usa – Will a refusal to enter the US mean I can’t enter Canada either?

There is no automatic ban for Canada if you are banned from the United States.

However, because you have to apply for a visa to visit Canada, you will be asked to provide any information about visa denials, refusal of entries as well as deportation/removal proceedings against you in other countries.

Because your incident happened fairly recently, you will face significant challenges when applying for the Canadian visa. You will have to convince the Canadian authority that you will leave at the end of the stay and will not do any unauthorized work during your stay.

A deportation record from the U.S. for immigration intent or presumption of employment will be a heavy mark against you in this regard.

In your case, I do not think it will be worth it to even try, at least not without advice from a qualified Canadian immigration consultant/lawyer (who might also just tell you the chances are slim to none).

But due to the Covid situation, I would not recommend you to apply for a visitor visa for non-essential reasons anyway.

usa – Planning on visiting Canada for the first time

I was deported, on arrival(at the airport), and barred for 5 years from the U.S. during a 5 day vacation. I was travelling on a visitor’s visa. I would like to visit and engage some of my ex coworker friends in Canada. The US CBP officers asked me a ton load of questions but I am not completely sure which laws I might have violated when I told them I would be renewing my U.S. driver’s license again. I was immediately placed in a cell. The deportation papers stated “presumption of employment”. Am I barred from Canada too?

visas – Can I travel back to Canada on imminently expiring work permit?

It’s kind of a strange situation, I’m currently working from Canada on an employer-specific work permit and it is going to expire in February 2021 along with the W-1 category visa, i.e both work permit and W-1 visa will expire in February 2021. And, my passport is going to expire in August 2021. In addition, I also have a B-1 category visa valid until August 2021, i.e valid until the passport expires.

I got to know, because of the Covid situation the work permit applications are taking approximately 6 months to process, is it true?

Now, my work permit renewal application is already submitted a couple of days ago (in January) from within Canada and I can continue working from Canada as per the new Covid rules even if the work permit expires but the thing is I have to travel to my home country at the end of March and I cannot postpone it.
Now, in order to get back to Canada to work, even if I somehow get hold of the renewed work permit by July 2021 it’ll only be valid until August since my passport expires in August 2021.

I was wondering, to avoid this situation if I put an application to renew my passport and get the work permit renewal application updated with the new passport information:
Will I be permitted to travel back and work in Canada on my B-1 visa (which is on my old passport) after I get my work permit let’s say somewhere in July or do I have to apply for a new visa again for the new passport?

What if, instead of the above, I do not apply for the new passport, get the renewed work permit by July (thinking optimistically) and travel to Canada in July with both the work permit and passport imminently expiring in August and apply to renew both once I reach Canada, will I be allowed to travel in this case?

Are there any other better options that’ll help in traveling back? Really looking forward to some help!

us citizens – Are New York’s rapid COVID-19 tests acceptable for entry into Canada?

The standard COVID tests in New York seem to take 5 days for results, which isn’t enough for Canada’s requirement that you have a negative test within 3 days of your flight into Canada. Luckily New York also has rapid testing, which will gives same-day results. However, I’m not sure if those tests are one of the accepted molecular tests for travel to Canada.

canada – Transiting at Montreal airport to other Quebec airports – will I be quarantined in Montreal or at my destination?

I’m a european citizen going to Canada for work. My destination is in Quebec, but there’s no direct flight from my city to the destination, i.e. I have to change flight at Montreal airport.

I know I will be quarantined for 2 weeks, but will I be quarantined at Montreal -1st place I reach in Canada], or can I take a second intern flight and quarantine myself at my destination?

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datv – Canada Transit Visa and UK Direct airside visa

You will need to provide them with your itinerary for them to issue you a transit visa in the first place. A Canadian transit visa is usually valid for 48 hours and the start of that duration will depend on the itinerary you provide. This has been answered here

The U.K. DATV will also depend on your itinerary. In fact if you need one will also depend on your itinerary and your passport. So furnishing more details will help.

trains – Traveling from USA to Canada

Taking your question at face value:

Yes, there are extensive road, rail and bus connections between USA and Canada. There are very many road crossing points on the 8,891km land border between the two countries which allow private cars to cross, and rental cars depending on rental agreements.

Buses and trains run across the border between most major cities, and many towns close to the border. Check the timetables with either Amtrak or VIA Rail, Greyhound or other bus companies, or Google for them. Bus and rail connections certainly exist between your example cities. Be aware that they can take ten hours or more.

Ships are a rare and specialized form of transport between two countries with a massive land border, but East of Montreal you can find ferries that cross between the countries.

us citizens – Traveling to Canada or Mexico with a criminal record

Many people who have criminal records can not travel to Canada without special permission. The Canadian government has an overview of the rules, but many crimes which may seem relatively minor to you are included on the list.

Anecdotally, it seems that the Canadian and US governments share a lot of data here, so it can be difficult to avoid the rules. I know Americans who have traveled fairly extensively without incident after criminal mishaps in their youth, but who have not been able to go to Canada.

If you are in fact ineligible to enter Canada, there is a process to overcome this ineligibility but it is quite complicated and you may wish to hire a lawyer or someone else experienced with the process in order to help you.