c – Please, it is for tomorrow How to generate passwords for each name entered and how to create a function to show the next password to be called?

The program is based on automatically generated passwords for each registered user, such as responding to a bank that generates a password and shows the next password to be called … Follow the code below.


struct NO{  
 char dados(100);  
 int senha;  
 struct NO *prox;  
typedef struct NO no;  

int tam;  

int menu(void);  
void inicia(no *FILA);  
void opcao(no *FILA, int op);  
void exibe(no *FILA);  
void exibeSenha(no *FILA);  
void libera(no *FILA);  
void adiciona(no *FILA);  
no *exclui(no *FILA);  

int main(void)  
 no *FILA = (no*) malloc(sizeof(no));  
  printf("Sem memoria disponivel!n");  
 int opt;  


 return 0;  

void inicia(no *FILA)  
 FILA->prox = NULL;  

int menu(void)  
 int opt;  

 printf("nnEscolha a opcaon");  
 printf("0. Sairn");  
 printf("1. Cadastrar novo clienten");  
 printf("2. Exibir lista de clientesn");  
 printf("3, Proxinha senha a ser chamadan");  
 printf("4. Excluir cliente/senhann");  
 printf("Opcao: "); scanf("%d", &opt);  

 return opt;  

void opcao(no *FILA, int op)  
 no *tmp;  
  case 0:  

  case 1:  

  case 2:  

  case 3:  

  case 4:  
   tmp= exclui(FILA);  

   printf("Comando invalidonn");  

int vazia(no *FILA)   
 if(FILA->prox == NULL)  
  return 1;  
  return 0;  

no *aloca()  
 no *novo=(no *) malloc(sizeof(no));  
  printf("Sem memoria disponivel!n");  
  printf("nNovo elemento: "); scanf("%s", &novo->dados);  
  return novo;  

void exibe(no *FILA)  

  printf("FILA vazia!nn");  
  return ;  
 no *tmp;  
 tmp = FILA->prox;     
 while( tmp != NULL){  

  printf("%s - ", tmp->dados);  
  tmp = tmp->prox;  


void exibeSenha (no *FILA) {  
    if(vazia(FILA)) {  
        printf("Sem nenhuma senha cadastrada. Fila vazia!n");  
        return ;  


void libera(no *FILA)  
  no *proxNO,  

  atual = FILA->prox;  
  while(atual != NULL){  
   proxNO = atual->prox;  
   atual = proxNO;  

void adiciona(no *FILA)  
 no *novo=aloca();  
 novo->prox = NULL;  

  no *tmp = FILA->prox;  

  while(tmp->prox != NULL)  
   tmp = tmp->prox;  

  tmp->prox = novo;  

no *exclui(no *FILA)  
 no *ultimo;  
 if(FILA->prox == NULL){  
  printf("FILA ja vaziann");  
  return NULL;  
  no *ultimo = FILA->prox;  

  while(ultimo->prox != NULL){  
   ultimo = ultimo->prox;  

  ultimo->prox = NULL;  
  return ultimo;  

Algorithms – What is the right, root, left order path in a binary search tree called?

In a Binary Search Tree, you have the following travel orders:

Left, Root, Right is called Inorder (or ascending order).

Root, left, right is called preorder.

Left, right, root is called PostOrder.

But what is it called Right, Root, Left (or descending order)?

One of the soldiers is called Joe. What is the probability that Joe has the disease if the test is positive?

In an army camp, there are 3 soldiers. For each soldier there is a probability of 0.2 that they have a certain disease (independently of each other). The doctor wants
Determine if any of them have it. As the test is very expensive, it collects blood samples from all the soldiers. If any of them, that is, if a soldier or a combination of them, has the disease, the test is positive with probability 0.9. If none have it, then the test
It is positive with probability 0.1.

One of the soldiers is called Joe. What is the probability that Joe has the disease if the test
is positive?

How would you solve this? I think the following is the right thing, but I'm not sure.

$ P (Joe's disease | the test is positive) = $$ frac {P (positive | disease) P (disease)} {P (positive | disease) P (disease) + P (positive | no disease) P ( no diet) PS
$ = frac {0.2 * 0.9} {(0.2 * 0.9) + (0.8 * 0.1 * 0.8)} = 0.7377 $

Please advise if this is not correct.

SOAP API: how a response updates a database and where it is called from

I think I have a gap in my understanding of the process that goes through a request and response to create, read, update and delete using a SOAP API. I have the WSDL. I have created, read, updated and deleted by calling the APIs in SoapUI with XML.

But is it not the main point of an API to connect two applications to talk to each other? So, I have SoapUI running but I need my database to connect (using SOAP) to an Excel workbook, grading software and other applications. Obviously none of my users will know how to write XML and make the request to the database using SoapUI. So how are records created if they don't know XML? Where are the API calls, on GitHub? On another website somewhere? How do I access that place and tell it to take this information from a rating software and place it in these tables and columns of my database?

It is hard for me to understand how I could configure an API so that a rating software, when a record is added, automatically updates my database with the audit information in the rating software, for example. Or how, when you save a workbook in Excel, my database is automatically updated with the workbook information. Do these other applications need to have an API for the API / endpoints of my database to interact with it? If so, do the other applications also need SOAP? If so, is it possible to convert REST to SOAP?

The database used by my company is hosted in the cloud and has a VB front-end, and I have access to the back-end tables and stored procedures, but only from a snapshot of the database taken few months In addition, it is not possible to save anything in the database directory.

I know I have some questions in this post, but I hope you understand where I am making mistakes and what is the gap in my understanding of the APIs. Please help me to understand. Thanks in advance!!!!

mobile: what is it called when the spouse calls, but always denies everything

What happens when your spouse is being very reserved, multiple phone lines, calling different phone numbers, by phone, maybe 12-30 seconds. But always denying everything. Some numbers are local. When I call them, they have a fake business like the Verizon help desk, I don't know if they are doing VM or what … they got married 34 years and now they separated. He swears they aren't cheating. You get on this site from Russia called 1c connect. Nobody?

URL rewriting: the custom taxonomy called & # 39; tag & # 39; returns page 404

I registered a custom taxonomy called & # 39; tag & # 39 ;, code below:

add_action('init', 'reg_custom_tag');
function reg_custom_tag() {
    register_taxonomy('tag', array('my_custom_post_type'), array(
        'labels' => array(
            'name' => 'Tags',
            'singular_name' => 'Tag',
            'search_items' => 'Search Tags',
            'all_items' => 'All Tags',
            'parent_item' => 'Parent Tag',
            'parent_item_colon' => 'Parent Tag:',
            'edit_item' => 'Edit Tag',
            'update_item' => 'Update Tag',
            'add_new_item' => 'Add New Tag',
            'new_item_name' => 'New Tag Name',
            'menu_name' => 'Tags'
        'hierarchical' => false,
        'show_ui' => true,
        'show_admin_column' => false,
        'update_count_callback' => '_update_post_term_count',
        'public' => true,
        'rewrite' => false

Then I created some labels, for example: apple, banana and orange.
By default, the url for this taxonomy would be:


The above will give me a 404.
I have tried other options:

  1. Creating archive.php, taxonomy.php, taxonomy-tag.php, failed.
  2. Set rewrite to "true", which should be activated http://domain.com/tag/apple, also failed.

The only thing I can't explain is that I have another custom taxonomy with exactly the same settings. The only difference is the name, which is "location."

And magically, depending on the configuration, both http://domain.com/?location=north Y http://domain.com/location/north Work without problems.

Can anyone advise me? Thanks in advance.

How to create Facebook call ads?

How to create Facebook call ads?

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  1. How to create Facebook call ads?

    How to create Facebook call ads?

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Workflow SharePoint Designer called the service twice

I am using the SharePoint workflow of the SharePoint designer and I am calling my custom web API, I noticed that the workflow calls each API twice.
I am using SharePoint 2019 in local no 365.

php: what is a function called in a required file that is included in different controllers in the same Symfony v2.8 project?

I have a web application that is written in Symfony v2.8 / php and I am trying to use the same "require & # 39; file.php & # 39;" In three of the driver package files to validate several web pages that send form data return to the different controller functions in the three driver packages.

Originally, I put the validation functions directly into the main class of each controller, and that worked fine, except that the complexity of the validation checks increased as the forms needed to collect more data of different types, each required new & # 39; rules & # 39; of validation, so I wanted to centrally administer the validation functions in one place to make sure that the functions always work the same. I tried to put the functions in a separate file, which I call here & # 39; file.php & # 39 ;, and put the statement "require & # 39; file.php & # 39;" at the end of each of the three driver files, just after the end of the main class, but this caused a compiler redefinition error. Then, I deleted the "require & # 39; file.php & # 39;" of the second and third controllers of the three that use the validation functions, but then I began to receive an error in the second and third controller saying that the functions could not be found.

This led me to try to use the namespace and usage declarations, but that has not solved the function name problem not found.

Note that the three files in the driver package use the validation function, but only the first one can actually find it to use, probably because the file & # 39; file.php & # 39; Containing the functions is really necessary in the driver package file.

The first of my Symfony driver package files looks like this:

The other two driver package files resemble the first ones except that they get an error when trying to use the test_input validation function.

Some of the contents of the required file & # 39; common_code / file.php & # 39 ;:

Here is the runtime error I get when I run the pms page:

Attempted to call function "test_input" from namespace "AppBundleController".
500 Internal Server Error - UndefinedFunctionException

Stack Trace

1. in src/AppBundle/Controller/CBPagesController.php at line 166   -

   164.             // $firstname
   166.             $isDataValid = test_input( $firstname,
   167.                                        trim( $_POST( 'firstname' ) ),
   168.                                        $firstname_message,
   169.                                        $rules( 'firstname' ) ); 

2. in vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/HttpKernel/HttpKernel.php at line 142   + 

I tried using different namespace names and namespace namespaces and using them in the driver package files, but that didn't work.

I read the PHP Manual Namespace definition section at https://www.php.net/manual/en/language.namespaces.nested.php and use them at https://www.php.net/manual/ in / language. namespaces.basics.php, which is where the idea of ​​putting all the files in the same namespace came up, could help.

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