Cyclic groups: stack of cyclic cards in which each card determines the next, but without repeating the same sequence of colors.

I need a stack of cyclic cards in which each card determines the next, but without repeating the same sequence of colors. If Stebbins would work, but it repeats red, black, red, black, etc. through the entire deck.

I'm thinking that the way to do it is to use the number and the stick together to generate the next card, to avoid falling into the sequence of the four suits.
I have no idea how to solve this.

What to do when your SD card does not work?

In many cases, your SD does not work when you connect it to your PC. And the files that we would be looking to copy are not shown either. The SD card does not work It is not a big question to be answered in a complicated way, but you will understand it easily with the help of this blog. Even if you have lost your memory, we can easily recover it using the Ease Us data recovery wizard.

Common problems that arise with the SD card

  • SD does not detect on PC
  • SD can not read
  • SD does not connect
  • SD not available

To find the common problem with the SD card, you should read the blog and learn to fix it. These are all simple and easy problems that you will have to know once you learn it today.

How to solve SD card problems
This is not a big problem, so you should not worry about it. And mainly if you want to fix it, then read the points below.

Do I need a powerful discrete video card for Photoshop?

I have my computer and I do not have a separate video card. Do I need a video card to install Photoshop? Or is there any version of Photoshop that does not require a separate video card?

Do I need a video card for photoshop?

I have my CPU and I do not have a video card, my question is Do I need a video card to install Photoshop? Is there any version of Photoshop that does not require a video card? Maybe Photoshop laptop? I'm sorry for my englsih!

readability: How to use the empty space in the design of the card list?

The main page of my website shows summaries of the profiles of the users. Each profile summary is encapsulated in a "card".

Take a look at an example here (using fictitious data).

enter the description of the image here

For reference, the width of the card is approximately the width of the main content

on the StackExchange websites.

As you can see, there is a lot of empty space between the main information area on the left and the contact button on the right.

I want to avoid several cards per "row" since I think it's confusing; The benefits of the current design are that they are easy for our brain to follow and read the information.

Application for a visa for Afghan families with a green card in the United Kingdom

I have completed the visa application to visit the United Kingdom for my car, wife and 3 (6, years, 3 years and 2 years). I also paid the application fee and booked an appointment for Biometric in Spokane USA. What are the next steps and how long will it take to receive the UK Visa in my home?

8.1 oreo: How to move data to a larger SD card (internal storage)?

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Design of materials: Placement of buttons in the footer of the design of the card?

Good question that I got in a recent project too. Here are my thoughts:

If I did not know these guidelines, I would put the action buttons to the right (at least in an environment where the reading is done from left to right). The reason is that the user tends to scan a card from the upper left to the lower right.

Now I do not understand why Google places the buttons to the right. But if using material design patterns is a condition, I would go with the buttons on the left. The reason is that, following these rules, all applications in the design of materials will work in the same way and users will be used to that.

These are just my thoughts and not the answer to your "why" question, but Google can only answer them.

Algorithms – PAN card verification problem

Given a paragraph P of words that contain some PAN card numbers. Count the number of different valid PAN card numbers in P.

A valid PAN card number is an alphanumeric word of 10 lengths of the form: "AAAAA1111A" (without quotes) where

  1. A denotes any letter of the English alphabet in capital letters.

  2. 1 denotes any digit in 0,1,2 ….. 9.

  3. The fourth character can only be from the set {"A", "B", "C", "F", "G", "H", "L", "J", "P", "T", " K "}.

  4. The fifth character must be the same as the first character.

For example: MKOFM5336S is a valid PAN card number.


Paragraph P of words


Output number of different valid PAN card numbers in R

Sample test case


$ MKOFM53365d * 02Hd | ^ BAAAB0000CAAC1111 …% G




It contains two valid different PAN card numbers: MKOFM53365S and BAAAB0000C

unity – Animation of flipping the card in a prefab, how to flip with the local position or suggest a better way to do it?

I'm making a simple card, with some cards on the table. I want to flip the card when it is clicked, so I thought I would use an animation to do it (lift the card in the air, rotate it and lower it again). It works the way I want with a card, but when I save it as a prefab and make an instance of another one next to it, the card (obviously) moves to the same position as the prefab (since the animation stores the global position, I suppose).

Is there any way to make animations in the local space, or is there another way in which I should do the flip?