Air travel: the airline (Air Caraibes) refuses to compensate for the delay of the luggage. What are my options?


On January 19, 2019, I flew from ORY (Paris Orly – France) to PTP (Pointe à Pitre – French Caribbean) with Air Caraibes.

The flight was delayed (2h42 according to the company) and once we arrived at the destination, the passengers were told that because the plane was not the one planned initially, practically None of the luggage was in the hold., is now The luggage "probably arrives the day after the afternoon" and that we would have to queue to fill several papers.

After queuing for an hour (only between 1 and 3 staff members, I'm not sure if the airline or the airport were filling out the paperwork manually for all passengers in a full plane), it was finally my turn and I took this opportunity to Ask about the procedure regarding things. we would have to buy. They told me that we would do it "Obviously the corresponding expenses will be reimbursed in full". and that we would simply have to save the receipts.


Since then, I have been struggling to obtain compensation for expenses (swimsuits, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen and shower gel) by sending loads of emails and customer complaints to airlines.

On the 12th of Avril, I was finally asked for the following documents:

that I provided on April 25.

Then, on May 13, I received an answer saying that "The compensation only applies to delays of more than 24 hours".

I can not find anything related to a 24-hour delay for online compensation (here, for example).

A delay of 24 hours seems to me quite arbitrary, since the essential thing that we would need during the first 18 hours is not so different from what we would need during the first 24 hours …

Is it legal? Is the fact that they told me otherwise (without evidence) relevant?

That I have to do ?

Additional details that only make the story worse:

  • We delayed 2h42 and then we lost an hour to fill out documents, but we can not get compensation for this because the compensation starts after a 3 hour delay

  • Because the plane was not initially planned, there was no multimedia system and we were not warned beforehand: a 9-hour trip seems longer when it did not take any book or computer.

  • the flight crew knew completely that there was almost no luggage in the hold, but no one was told until we were at the destination

  • An insufficient number of personnel handled the passengers.

  • In the afternoon of the following day, we had no news related to our luggage, although we tried to contact the airline through all possible means (customer request, phone calls, emails, etc.), it is not the best Way to spend the first day of vacation.

  • Finally, I contacted the airport who told us that our luggage was ready to be picked up.

  • the full form at the airport requested the address where we would stay, but nothing was done to deliver the suitcase to our hotel, so we should go to the airport ourselves (more than 1 hour each way), again no Best way to spend the first day of vacation.

Even if technical incidents occur, Air Caraibes handled the situation in the worst possible way, without communication at any stage of the problem