dnd 5e: What happens when Leomund's Tiny Hut spell crosses solid objects, such as the ends of a large car?

The car will not penetrate.

The PHB pg.204 talks about areas of effect:

The effect of a spell expands in a straight line from the point of origin.
If there is no unlocked straight line it extends from the point of origin to a
location within the area of ​​effect, that location is not included in
The spell area.

The point of origin is yourself and it is a ten foot hemisphere, then the area that becomes the cabin is of you, yet ten foot radius, limited by car walls

What the spell does not specify is whether this reduced area would also reduce the amount of creatures you can contain in it. As it is magical and not specified, I think it does not reduce internal space. However, that is purely my opinion / interpretation. I would strongly suggest that you ask your DM for a decision about it, since it is quite vague.

Bavaria – Refund of the cable car ticket in case of bad weather cancellation

If I book winter tickets for Zugpitze (non skier) online and on the day of the trip, the cable car and / or the train are not operating due to bad weather conditions, would there be any refund of the ticket?

I think otherwise it should make little sense to book in advance, especially in winter.

Note: on the booking page I tried to see General Terms and Conditions but when I click on it, I get to the page with the message "it probably snowed, we're looking for it!" 🙂

The best selling car of all time

Golf is the most successful European car for more than four decades. A new chapter in the history of this bestseller begins today, October 24, 2019, with the world premiere of the eighth Golf: digitized, connected and intuitive to operate. Never before has a Golf been so progressive. With hybrid versions released at the same time, it electrifies the compact class. Its digital interior allows a new dimension of intuitive operation. Speeds of up to 210 km / h are possible with assisted driving. It is the first Volkswagen to use swarm intelligence from traffic through Car2X, which means it can warn against risks in advance. Its world premiere takes place in Wolfsburg, where Golf was invented, and where it has been built and refined for the past 45 years. The new Golf will be available in the market in December.

Car rental in Sri Lanka [on hold]

I am planning to travel to Sri Lanka. What is the best car rental at cheap prices?

car rental – Roadside assistance when traveling

I have a mobile mechanics store in Roseville, California, and I wonder if it would be a good idea to start advertising to people traveling in the area. Do you think that standard roadside assistance with a rental car is enough? If so, I will probably discard the whole idea and think of another route. (no pun intended) Thank you for your answers and safe travel.

How will I get away with the house of sex offenders and car windows shattering this Halloween with a BB gun?

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I want to edit an add-on that is wp car filter in enovato addons how to do it?

I want to edit an add-on that is wp car filter in enovato addons how to do it?
because when I update the file after an edit, I get an error

cars: short-term insurance in Ontario, Canada (buy a car before moving out of the province)

I currently live in Toronto, ON, but I plan to move to the center of British Columbia in a few weeks. I am planning to buy a new car and drive it from Ontario to BC and make a trip out of it. However, I will have to get insurance in Ontario to cover me during the trip, but then I will switch to BC insurance once I get there.

Does anyone know of any insurance company that provides short-term car insurance or has low or no cancellation fees in Ontario?

[GET][NULLED] – Woo floating car – An interactive floating car for WooCommerce v1.4.0


(GET) (NULL) – Woo Floating Car – An interactive floating car for WooCommerce v1.4.0

Huawei: Bluetooth continues to be disabled and disconnected in the car, when the charging cable is not connected

I can connect my phone via bluetooth to the car without any problem. But every 2 to 10 minutes, disconnect and disable Bluetooth on my phone and after approximately 1 minute it automatically activates and connects again.

This only happens if I am not charging the phone. So I think it has to do with battery optimization. But I cannot find any application of the Bluetooth system or any configuration in which I can change something like this.

The same problem occurs in Ford, BMW and Mini.