chain overrides – Drupal Message Digest error

Even after uninstalling the message_digest module, I found the error creating the new user ID. So I decided to manually remove traces from the Database configuration field. Now my entire site receives the following error

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

DrupalCoreFieldFieldException: Attempt to create a field message_digest that does not exist on entity type user. in DrupalfieldEntityFieldConfig->getFieldStorageDefinition() (line 315 of core/modules/field/src/Entity/FieldConfig.php).

Now I cannot install and enable this module to return to normal condition.

I am stuck in this problem. Please help me get rid of this problem.


color – How to create a multicolored chain?

I am interested in showing a chain composed of sub-chains of different colors.
Mathematica allows one to create a list comprising substrings of different colors, for example

{Style["Blue", Blue], Style["Red", Red]}

I would like to create a string that looks like

enter the description of the image here

StringJoin does not allow addressing the problem

Bitcoin core: how can I use the backup of the data from the pruned node chain to configure the (archivial) node without IBD?

My configuration is an old laptop (~ 2012) + small SSD and a NAS with HDD. I noticed that trying to synchronize Bitcoin Core (v0.18) on the NAS was slow, but on SSD it was very fast. (Everything is connected via ethernet cables ~ 3 feet in length, so it can't be a network problem, right?)

Then I thought about synchronizing a pruned node, with manual pruning, and periodically backing up the data from /blocks and /chainstate from my datadir to the NAS, before running the plum. My idea was to configure a node with the complete string once the synchronization was performed.

The problem is that it does not work. So, if I run the node with datadir On the NAS, Bitcoin Core will simply close. But if I delete the /blocks and /chainstate NAS directories, IBD starts without problems. (Apart from slow, that is).

So my question is, can this trick be used? If so, how?

If it helps, my bitcoin.conf for the pruned node is

### bicoin.conf of pruned node



and the one of the complete archiving node in NAS is

### bitcoin.conf of archivial node on NAS


Probability: how to let the self-assessment be a Markov chain?

On the self-avoidance walk (definition:
Consider the set of length paths $ n $ in the square lattice that does not intersect. Leave $ (X_k, Y_k) _ {1 leq k leq n} $ be the coordinates

(1) Is this a Markov chain?

(2) However, if we consider the whole past, then $ Z_ {k} = {(X_j, Y_j): 1 leq j leq k } _ {1 leq k leq n} $ Is it a Markov chain?

dnd 5e: What is the highest damage production for consistent damage production that does not require intensive use of resources for a level 20 Demon Warlock? (Pact of the chain)

I currently have a third level demon sorcerer (chain pact) and I am trying to optimize my construction strategy at level 20 to obtain as much damage as possible to obtain constant damage that does not require intensive resources.

Including the level progression to achieve the final construction would be a very welcome addition to the answers.

The following are the limitations for compilation:

  • No multi-class
  • no wish ring, lucky sword, Vecna's eye, Vecna's hand, book of vile darkness, tomb of exalted works, covered with many things
  • no events or effects of extremely low probability
  • no arcana discovered
  • no benefits or potions
  • without help from others
  • no preparation time

The following are allowed:

  • Any magic item that is not listed above as a limitation
  • Specific benefits of Graz & # 39; zt (MTF)

dnd 5e: what are the greatest damage outlets for a demon sorcerer? (Pact of the chain)

My now third level warlock of Warlock of the Fiend has just taken the pact of the chain (His relative is a Quasit). So far I have found that this is effective:

Agathys armor (Now it always launches at the 2nd level: +10 hp temp. And 10 cold damage to anything that attacks it) +

Infernal Reprimand (Skill saving, 2d10 fire damage in a failed save, or half damage in a successful hit creature; 1 / for prolonged rest but still good for a reaction)

Blessing of the Dark
after the Armor of Agathys disappears (Temp. free Hp for when it kills something = Charisma modifier + sorcerer level (7))

Your turn: typically in combat, this means smoking everything in sight with Eldritch explosion; 1d10 of strength (+4 of Agonizing Blast) and, in case of trouble, use Cloud of daggers to catch several enemies at once.

Not bad, I would say that she is able to support her weight in combat with this, but I want to make her a heavier batter. What are some of the best combos of damages, invocations, etc. for a sorcerer?

Note: You can answer for any level sorcerer. Knowing possible constructions for the future would be good, not only for the 3rd level.


How do I scan a chain and store it without first establishing a length for it? in c language
I was using gets and creating char pointers, then allocating memory for them, but that wasn't working very well

c # – Is there a reason not to call Environment.ExpandEnvironmentVariables (path) in the file path chain?

ExpandEnvironmentVariables replace Environment Variables, not just the route parameters. In other words, it is not limited to things like %SystemRoot%, but includes all the environment variables that you (or one of the applications) have set.

While there are some cases where you would like to apply environment variables before performing an operation with a file, those cases are quite limited to situations in which you would expect an environment variable to be used in the first place. In most cases, this is not the case.

For example, if your GUI application asks a user to select a file to open, and then open it, there is no reason why they would like to expand the environment variables, since the string would necessarily be a valid file path (although the file itself can be deleted in the meantime).

Therefore, expanding environment variables automatically in .NET would be violate POLA. If I ask the application to open a file called C:demo%src%example.txtI would be surprised to find that on a machine, he decided instead to try to open C:Program FilesSome appsourceexample.txt because on that specific machine, there was an environment variable %src% with C:Program FilesSome appsource as a value

dnd 5e: Can the Elemental Adept make Chaos Bolt chain in this way?

The Adept Elemental dowry allows one to change the treatment results of 1 in spell damage dice with a corresponding item such as 2:

Also, when you cast damage for a spell you cast that causes damage of that type, you can treat any 1 on a damage die as a 2.

Chaos Bolt has a variable type of damage, which depends on the numbers obtained in d8 damage, including cold damage in a 2. It is also chained to another target if both d8 have the same number:

If you get the same number in both d8s, the chaotic energy jumps from the target to a different creature of your choice less than 30 feet from it

Suppose a sorcerer who has the feat Elemental Adept (cold) casts a Chaos Discharge, obtaining a 1 and a 2 in the results of d8. Can the sorcerer say that Chaos Bolt will cause cold damage, treat the result of d8 of 1 as another 2 and, therefore, allow Chaos Bolt to jump to a different target?

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