Customize the default request options (camera to share) when you activate the camera in Firefox with code development

I have 2 cameras on my PC. When I try to activate the camera in Firefox, a permission request box with webcam options always opens. But I don't want to show the camera options in the dialog box. So, is there anything customizable to customize the warning box for Firefox by updating the JavaScript changes (I am a developer. Therefore, I want to fix it by updating the code for my web application)
Does anyone help me solve this problem?

The webcam of the Ubuntu 18.04 camera is on but there is an aspect of the opposite side

(cheese: 2126): cheese-WARNING **: 10: 52: 37.465: a lot of buffers are falling. :
There may be a timestamp problem or this computer is too slow.
For this, what is the solution?

How can I repair Err 01 with a Sigma lens from the movie era on a Canon digital SLR camera?

This is an old question, but the problem is still real in old lenses. What you need is a protocol interface that converts the camera's aperture change command to the lens. See my article in this link where the cause of the problem is found and its solution is described in detail old-sigma lens

For those who do not want to read the full article, I will try to describe the problem shortly. The old EOS cameras (at this time we can say that very old) used different digital commands on the SPI bus that tell the lens to adjust the aperture to some value. For some reason, Canon changed that command (old was 0x12 new is 0x13). The result is that your previous third-party lens cannot set the aperture, so you get ERROR 01 because the camera cannot set the aperture on the lens. The solution is easy, add a processor to the signal path that will convert the new command to the previous one so that the lens understands it. See the link above for more technical details, HW and SW sources.

Camera for teenagers – Photo stack exchange

My daughter, who will soon be 14 years old, likes to take pictures of nature and the things that surround her. I would like to get a good first camera that is not too expensive and possibly comes with different lenses and accessories. His father and I are divorced and I'm going to ask for help (it's a birthday present) but I'm not sure he will. Any suggestions? His perspective of the photos he has taken is, in my opinion, quite good for a 13 year old boy.

Thank you.

unit: follow the camera to two objects at a different time

I am developing a simple 2D game in unity. I am blocked with camera shake for the past two days. I have a camera script that works as follows:

  • Follow the player in the X and Y direction
  • If the player stops moving, the camera must find the nearest enemy and must move in that direction

Both of the above functions work well, but separately.

The camera finds and follows the enemy, when there is no player entry during the last 10 seconds.

But after a few seconds (when he stops following the enemy), the camera retains the player's position. That creates an unlikely effect on the scene. I want the camera to have one last position and I started following the player from there.

For your reference, I am writing my Camera Script.

public class MultipleTargetCamera : MonoBehaviour {   public List targets;
public GameObject closestEnemy = null;

public EnemyController closestEnemyController = null;

public Vector3 offset;
public float smoothTime = 0.5f;

private Vector3 velocity;

Vector3 camPosition;

// Update is called once per frame
void LateUpdate()
    /* if (targets.Count == 0)
    if (!TheGlobals.instance.movingTowardsEnemy)

void MoveAsEnemy()
    camPosition = new Vector3(transform.position.x + closestEnemyController.xDiff,
            transform.position.x + closestEnemyController.yDiff,
    transform.position = Vector3.SmoothDamp(transform.position, camPosition, ref velocity, smoothTime);

void MoveCamera()
    Vector3 centerPoint = GetCenterPoint();

    Vector3 newPosition = centerPoint + offset;

    transform.position = Vector3.SmoothDamp(transform.position, newPosition, ref velocity, smoothTime);

Vector3 GetCenterPoint()
    Vector3 targetPos= new Vector3(targets(0).position.x,

        return targetPos;

    var bounds = new Bounds(new Vector3(targets(0).position.x,

    for(int i=0;i();
    targets(0).parent = this.transform;

IEnumerator StopMovingTowardsEnemy()
    yield return new WaitForSeconds(0.01f);
    TheGlobals.instance.movingTowardsEnemy = false;


I hope I explained it well. Looking for the answer. Thanks in advance!

Distance from the camera to print the photo, since it is real size

How far should I go to take a life-size photo of an object that measures 6.25 inches by 6.25 or, if you prefer; 158.25 mm x 158.75 mm?

Canon: is there a camera that can automatically upload photos to an Android device?

We are trying to build multiple Photobooths next to each other, which are equipped with a tablet that has a user interface to select and upload certain photos in a folder. At this time, we use the 700d / 750d canon (which is currently approximately 7-10 years old) with flash cards to take the photos and transfer them to the tablet where they can be selected and loaded. The problem is: the delay and the delay. Most of the time the images are almost as fast on the tablet as you can shoot (we don't shoot RAW for some reason) but occasionally it starts to get delayed and connection is missing … like 20-30 min. or more…

That is the reason why I asked my question here.
Most modern cameras can send selected photos to a nearby Android device, but I couldn't find any that can do it automatically. At least not the low or medium range cameras we have. I have seen that Canon 5DMKIV seems to be able to automatically upload images to an FTP server or a specific device on the network.

How to charge Canon EOS 7D Mkii using a laptop and a USB cable, charging the camera?

How to charge Canon EOS 7D Mkii using a laptop and a USB cable port … how will I know if you are charging the camera?

Canon: why can't I shoot tied with my camera while I'm connected to the computer?

You need to use some kind of software that can make attached shots. Simply by connecting a camera to the USB port of the computer, as you discovered, the camera / card will be treated as an external drive. You must have and run an application that can recognize a Canon dSLR and communicate with it to transfer / display files to shoot.

Something like Adobe Lightroom, or Canon in the free EOS Utility will work for this, for the camera models they support (there may be some that do not support, so the camera model you are using is necessary to determine if you can do it.

Magic Lantern does not add anchoring capabilities to any camera or software application that cannot.

Alternatively, some Wi-Fi enabled cameras that cannot connect to a computer (for example, the M2), can communicate with the Canon Connect application for smartphones / tablets.

The simplest analog camera recommendations?

I really love cameras like the Lomo LC-A or Holga series that don't have manual iso / aperture settings. Can you recommend other similar cameras?
Thanks in advance.