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Brauer groups – Azumaya algebra and separable central algebra on rings

leave $ R $ a commutative ring

Auslander defines a central separabl $ R $-algebra $ A $ as faithful $ R $-module with $ Z (A) = R $ and such that $ A $ is projective $ A otimes_R A ^ { mathrm {op}} $-module

Following Milne; an algebra of Azumaya $ A $ over a local ring $ R $ it's an algebra (with $ Z (A) = R $) which is a free finite range module on $ R $ such that the natural map
$ A otimes_R A ^ { mathrm {op}} to mathrm {End} _R (A) $ is an isomorphism

How to prove (as Auslender noted) that a central separable algebra on a local ring is just an Azumaya algebra.

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Central management

It means that we take care of the initial configuration and provide reactive support to any problem that may arise. We also actively monitor your server. Relax and focus on your project, and leave the rest to us!

Our solid state drives

We only use pure solid state drives in RAID 10 configurations for our KVM VPS. RAID 10 configuration offers higher speeds and a high level of redundancy.

DDoS mitigation

Our protection protects against Layer 3/4 attacks, but also effectively protects against Layer 7 attacks that are much harder to detect.
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Quote Originally Posted by Jason Freeman

Without a doubt the best customer service I've seen so far! Not only is the service incredibly fast, but also the support! These guys are great. Marcus and the team are top notch!
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Quote Originally Posted by Ann Eliese G.

The support of MightWeb is fantastic, Greg was a great help today, responding in just minutes with the confirmation of the resolution. Their response times are better than those of any company I have worked with in the past, and they go out of their way to help even with small things.
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Quote Originally Posted by Scott W.

I haven't been with MightWeb for a long time, but I must say that their service and support are stellar!
MightWeb has the best prices and the service continues to work. In fact, sometimes I feel bad because I pay so little for all the incredible support and service! Thank you!
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Quote Originally Posted by Catherine C.

Awesome service and support. I am used to a delay of more than 6 hours between support communications on my old host and I was pleasantly surprised by the almost immediate response to a ticket. The resolution of my strange problem was very fast.
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Quote Originally Posted by Katy C.

I had a really strange problem when logging in WHM and cPanel. It lasted hours and there was no obvious cause for login failures. It solved magically on its own, but Marcus stayed with me and kept trying to debug / solve even though I was pretty sure that the problem was not on the server. Excellent customer service of these guys.
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Quote Originally Posted by Sachin

Excellent host with an amazing support team. I can recommend them only for support (if not for an excellent price, fast performance or reliable service). I will recommend these guys any day. Good job Marcus and Mike.
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Quote Originally Posted by Ben Ringnalda

After reading some positive comments here and in the Webhostingtalk forum, I decided to move our website to Mightweb and obtained the Enterprise package. I was looking for better customer service, better spam blocking and better performance, including higher resource usage limits. I am very happy with the performance and service provided by Mightweb. Our website was not the easiest to migrate and needed some adjustments, which was quickly resolved with technical support (thanks Marcus!) Even beyond what you would normally expect from a hosting company. Everything works very well, we see a much faster performance and much less spam. Customer service is almost instantaneous, especially through chat, while tickets are handled quickly. I never had to wait more than 30 minutes. And all that at an excellent price! In short, a great hosting company. Highly recommended!
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Quote Originally Posted by Jordan G.

Marcus and Mike are great! This is one of the best supports I have received. Thanks guys!
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Quote Originally Posted by Brian H.

MightWeb was exactly what I was looking for in a host. I had been using a different (big company) for the past few years, but I didn't feel I was getting the performance or attention I wanted. MightWeb has all the latest performance aspects I was looking for: LiteSpeed ​​server, CloudLinux, MariaDB and hosted on SSD … all that at an incredibly affordable price. The icing on the cake was technical support. Marcus on MightWeb was extremely helpful and friendly. He was ready for a live conversation at any time and never seemed in a hurry. He ended up feeling more like a personal friend than a company. Great customer service We look forward to a long-term relationship with MightWeb.
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Quote Originally Posted by Jen D.

When I discovered the reliable service and affordable prices of MightWeb, I changed from the current hosting provider immediately. I have bought and hosted domains from several sites, many of which seemed nice but ended up having horrible customer service! Unlike competitors, MightWeb prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides customers with an easy-to-use service and friendly customer service! I highly recommend your services.
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Quote Originally Posted by Vladimir Stafford

I am very happy to have found MightWeb on WHT. I was looking for a host that offered simple email hosting without the headache of going through the big ones and charging a fee for each mailbox. Mightweb has incredible support and reliable servers. It is just a simple host that offers excellent services.
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Quote Originally Posted by Cory S.

Quote Originally Posted by Garrett A.

A fast and stable accommodation managed by experts to prevent problems and slowdowns preventively. I have found VERY few problems using MightWeb; However, when a problem has occurred, your staff has always resolved it quickly.
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Quote Originally Posted by Lee Li

I met MightWeb before a little more than 1 month, at the beginning I was chatting with a representative to get information about the server. I had a great time and the good explanations left me absolutely speechless. Usually, I don't even bother to rate the companies that use their services, but that company looks and feels different, like a good home, perfect support and a professional team. I wish that company the best of luck, I think they deserve to grow since they really are something different! Therefore, I would recommend everyone and rate their services 5/5.
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Quote Originally Posted by Andrea B.

I am very happy with MightWeb. I was looking for a host that offered SSD + LiteSpeed ​​+ CloudLinux in the Chicago area and I discovered MightWeb on WHT. Great speeds, incredible support and reliable servers. I highly recommend this provider 5/5. Marcus is doing a great job!
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Quote Originally Posted by WebHostingTalk reviews

Read more about our services at https://mightweb.net | All opinions about RateLobby
You can also call us, chat with us or open a ticket, if you have any questions!

Frequent questions

Q: Are you a reseller?

A: No, we are not resellers. We own and operate our own infrastructure.

Q: What virtualization?

A: We use KVM virtualization for all our virtual private servers.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept PayPal, credit cards and BitCoin.

Q: Can I, as a client outside the USA. UU. / Canada, place an order?

A: Absolutely! Please note that due to VAT, prices may differ if you place an order from the EU.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

A: There are no hidden fees at all. All prices are listed as they are on the website and during payment. Our prices on the website show monthly terms by default; therefore, prices tend to be lower when selecting annual payments.

Q: Do you offer additional IP?

A: We offer additional IP at an additional cost of $ 2 / IP / month.

Q: Do you offer custom packages?

A: We could power! Go ahead and contact our sales team with your requirements, and we'll see what we can solve.

design patterns: pointers versus maintaining indexes of objects stored in a central (associative) matrix?

Until recently, I thought it was better to refer to objects by pointers or references than to keep the objects in a kind of central or authorized matrix or dictionary and only keep indexes or keys of the members of that matrix.

However, recently I started reading something opposite. I began to read that it was preferable to avoid pointers / references and follow the last approach because (a) it allows painless serialization / deserialization of data; (b) it is the only reasonable approach if the functional paradigm is followed (and FP is praised today); (c) others?

Is what I wrote so far correct?

My problem with keeping only object identifiers instead of references to objects is that, at least for me, this leads to illegible or messy code.

Let me show you an example. This is a code I wrote for the turn-based game that I am trying to do as a hobby:

for (let i = 0; i < monsAndMoves.mons(monname).moves.length; i++) {
  for (let j = 0; j < monsAndMoves.moves(monsAndMoves.mons(monname).moves(i)).prerequisites.length; j++) {
    g.setEdge(monsAndMoves.moves(monsAndMoves.mons(monname).moves(i)).prerequisites(j), monsAndMoves.mons(monname).moves(i), {

What happened here?

  • monsAndMoves - an object that stores information about species of monsters and movements that monsters can perform.
  • monsAndMoves.moves - A matrix that stores information about movements. (It must be a dictionary whose keys must be movement names to maintain consistency with the following)
  • monsAndMoves.mons - a dictionary that maps names of monster species to obtain information about these species.
  • monname - should be called currentMon.speciesName - Identification of the current monster species.
  • prerequisites - movement indices that a monster must know to learn the given movement

The previous code cannot be read.

We can make it readable at the cost of saturating it:

const currentSpecies = monsAndMoves.mons(currentMon)
const moves = currentSpecies.moves
for (const moveName in moves) {
  const move = moves(moveName)
  for (const prereqName in move.prerequisites) {
    g.setEdge(moveName, prereqName, {
      /* ... */

The problem is that, given this approach, we will have to repeat things like const currentSpecies = monsAndMoves.mons(currentMon) at the beginning of almost all functions. And if we stick to the general advice that the functions should be as short as possible ("do one thing and one thing only") Then we will have many functions to saturate in this way. This seems annoying and very repetitive.

And this is what this code would look like if the references were kept instead of the identifiers:

for (const move of currentMon.species.moves) {
  for (const prereq of move.prerequisites) {
    g.setEdge(prereq.name, move.name, {
        /* ... */

It seems readable and without repetition.

Therefore, let me ask you:

  • Is it correct that, for the reasons I described above, avoiding references and embracing object identifiers is considered the preferred approach?
  • If so, is there any way to get the benefits of keeping identifiers against references and at the same time avoiding the pain of this approach, that is, writing messy or illegible code?

central processing unit: base clock frequency of server CPUs lower than desktop CPUs, how is this possible?

When comparing the base clock frequency of the CPUs of a given microarchitecture, there are generally two correlations:

  1. the base clock frequency is inversely proportional to the number of cores
  2. the base clock speed of a server CPU is slower than the base clock speed of a desktop CPU with the same number of cores

The first correlation can be explained by the challenges of TDP: adding more cores to a chip means having to transport more heat from basically the same area, therefore, a reduced base clock speed helps reduce the amount of heat produced.

But how do you explain the second correlation?

An example: AMD Zen 2 microarchitecture

The base clock speed of the 16-core Epyc CPU is 2.8 or 3 GHz, while the base clock speed of the 16-core Ryzen CPU is 3.5 GHz.

Is it because the core of a server CPU generally contains more transistors (since it contains more / larger functional units / caches) and therefore occupies a larger chip area? IOW, does the Epyc exchange the base clock speed with more transistors while remaining in a given TDP envelope?

The central search administration service is not activated

When I navigate to the sharepoint search administrative center I see Error

enter the description of the image here

sharepoint online: show the central sites. Do not show

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[ Politics ] Open question: Why do Mexicans and Central Americans receive such bad treatment in the United States?

[Politics] Open question: Why do Mexicans and Central Americans receive such bad treatment in the United States? .