spells – Can you use the Expression Resonance (onomancy) feat with cantrips?

The information I found at D&D Beyond says this:

Using a resonant: You can use a Resonant when you cast a wizard spell with a spell slot and speak the true name of a target creature of the spell. Saying the name is part of casting the spell.

My question is, do cantrips count as spells in this context? My DM is not so sure as I think the spell needs to spend a spell space to be applicable, but I can't find any information to support this claim. Please pause and thank you in advance.

dnd 5e: cast two Cantrips as action and bonus action

Do not

Notes of wise advice (compendium page 10):

Q: Can a bonus action be used as an action or vice versa? For example, can a bard use a bonus action to grant a bard inspiration die and an action to cast a word of healing?

A: No. The shares and the bonus shares are not interchangeable. In the example, the bard could use bard inspiration or healing word in one turn, but not both.

There seems to be a common misconception that a Bonus Action is shorter in duration than an Action and therefore anything that can be done in a Bonus Action can be done in an Action. This, as pointed out is SA, is incorrect.

Cantrips – Question about Tiefling Warlock

Regarding having an Archefey Tiefling Warlock that is level 2 at this time, I had a question about cantrips before leveling up to 3.

Meet the thaumaturgy joke. When you reach the 3rd level, you can launch the hellish reprimand Spell as a second level spell once with this trait and regains the ability to do so when you finish a prolonged rest. When you reach the 5th level, you can launch the darkness Spell once with this trait and recover the ability to do so when you finish a long break. Charisma is your ability to cast spells for these spells.

do this Thaumaturgy What can make Tieflings passively count for my Cantrips Known slot? Or can I continue choosing 2 more cantrips, say Blade ward Y Mysterious Explosion, following Thaumaturgy, which means I will have 3 cantrips in total?

dnd 5e – Can a first level Drow Bard have 3 cantrips in total, since they "know" Dancing Lights thanks to their racial trait?

I'm starting and I want to play a Drow Bard in D&D 5e.

Basically, the PHB's wording is a bit confusing:

  • & # 39; Know & # 39; a cantrip means that you can & # 39; launch & # 39; a free cantrip
    without a space (as stated below for Faerie Fire and Darkness) a
    unlimited number of times?
  • Or do you have to use one of your existing cantrip slots? The bards have
    access to 2 from the list of Bards at level 1. If so, would this mean
    playing a Drow Bard is a waste, since the free cantrip is part of
    Bard's travel list?

It seems that this question was asked before, but no answer was given, therefore, I am providing more information than the previous user.

Does dangerous sorcery apply to cantrips?

Dangerous sorcery

He says I receive additional damage "When you cast a spell from your spell slots." While the cantrips do not waste space when

dnd 5e – Throw two cantrips, both modified by metamagic?

For Raw, you can.

First you can cast two spells, one of them is a cantrip. (PHB. 202). Since both are cantrips, you can do it.

You cannot cast another spell during the same turn, except for one
Cantrip with a launch time of 1 action.

Second, you can only add a Metamagic option to a spell (PHP. 102). Since the wording indicates a spell and not per turn, you can add as many Metamagic options as you wish in different spells, as long as you follow the previous rule.

You can only use one Metamagic option in a spell when you cast it,
unless otherwise stated.

Therefore, you can launch two shots, each with a different Metamagic option.

Cantrips – Can I use Mage Hand?

An automaton threw a mechanical bird at my player, and my DM told me to launch an initiative to see if I had the opportunity to do something. I managed to get into action, so I threw a wizard's hand in front of the bird. While launching with less than 10 lb of force, can I catch something with the magician's hand?

Cantrips: When Thaumaturgy is launched, is the verbal component what you want to say?

The thaumaturgy cantrip requires verbal activation, and one of its effects is to make the voice approximately 3 times higher than normal. Because of this, could verbal activation be what you say, if it is meant to be used quickly for a kind of dramatic intimidation?

dnd 5e: Is there a way to scale the magic spell of Magic Initiate to keep up with the rhythm of the cantrips?

The Magic Initiate feat says (emphasis mine):

Also, choose a first level spell from the same list. You learn that spell and you can throw it at its lowest level. Once you launch it, you must finish a long break before you can launch it again using this feat.

The benefit of learning this spell and its cast once a day are not the same benefit. As described in Medix2's answer to a related question, the spell obtained through the Magic Initiate counts as a class spell for the class you choose. If you choose a class in which you already have levels, extend your known spells.

The second benefit allows you to cast the spell once a day "using this feat." It does not limit how you can cast it in other ways, which includes the use of its spell spaces obtained through its cleric levels.

Under the rules multiclass rules for spellcasters we have:

You determine what spells you know and can prepare for each class individually, as if you were a member of that class. (…) Each spell you know and prepare is associated with one of your classes, and you use the ability to cast spells of that class when you cast the spell.

So for your cleric burning hands Count as a spell known to the sorcerer class and use charisma as your ability to cast spells. In the 5th edition you known spells Y spell slots They are completely separated and your spell spaces are determined by the following rules:

You determine your available spell spaces by adding all your levels in the bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer and wizard classes, and half of your levels (rounded down) in the paladin and ranger classes. Use this total to determine your spell spaces by consulting the Multiclass Spellcaster table.

If you have more than one spell casting class, this table can give you spell spaces of a level that is higher than the spells you know or can prepare. You can use those spaces, but only to cast your lower level spells. If a lower level spell you cast, such as burning hands, has an enhanced effect when cast using a higher level slot, you can use the enhanced effect, even if you have no spell of that higher level.

Therefore, with these rules, your player can use the spell slots obtained through his cleric levels to increase the spell obtained from the Magic Initiate.

dnd 5e: Would it be unbalanced to allow melee cantrips to be used with ranged attacks?

Both options still require the pitcher / attacker to be within melee range. There is a cost risk for using this. Allowing ranged attacks with them eliminates that cost and greatly increases their power.

Further, Blooming blade it shoots out of motion, so being able to use that range will almost always guarantee a trigger when the enemy closes. This is opposed to the use of a close combat where the caster would have to remain within range, use some kind of mechanic to get away safely or risk the attack of opportunity when walking away.