hard disk – Can not change the partition size


I did some digging in the manual pages for the diskutil Command line utility. My volume was a logical volume of CoreStorage, so I got some information:

$ diskutil cs list
Groups of logical volume CoreStorage (1 found)
+ - Logical volume group C8C10399-E3E0-4B52-A9EE-2F15AE56E992
==================================================================================================== =======
Name: Macintosh HD
Status: online
Size: 155701956608 B (155.7 GB)
Free space: 18960384 B (19.0 MB)
+ -< Physical Volume 297002AD-AB9E-47CC-B31B-5B7C21BE0F7A
    |   ----------------------------------------------------
    |   Index:    0
    |   Disk:     disk0s2
    |   Status:   Online
    |   Size:     155701956608 B (155.7 GB)
    +-> Family of logical volumes F134B1FE-CEC6-49F3-86E9-DF67D8530FF5
-------------------------------------------------- --------
Type of encryption: None
+ -> Logical volume F85FD6EB-0CF7-400E-960B-22572D96B498
-------------------------------------------------- -
Disk: disk1
Status: online
Size (Total): 155330674688 B (155.3 GB)
Reversible: Yes (decryption is not required)
LV name: Macintosh HD
Volume name: Macintosh HD
Content suggestion: Apple_HFS

Then I held my breath and ran a resize command, which makes everything very easy:

$ diskutil cs resizeStack F85FD6EB-0CF7-400E-960B-22572D96B498 0
The UUID of the logical storage volume of the kernel is F85FD6EB-0CF7-400E-960B-22572D96B498
CoreStorage operation started
Checking the prerequisites to change the stack size of logical-physical volumes
Growing logical-physical stack volume
Verifying the file system
The volume could not be dismantled
Using live mode
Running fsck_hfs -fn -l -x / dev / rdisk1
Performing live verification
Checking the volume registered in HFS Plus
Checking the extension overflow file
Checking catalog file
Checking multi-linked files
Checking the catalog hierarchy
Checking the extended attributes file
Checking the volume bitmap
Checking the volume information
The Macintosh HD volume seems fine
The file system verification exit code is 0
Restoring the original state found as assembled
Core physical storage volume increasing from 155,701,956,608 to 499,248,103,424 bytes
Copying booter
Increased disk partition
Modify the partition map
Growing data structures of Core Storage
Resize the structures of Core Storage Physical Volume
Physical storage volume of core resized to 499,248,103,424 bytes
Increasing logical volume
Resize Core Storage Logical Volume structures
Logical core storage volume resized to 498,876,821,504 bytes
Growing file system
CoreStorage operation completed

I do not even need sudo! What is a little strange!

Anyway, after this, my disk is now actually a 500 GB disk:

enter the description of the image here

This is like those dreams in which you discover additional rooms in your house that you did not know you had.

I want to know how to change the value of "fotorama _ _ caption _ _ wrap" printed in the details of the Magento 2 product

Magento 2 generates the product title by default.

I want to know how to change the value of the title to a custom attribute (brand) instead of hiding it.

I would also like to know the detailed procedure to change the template.

enter the description of the image here

sql server: if I move my SQL data file from my F drive, I delete the F drive and change the name of the new F drive, will I have any problem with the file path?

I have a Windows server that only had 50 GB in the C drive and 4 TB in the F drive. I need to expand the C drive, but the only way to do that is by removing the F drive to reallocate space. If I move data from the F drive to a new drive, I delete the F drive and rename the new drive, will I lose the file path?

views – conditional change row colors

Let's say I have a "task" content type with a "status" field, which is generated by views. Now I want when the state is "finished", the color of that row will be red, when the state is "failed", the color of that row will be yellow, when the state is "in progress", the color of that row will be green
Is there any way to realize this? By the way, I know very little about the code.

Image as below

sql server – Find and count two tables with difference column change order

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unit – How to change the value of the variable only once?

I'm creating a simple platform game in which the player jumps to the platforms and the speed of the platforms increases over time. This is an endless game and depends on the highest scoring system.

But, the problem is that whenever I change the speed of the platform, it changes by frame and increases as 0.1f, 0.2f, 0.3f, etc.
For example: – my default platform speed is 0.1f and every time the player collides with that platform, I want it to change to 0.2f, but as I did in the update function in the unit, change 0.1f, 0.2f, 0.3 f constantly

My code is: –

public class destroyTime: MonoBehaviour {
public float startTime = 3f;
Move the mobile tiles;
// Use this for initialization
void Home () {


// The update is called once per frame
null Update () {
foreach (Transform son into transform) {
if (child.tag == "Player") {
startTime - = Time.deltaTime;
movethetiles.move + = 0.1f; `// The problem is here!`
if (startTime <= 0) {
start time = 3f;
child.transform.parent = null;
Destroy (gameObject);

Air travel: "flexible rate" options for flight needs that can change at the last minute?

In June I will go to Cape Canaveral to attend a rocket launch. As you already know, rocket launches receive a "launch window" and can be delayed a day or two or three or … the idea is understood.

I just learned about the launch date of this mission that I want to attend, and I plan to book a flight! If everything goes according to plan, I fly the day before the launch, I see it as a Saturday and Monday.

However, I want to be sure that I am covered in two very likely scenarios:

  1. The launch is delayed a few weeks / months before I leave.
  2. The launch is delayed a few days after my arrival in Florida.

I know that flexible rates are one thing, but I do not see any clear option on how to reserve them. Doing a Google search on "Reserve flexible rate" seems to lead mainly to combined travel websites that advertise "Flex" in the search results, but when in fact the selection of flights does not give any indication that it is Flexable. The only exception to this is Southwest, which allows you to reuse your money on a different flight if a cancellation occurs, but it seems to be much more expensive than other airlines. All the other booking and airline websites seem to make no mention of how to make a trip flexible.

So my question is
How do I make sure my flight is "Flexible"? Y What does "flexible" really mean? (ie, does it vary by airline? Does the departure flight allow me to continue flexing the return flight? Do I have to pay more if the new ticket is more requested or get a refund if it is cheaper?)

making it impossible to change a secure password

According to this:

How do I change the password of my private key?

It is possible to change your private RSA / DSA password phrase at any time. Is there a way to generate a password with a passphrase that is set once and can not be modified?

JAVAFX How to change the label after the construction of FXML?

I have a label in scene B. I want to change this label when the user clicks the "Login" button on the first screen. I tried to do this in my project with the user.setText () (user is the name of the tag), but because the tag is built after the change command, the change is not made and an error occurs. How can I change the tag after it has been built and exist in JavaFX?

void RegisterLogin (ActionEvent event) // Event when you click on the button in scene A.


MessageController msgcont = new MessageController (); // Instance dp Scene B;
msgcont.usuario.setText ("Test"); // Label of Scene B;


Thank you.

change the header of a php file

I have a server.php file that I want to host on the same server as my WordPress site, which is required to send a POST message with a header Content type: application / json.

WordPress prevents me from using And in doing so, redirects to some file in https: // site / wp-json /, that is not what I want.

I tried to use the following code in the same file, but then it returns the HTTP 500 internal server error:

function changeHeaders ($ headers) {

$ headers['Content-Type'] = & # 39; application / json & # 39 ;;
returns $ headers;

add_filter (& # 39; wp_headers & # 39 ;, & # 39; changeHeaders & # 39;);

How can I change the headers only for that file without the need to create a subdomain or host it on another server without WordPress?