.querySelector(".tabs")

The method query.selector() It allows us to retrieve the node that we indicate either by name, by its id or by the class assigned to it.

Based on the documentation, we then pass the variable in which we store the method described above as the first argument.

let instance = M.Tabs.init(tabs);

Complete example taken from the documentation one

      JS Bin
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4


Transactions: What is the best way to change MTGUSD to USD?

Instead of bitcoin-otc, you can find counterparts by posting on, which is easier to use. You don't really need to go through Moneypak either: the direct Mtgox USD for PayPal USD will work.

The main problem with using PayPal for Bitcoin transactions, which are its anti-Bitcoin policies, is not very relevant with person-to-person transactions. The other problem, chargebacks, means that you must make transactions with someone of good standing.

Do not worry if you end up paying a small percentage in fees, they should only represent a small part of your mining profitability.

Alternatively, instead of using mtgox, you could try selling bitcoin in cryptoxchange, which is supposed to have more friendly deposit / withdrawal options for international clients.

css: how to change the entire title of the publication and the color of the content

A client has a WordPress blog. Last week, it seemed normal. Now, all of a sudden, the entire title of the publication and the color of the content source changed to white. I am not sure why. However, I still use the same theme.

This makes reading them very difficult. How to reverse the change?

wifi – How to make a router change the WPA password automatically every day?

And welcome.
I own a coffee, and I have a small problem that I need to reset the Wi-Fi password manually every day due to customers, I searched for it and found some interesting details "for me".

The first thing I found that I need write a script using pyI now own a coffee DO NOT a programmer, I do not understand the machine language as you do

And then I found a situation similar to mine in the stack overflow, and he was fighting for the same thing, but he got to the point that he needs to schedule a bash script or something like that.

Anyway, I also learned that I need to do four functions:

  • get access to the router
  • generate a random password
  • apply it to settings
  • After setting it up successfully, send it to an email address

So the end result, I need help and Idk how to write a script, any ideas?

Is it possible to change the wifi password with a script?

theses are all I have thanks, and I hope to get an answer very soon: ((

edit: I discovered that to facilitate the writing of an automation task, I guess

How can I consult the users of my FOSS library about a design change idea?

I have a free software library made public through GitHub. It is not a large library, it does not have a community around it or anything like that, but it receives a few dozen unique clones per week.

Now, I am considering a design change in this library. It is not simply internal, it is a significant change in the API. It's "my" library, so I could go ahead and do it, but I want to get user opinions about this change.

Obviously, I don't have your details and I can't actively ask you. How would you suggest that I approach trying to probe your opinions?

Note: I am interested in the binary information "Support / object" and in longer evaluations of the suggested change.