Unrecognizability of $L(M_1) cap L(M_2) = emptyset$

Let’s define a language $$C = { {M_1, M_2} mid M_1, M_2 text{ are TMs s.t. } L(M_1) cap L(M_2) = emptyset }$$

We have to show that $C$ is unrecognizable.

I am having trouble going on about with this proof. I am trying to do this by reduction, showing that this language is unrecognizable, but I am unsure on how to reduce this problem into a simpler problem.

Is cap with javascript is only knows as typescript?

Is cap with javascript is only knows as typescript? – Stack Overflow

mining profitability – What is the incentive for continuing to mine bitcoin as we get very close to the 21 million cap?

The Investopedia article on Bitcoin explains the Bitcoin issuance schedule and how it’s halved every four years. Currently, roughly 18.5 million have been mined, with the total cap being 21 million. It’s assumed that the last Bitcoin will be mined in the year 2140, which is obviously quite a ways off.

Given both the monetary and energy cost of mining Bitcoin (the two are related since it requires a large amount of computing power), isn’t there a diminishing incentive to continue mining Bitcoin as we approach the hard-cap limit of 21 million bitcoins? In other words, as the supply of Bitcoin nears its cap, and the reward for verifying transactions is halved, what will incentivize individuals to continue mining Bitcoin if their odds of verifying a transaction before anyone else decreases? And on the off chance that they do it first, the reward will be miniscule. Investopedia touches on this:

In actuality, as the year 2140 approaches, miners will likely spend years receiving rewards that are actually just tiny portions of the final bitcoin to be mined. The dramatic decrease in reward size may mean that the mining process will shift entirely well before the 2140 deadline.

Follow-up question: Couldn’t this lead to a monopoly situation where fringe miners give up entirely and only the biggest mining networks reap the profits of continuing to mine Bitcoin?

Witlink Storm Pass The Soft Cap Target During The On-going Pre-sale!

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In a fast-paced business environment like ours, the need for businesses to be technologically inclined cannot be overemphasized. Artificial intelligence and machine learning play an important role in the way enterprises relate with their customers and how they deliver customer support.

The concept of AI dates back to the 1950s. During the time, only large research institutions and big brands were able to afford artificial intelligence to drive their business operations. Nowadays, AI can be applied in almost all shades of life; be it e-commerce, smartphones, smart homes, or streaming services.

WitLink is a force to reckon with when it comes to providing a marketplace for AI enthusiasts to thrive. The brand offers an ecosystem where AI lovers and practitioners can make a living offering AI and ML-related services.

On-going presale!

WitLink continues to present opportunities and that through the on-going Presale. With the Soft-Cap achieved, now it eyes the hard-cap!

You can buy WAI token through BTC, ETH, BCH, and USDT. The price of 1 WAI token is 0.15 USD. And it’s the last chance to buy Witlink AI Tokens at $0.15!


In the first phase tokens will be sold with a bonus of 1% in the purchase and referral bonus of 3%. The second phase a bonus of 0.5% in the purchase and referral bonus of 2%. The third and last phase with a bonus of 0.25% in the purchase and referral bonus of 1%.

Minimum token purchase of $1000 applies to receive bonus in the purchase.

What Is WitLink?

WitLink is a blockchain-powered marketplace where professionals, AI trainers, students, and any AI enthusiasts can offer their services to enterprises. The mission of WitLink is to develop a decentralized marketplace where artificial intelligence and machine learning experts can freely offer their services and make money in return. WitLink leverages open-source and decentralized networks to achieve this lofty idea.

WitLink’s protocol will help technology companies and enterprises in general to tap into the global talent pool of AI and ML experts. As such, they will freely access AI solutions that are tailored to solve their business challenges. WitLink ecosystem consists of WitLink Marketplace, WitLink ready, WitLink Computing, and WitLink Learn.

WitLink has a token with the symbol “WAI.” This token is the native currency that users can use to buy goods and services on the WitLink protocol. POS token holders will be rewarded with the WAI token for their activities on the WitLink platform. Plus, the token can be used to pay platform fees and other goods and services.

Benefits Of Participating In WitLink’s Decentralized Marketplace

So many AI professionals prefer WitLink over other similar AI projects, and the reason is not far-fetched. Some of the reasons include:

● Enterprises will have direct access to AI professionals from across the world; thus, saving costs that would have been expended to hire data analysts and AI researchers.
● Students will have access to well-crafted AI-related courses, workshops, and webinars organised by industry experts.
● Technology firms would save the cost of hiring and keeping in-house maintenance teams.
● AI and ML experts will have access to real projects where they can make money. Plus, all projects on the WitLink ecosystem would be executed using smart contracts.
● Businesses would no longer install expensive AI infrastructure.

Further information at: www.witlink.ai or read through their Whitepaper for more information about the project.

Converting a googlefinance() market cap to another currency in Google Sheets

I can get the market capitalization of Bank of Montreal with =googlefinance("TSE:BMO", "marketcap"). The result is in US dollars. How do I get it in Canadian dollars?

Can bit coin market cap exceed M0 money supply?

The current bitcoin market cap is $1 Trillion. Money supply is currently $2 trillion. This means the market is assuming 50% of all the money in circulation will be in bit coin. But in reality this will not happen for decades. As of now bit coin transactions are what % of money transactions? Does this mean bitcoin is too expensive in dollars? I am brand new to the world of crypto currency.

How do I show that the subset of $mathbb{R}^3$ given by a cylinder with a spherical cap is a 2-manifold of class $C^1$ with no boundary?

I am attempting to show that this subset of $mathbb{R}^3$ is a manifold with no boundary of class $C^1$. $U= { (x,y,z) in mathbb{R}^3, x^2+y^2=1, z in (-1,0) } cup { (x,y,z) in mathbb{R}^3 ,x^2+y^2+z^2=1, z>0 }$ . I would like to show it can be covered with coordinate patches, but that requires an explicit parameterization of the surface (so that you can show its inverse is continuous and the function given by the parameterization is differentiable).

How can we parameterize such a thing? Here’s my attempt:

The solid given is the constant function $1$ with $zin (-1,0)$ and the quarter circle revolved around the $z$-axis. This is of $C^1$. How can we make the process of revolving it more refined, and use this fact to prove that the solid given by revolving it is a manifold?

Ethereum makes to the top 100 list of assets in the world by market cap.

According to the coin telegraph, ethereum which earlier had 13% rise today and about 67% in last 3weeks made it to the top 100 assets being traded in the world die to market capitalization. It is currently at number 88 between Anheuser Busch at 87 position and Bristol-Myers Squibbl at position 89.
Ethereum market cap has overtaken companies like Fargo, Philip Morris, Morgan Stanley and Citi group

Is there some way to valuate the market cap of Bitcoin?

For example, is there some model to estimate the market cap of Bitcoin, if there are 100 million people who own it, vs if 200 million people who own it, and what average income or net worth of the owners are (this maybe hard to tell).

What is Loopring? (LRC) PRICE & MARKET CAP!

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"Loopring (LRC)"

This cryptocurrency is Ethereum platform based ERC20 type token; however it is decentralised exchange and open protocol. Total token supply is 1,374,956,859 LRC. It can be stored in any major Ethereum blockchain supported wallet. On leading cryptocurrency forex platforms, it can be exchanged with other accepted currencies like BTC/ETH/USDT.

What are your reviews/experience with Loopring (LRC)?

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