unity – AI in the car racing game

I am planning to do AI for the racing game. I want to be hired in the racing game industry, so I want to do a demonstration of ai suitable for my portfolio.
I am thinking of following the road and avoiding obstacles in the car with Unity.
But I'm not sure that these are good for my portfolio and advanced or need technical things. Also, I don't know which commercial engine will be better for him.
I want to hear some advice or any opinion from you.
I can also try another AI for the car if there is more high-level AI for it. But it is not machine learning based on a neural network.
I also want to know that in the racing game industry, what kind of technique do I need to show it to potential employers.
Thank you

How to properly isolate electronic devices in a car

I just did a quick online search of the recommended temperatures for electronics and phone one for i-phones (as we all know, they are probably the most delicate, so I'm going to assume that this works, there is actually an article inside of that effect):

Keep your smartphone within operating temperature

All smartphone manufacturers recommend certain acceptable operating and environmental temperatures for the use of their devices. These vary from one manufacturer to another.

Some recommendations from Apple for iOS devices:

use between 0 ° and 35 ° C (32 ° to 95 ° F). A lower or higher temperature can change the behavior of the device.

Store between -20 ° and 45 ° C (-4 ° to 113 ° F)

I doubt that your car reaches less than -20 degrees, so whenever you let your devices warm up again before using, it looks like you will be safe!

At the end of the day, as @David mentioned, if it's just a few objects, keep them under the covers with you.

Business pilot car

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Car rental – Car rental in Austria with ski equipment

I am looking for car rental in the winter season (January 2020) and I have found it difficult to find a reasonably priced car with options for ski / snowboard luggage rack and snow chains. Europcar is the cheapest one but they don't offer anything required for Snowboard vacations, the next company is 100% more expensive.

Location ideally knew something in Innsbruck or Salzburg.

Q1 I wonder if anyone knows a local Austrian car rental company that can offer competitive services to the big names of comparison websites.

Q2 What to look for when using a local Austrian car rental company, that is, scam tricks or road requirements (other than winter tires and chains). I will be traveling to a ski resort.

Legal: Is the country label on the car necessary when visiting the United Kingdom?

I just read in The Guardian that GB tags should be visible on cars when they visit the EU.

Renew your passport earlier than planned, buy a GB sticker for your car and get ready to wait four months before you can take your ferret on vacation: these are some of the advice fragments offered by the new government Brexit website to British citizens who plan to travel to the EU after October 31.

I wonder if, therefore, I need to apply a sticker & # 39; D & # 39; When I visit the United Kingdom.

I guess there will be a grace period, but I couldn't find any comments when making a quick Google …

most expensive car in the world …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the most expensive car in the world …?


[GET][NULLED] – Woo floating car – An interactive floating car v1.3.7.1


(GET) (NULL) – Woo floating car – An interactive floating car v1.3.7.1

What is a charge per time / km when renting a car?

I am looking to rent a car in Panama City, Panama through Thrifty. I went to their website, panamathrifty.com, and entered the desired information (medium car, start / end dates, etc.) and they delivered me on a screen describing the total cost. I have attached a photo here. My main question is what is the Time / km load? It looks like a rate and yet it is added directly (only once) to the total. What does this mean? Time / distance = $? It would make sense to me if this were something like $ / km (although if this were the case, I would expect the value to be something like $ 0.20 / km … not $ 6 / km) but it doesn't seem to be the case. I tried to call customer service and they told me that there are unlimited miles on rentals in this area (as usual), so I have no ideaenter the description of the image here

Sale – Nice car insurance website

Why are you selling this site?
I have hundreds of sites and this is just a small one with which I really haven't done anything.

How do you monetize?
Media.net ads, as well as several other networks. I bought these and never changed all the networks to mine.

Does this site come with any social media account?
Do not


How long does this site take to run?
I don't spend time on that now

What challenges exist to run this site?