Need Suggestion for Numerology Calculation Software or Script


Need to know that for numerology calculation ….. personal software development is good or we should use any API???

According to me (I seen formula and other details) numerology calculation software or script is a bit expensive if we are thinking to create our own …. and also it will take a bit long time because there are very long and complex process. If any one is developed then please let me know ideas or time frame that about how many days it will take.

If i google for numerology software then getting many websites ….. as i see some good sites also like astrologyapi but think to see some more ….. So if any one can suggest us more website or software provider then it would be very helpful for me.

Looking for your suggestion for both.



calculus and analysis – Definite integral gets stuck in the calculation

$f=frac{sinh ^{-1}left(e^{-2 k t} sinh (6 k)right)}{2 k}-2$

for $k=20$ I have:

$frac{df}{dt}=-frac{e^{-20 t} sinh (60)}{sqrt{e^{-40 t} sinh ^2(60)+1}}$

f = -2 + ArcSinh(E^(-2 k t) Sinh(6 k))/(2 k)

Integrate(D(f, t), {t, 0, 10})

And he just gets stuck and doesn’t move on. Then I tried to apply parallel computation, but got the error:


f = -2 + ArcSinh(E^(-2 k t) Sinh(6 k))/(2 k)

Integrate(D(f, t), {t, 0, 10})

Parallelize::nopar1: !(*SubsuperscriptBox(((Integral)), (0), (10))(*SubscriptBox(((PartialD)), (t))f (DifferentialD)t)) cannot be parallelized; proceeding with sequential evaluation.

I would be grateful for help in finding out the reason.

Processor AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Pro, 16 Gb RAM. When calculating this task, the processor is loaded by 8-10%.

unity – ECS – Stats, damage-types & damage calculation


Im quite new to data oriented programming and my goal is to implement a runescape stats & damage mechanic.

This is quite a pretty complex topic : [Runescape-Mechanics][1] and i havent found any ECS related sources on that topic yet.

In the following example we see a bunch of items which modify the weares stats based on a few conditions.
This happens in two different variants, either for the damage calculation only, or as a buff.

Brine sabre and Brackish blade increase damage against crabs.
Silverlight and Darklight increase ability damage by a scaling of 25-124% against most demons. The exact damage bonus is based on your base Attack and Strength, and the monster's base Defence.

The problem

Such a RPG system is very complex. There different damage types, different resistences and other stats.
Having a strong OOP background and no real experience in DOP, i cant find a suitable architecture to fill those needs.

In my current approach every stat is a component. Items and Buffs are structs. A item “buffs” its owner and the buff modifies his stats. This works so far, but i have no idea how i could realise the damage calculation, while still keeping it that flexible as it is in runescape.
This little example would just be able to buff the stats… not deal, receive or modify the damage itself.

// The stats

public struct Health{
  float max;
  float value;

public struct MeeleDamage{
  float base;
  float value;

public struct MeeleResistence{
  float base;
  float value;

// Item & Buffs
public struct Item{
  string name;
  int amount;
  bool equipable;
  List<Buff> buffs;

public struct Buff{
  string name;
  float duration;
  Condition applyable;
  ToBuff stat;
  float value;

Its also important that an entity can also deal damage to multiple other entities in one frame.
How would you implement such an complex mechanic ? Any examples are appreciated !

google sheets – GogleSheet Date and Time Calculation – Automation

I have a column that has 34 records of Week Day, Month/Day, and Times. I am looking for two formulas that I can use in a table that will give me the count of weekdays and the time duration per day. Eventually, I would like to just copy and past new dates into column A and have the table automatically calculate. Here is my google sheet example. Is there a way to do this without creating helper columns? If not, no big deal. Anything to help automate the process will be helpful.

unity – Why does my in-game frame calculation not correlate with animation length?

I need to play an animation in such a way that each frame is for sure being played and not skipped.
To do that, I use a very slow animator speed like this:

_animator.speed = 0.01f;

The Unity editor says this about the animation:

enter image description here

To make sure that each frame is really shown / played, I have implemented my own counter.
My counter however returns 43 frames and not 51 frames as the Inspector.
No matter how often I repeat this process, it always return 43 frames.

What am I missing?

Thank you!

private void LateUpdate()

    float f = _animator.GetCurrentAnimatorClipInfo(0)(0).clip.length * (_animator.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo(0).normalizedTime % 1) * _animator.GetCurrentAnimatorClipInfo(0)(0).clip.frameRate;
    int iCurrentFrameIDInAnimationFile = (int)f;

    bool bIsNewFrame = (iCurrentFrameIDInAnimationFile != _iLastFrameIDInAnimationFile);

    if (!bIsNewFrame)
    else if (bIsNewFrame)
        _iFrameCount += 1;

    _iLastFrameIDInAnimationFile = iCurrentFrameIDInAnimationFile;

    if (_animator.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo(0).normalizedTime > 1 && !_animator.IsInTransition(0))
        //animation has finished playing
        Debug.Log("Frames: " + _iFrameCount); //this returns 43 frames. Why???

trigonometry – Use trigonometric output expression for calculation in a next step

Can’t use output sin[p] since Sin[p] is expected.

As a result of D[x, u] D[x, u] + D[y, u] D[y, u] + D[z, u] D[z, u] I’ve got a Mathematica output like u²+v²cos[p]² + v²sin[p]². As you see, cos and sin are given in lowercase letters, and Mathematica can’t use the expression for further simplifications since Cos and Sin are expected. What can I do to get the expected solution u²+v²?

8 – Cart order total summary vat calculation issue

When you have items in your cart and the shipping price is available, there is an issue with the order total summary:

Subtotal: 62,00 €
Shipping: 15,00 €
VAT: 10,76 €
Total: 77,00 €

The VAT is calculated on the ‘subtotal’. That is not clear, if the ‘shipping cost’ appears before the ‘VAT’. Or we need to switch both, or we need to calculate the VAT based on both ‘subtotal’ AND ‘shipping’.

This looks more logic to me:

Subtotal: 62,00 €
VAT (21%): 10,76 €
Shipping (incl. VAT 21%): 15,00 €
Total: 77,00 €

OR recalculate VAT:

Subtotal: 62,00 €
Shipping: 15,00 €
VAT (21%): 13,36 €
Total: 77,00 €


I’ve tried to sort the adjustments in commerce_shipping.commerce_adjustment_types.yml but I don’t see any changes. Maybe because it only affects the adjustments in the admin UI orders?

Where do I need to store the yml file?
In the custom theme as: mytheme.commerce_adjustment_types.yml? That is not working.
I’m not sure if that will affect the values in commerce-order-total-summary.html.twig array.

If I can order the adjustments, that solution would be fine.

print-out totals

focal length – Photogrammetry – use nodal point or entrance pupil for distance calculation?

I’m trying to accurately measure the size of objects via photogrammetry. The objects are 1 to 2 feet from the front of the camera lens, so where I start measuring from makes a difference.

I think the proper distance measurement is from either the “nodal point” or “entrance pupil” of the lens. Is that correct? I’m not even sure if there’s a difference between the two for a non-zoom lens.

Which is the proper measuring point? And how to figure out where that is on the lens?

magento2 – Tax calculation and tax display issues

I would like to set all the products to show prices with tax included for
logged in users as well as guest users, but besides I tried all possible
combinations with tax settings, I didn’t managed to set this up,
as I’ve encounter all sorts of weird behaviors. In addition,
it seems there is separate issue with “Catalog New Product List” widget
in that regard. Please read the explanation bellow.

Global settings:

  • Magento version 2.4.1
  • Shipping origin is set to Serbia.
  • Product price is set to 100 din.
  • Tax rate is set to 20%.

At “Tax settings” in admin panel, only change is:

  • Stores > Configuration > Sales > Tax > Default Tax Destination Calculation > Default Country > Serbia

What is happening:

“Catalog New Product List” widget shows the product price of 100 din.
for guest user which is fine, but when I logged in with the registered user,
at first, the price is still hanging at 100 din, but after I refresh the page
the price changes to 83.33 din. which is amount with deducted tax percentage,
which is wrong.

enter image description here

When I click the same product and go to product page, the price
displayed is 100 din. which is the correct one.

enter image description here

When I click “View and Edit Cart” and go to ../checkout/cart page,
the cart summary for logged in user is calculated as 100 din. + 20 din. (tax amount)
equal 120 din. in total and that’s OK, but with the guest user, cart summary is
calculated as 100 din. + 0 for tax amount which is wrong. So, I ended up
with one product price for guest user, another totally wrong calculated price
at “Catalog New Product List” widget for logged in user, then one total amount
of 100 din. for guest user and different total amount of 120 din. for logged in user.

registered user:
enter image description here

guest user:
enter image description here

Basically, I can’t set up the correct prices with tax amount for guest user, as
Magento keep deducting tax amount for guest user instead of adding it to price
value. I’ve managed to set up what I want, but just for logged in user.
For guest user I always end up with prices without tax amount (83.33 din)
instead of 120 din. which will be the right one. On top of that there is that widget
price odd behavior.

I can’t figure it out what is wrong here and how to handle it, but it seems to me
that something is really not right…

Any help will be highly appreciated.

logic – Checking the logical coding calculation

Initial method of logical coding with constraints. The method I count is pigeon-hole based encoding. I tried to calculate formula 11 according to the formula.
Would anyone be able to check if this is correct?

enter image description here

Created sm helper variables according to constraints

>=5 x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7
p11 p12 p13 p14 p15 p16 p17
p21 p22 p23 p24 p25 p26 p27
p31 p32 p33 p34 p35 p36 p37
p41 p42 p43 p44 p45 p46 p47
p51 p52 p53 p54 p55 p56 p57

He then adjusted the variables according to the procedure

            p15 p16 p17
        p24 p25 p26 
    p33 p34 p35
p42 p43 p44 

p51 p52 p53

And solved according to formula 11.

p51 v -p42
p42 v -p33
p33 v -p24
p24 v -p15
p51 v p52 v -p43
p42 v p43 v -p34
p33 v p34 v -p25
p24 v p25 v -p16

I also enclose the whole article

Is this the right procedure?