repair – D5000 Nikon Service Center

D5000. Where is there a Nikon service center that I can take my camera to? The shutter intermittently sticks and usually happens when I’m already at my destination. I haven’t tried to fix it myself. I don’t like messing with the insides. If I put the camera away, it usually works the next time I take it out.

Open the SharePoint Admin Center in SharePoint Designer?

I am a global admin in my tenant and I recently installed SharePoint Designer. I tried to open the admin center ( in SharePoint Designer but I got an error that said I was unauthorized. I looked in to this and found that it was because custom scripting was disabled. However, I have received errors trying to enable it on the admin center temporarily (This operation is not supported for this resource) and I am aware of the security issues, so I hesitate to do so. Is it possible to access the admin center in SharePoint Designer?

How do I access the information stored in my Game Center on my iPad?

I have a game linked to my Game Center and I need to get the login information for that game since I don’t seem to recall it. However I can’t open the Game Center. It’s not on the screen, it’s only in the settings and it won’t show me the information from there. Please help me. Thanks

javascript – epubjs reader Rendition spread() one page is not aligned to center

Developed epub-reader component and it is working as it should work, but there are cases with some epub files, where first page of book is always aligned on left side, when normally is on center. Those alignments are setup on popup window where you can choose “spread to one page” OR “spread to two pages”

dialog example :

<mat-radio-group ((ngModel))="epubTextOptions.selectedTwoPages" class="inline-button">
      <mat-radio-button (value)="false" (checked)="!epubTextOptions.selectedTwoPages" class="inline-button">{{'reader.textOptions.dialog.onePage' | translate}}</mat-radio-button>
      <mat-radio-button (value)="true" (checked)="epubTextOptions.selectedTwoPages" class="inline-button">{{'reader.textOptions.dialog.twoPages' | translate}}</mat-radio-button>

typescript example:

export class MyClass implements OnInit {
  book: Book;
  rendition: Rendition;

  private myMethod() {

  this.rendition =, {
      width: '100%',
      height: '100%'

    this.rendition.spread(this.epubTextOptions.selectedTwoPages ? 'always' : 'none');

html component :

<div id="epubContent" class="d-flex align-items-center" (style.height)="contentHeight + 'px'">
  <app-button *ngIf="displayPrevPageButton() && !isMobileDevice()" (btnClick)="prevPage()"
              btnClass="mat-icon-button epub-action"><span class="far fa-chevron-left"></span></app-button>
  <div #ePub class="epub-container"></div>
  <app-button *ngIf="displayNextPageButton() && !isMobileDevice()" (btnClick)="nextPage()"
              btnClass="mat-icon-button epub-action"><span class="far fa-chevron-right"></span></app-button>

Everything is implemented from epubjs library examples and adapted to reader, but as I said with most of epub spread() functionality is working, but there are epub files, where first page align to left side when “one page” is selected instead of center align.

visas – There are no open seats available for selected center – The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, New Delhi

When I am trying to book an appointment on VFS global, I am getting the following message, “There are no open seats available for selected center – The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, New Delhi”.
I am from India, and I want to apply for a german national visa. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, VFS offices and the German embassy office are temporarily closed, but there is no information as to when are they going to open. I am not able to see any calender or dates for available seats and there are only 3 months remaining for the University course to begin.
Is there any any other way to book an appointment or something I am missing?

Looking for Midwest US Data Center & Colocation provider


Looking for Midwest US Data Center & Colocation provider | Web Hosting Talk
var sidebar_align = ‘right’;
var content_container_margin = parseInt(‘350px’);
var sidebar_width = parseInt(‘330px’);

  1. Looking for Midwest US Data Center & Colocation provider

    I have a company here in the Midwest USA. I was wondering if anyone knew of any reliable Data Center & Colocation providers?


  3. Are you looking for services in a specific location in the midwest? Within driving distance or do you not need to be local to the data center? Do you need cheap power or bandwidth? Or reliability? Good remote hands?
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cryptography – Is there any encryption mechanism where i can ensure that the decryption can only happen within my data center?

All decryption is only possible if you have the key (or sufficient computing power and time). If you want to be sure that the key never leaves the infrastructure, buy a High Security Module (HSM) (Thales, Utimaco and some others). These are hardware devices that allow you to do the decryption. There are many types, some (many?) including tilt and motion sensors.

But at some point, you might want to rethink your strategy. HSMs are really a niche market, and in my 25+ years experience, I’ve seen just 1 case where they were really necessary.

If you pass data over the Internet, surely the goal of that data sharing would be that the other party can use that data? Then, if the data at the other party is “exposed somehow”, all is lost anyway.

Or do you just not want that the data leaves the data centre? In that case: try using a stand-alone system.

If you’re communicating with a single (or limited number) of partners, symmetric keys would also be an option. Key management would be doable.

Best Dedicated Server in Washington Data Center

Choose Dedicated Server from our Best Dedicated Server in Washington Data Center.
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Ubuntu Softwear Center missing/CAN NOT install or update

I have been trying to get USC to install. have tried almost every way i could find online so far BUUUUT… from what terminal was telling me
I have no files missing ran a software check, Sudo something something. said no error or corrections were needed.
USC still could not be found. i even restarted before i checked again. no change.
I did not, how ever save a Txt. of my terminal data before restart sorry.
but i will try what ever an post that data if its needed at some point.

rest – report of all projects from Project center 2016 filtered by … Active Projects [Enterprise Custom Field]

How can I get all projects which are active…Where Project Status = active ?
How to read…. only active projects from project Center ?

1- http://url/.../ProjectData or 
2- http://.../_api/ProjectServer

You can type in a browser and find out what You can access. ProjectData is formed more friendly way (including custom fields)
Please suggest ?

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