usa – When I enter the US, should I show my old or new passport to the US immigration? Or does the US immigration only look at my US green card?

I am a French citizen domiciled in California and with US permanent residency (US green card). I exited the US using my French passport, and and got a new French passport when outside the US (because the old French passport’s condition wasn’t satisfying some airline’s employee, not because of it had expired and were about to).

When I enter the US (by plane), should I show my old or new passport to the US immigration? Or does the US immigration only look at my US green card? Note that my stay outside the US may be between 6 months and 1 year, in case this changes what the US immigration will look at.

active directory – Trying to create a Powershell script to connect to a server via smart card

Sorry if this is in the wrong community but it seemed the best.

My organization is trying to automate the commands that it has done manually before (Indexing computer storage, etc.). However, we use smart cards instead of standard username/password.

I am trying to pass Get-Credential to Get-ADComputer So we can use our smart cards without directly remoting in (that way we can just run the script and forget about it). Unfortunately, it is not working.

Our smart cards have two logins (one admin, one regular). Could that be the issue? Get-Credential opens up twice asking for a login, but after entering the credentials twice, you get the standard The server has rejected the client credentials error.

The code I currently have is here (Just used to discover computers):

$password = Get-credential

Get-ADComputer -Credential "$password"  -Filter 'Name -like "DESK*"' -Properties IPv4Address | FT Name,IPv4Address -A

Seeing what activity has been deleted on a Trello card

Can i look at what comments under "activity’ have been deleted from a Trello card?

ios – iPhone is unable to import photo on SD card that are copied from macOS

I have copied a bunch of photo files (jpg) from a macOS to a SD card.

enter image description here

Here is the details of the SD card as seen in Disk Utility

enter image description here

However when I insert this card to a SD card reader connected to an iOS device, the Photo app shows ‘No Photos to import’.

enter image description here

If the SD card is directly taken out from a mirrorless camera, I can use the SD card to import the photos in it with no issue.

So why this happens, and how can I fix this? I want to be able to import some photo via my iOS device.

worldpay – To capture the amount tokensation( credit card details save using token vault) is required?

We don’t have login and register.
User can place an order through guest checkout only.
We are using worldpay and payment action is authorise.
We need to capture the authorized amount once invoice is generated.

In order to capture that amount we need to save credit card details using token vault?

I think we have authorised token after placing an order in payment related that enough to capture the amount?

Thanks in advance

Scrcpy unable to detect my device as device is connected. I have a device having android 8. In laptop wireless card is broadcom

INFO: scrcpy 1.14
adb: error: failed to get feature set: no devices/emulators found
ERROR: "adb push" returned with value 1

sim card – How to call and SMS from Android smarphone with SIM via internet remotly?

I want to use my phone number when traveling abroad and there is no possibility to setup roaming, etc. So the idea is: I have Android smartphone. I have my SIM inserted in the phone. The phone works as usual phone – it is turned on and connected to charger. I need software that is capable to answer for incoming phone calls and relay the call via internet to some other phone or PC with corresponding software that runs on it. That is when somebody calls me, my phone that is turned on in my home answers to call, transfer the call/voice via internet to another country where I obtain some signal to my second phone or PC and can have a conversation. I have VOIP phone number but this doesn’t solve the issue – I need exactly the phone number bound to my physical SIM – some services verify that number is virtual and do not work with such numbers. Could you please suggest Android application that solve the issue.

Best bank card for a copywriter

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Best bank card for a copywriter

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