A ccdus.ca website is number 1 on Google for "Drug Rehab In Kelowna"

I work in the Drug Rehabilitation Business ….. I noticed that lately a "ccdus.ca" website is # 1 in Google for Drug Rehabilitation in Kelowna, and it IS NOT LISTED in any other search engine (ie Bing, etc … ..) … Also this website ccdus.ca is # 1 on Google for EVERY city in Canada. This domain is only one year old … All searches with "Rehabilitation of drugs" point to only ONE page on the website, and on that page there are no keywords related to the city sought (ie, Kelowna , Red Deer, Camrose …) …… …… My only conclusion that they are doing something BlackHat (cover-up, keyword stuffing …..) etc.

Any help would be appreciated ….
Thank you