c++ – A program whose receive 10 number from user and calculate the sum of even numbers

Hello I want to use c++for creat a program whose receive 10 number from user, and given the sum of even numbers.

My attempt :

#include<iostream >
using namespace std;
int main () 
int num, number ;
int sumnum=0;

for(int i=1;i<=10;i++){

cout<<"enter a num" <<i<<endl;


sumnum +=number ;
if(number ==0){


My attempt didn’t work

please I want to develop this attempt, I don’t want to know any other method.

Any comments, hint… are welcome.

algorithm – How can I calculate big factorials using Python?

For example, for 25! you would extract 2 and 5, then multiply the 5 by 24 (=120) and hold the 0 (=12). Next, you take what’s left (12) and add it to 24 multiplied by the other digit left from the original number (2) so: (24*2)+12 = 60
Then hold the 0 again and repeat the process until we get the result.

To summarize, for 25!:



=> 600




=> 13800






and so on.

The code has to work for factorials as big as 500!, 1000! and 10000!.

google sheets – How do I calculate totals of certain words used in a workbook?


I’m trying to find out what products are the most commonly used on r/skincareaddiction. So I want the sheet Totals to count how many times a word was used in the workbook, BUT I only want it to count it once per sheet. So if a sheet says “Origins GinZing Eye Cream” twice in a single sheet I want it count it as once, since that’s the same person saying they use it twice in one day.

Formula to calculate overhead(space for indirect blocks and internal fragmentation) used?

Im trying to find a formula to determine the over head used in a file system. We are given a 2GB file and have 2KB blocks in a UNIX filesystem. Im trying to find the formula used to determine the space is used by overhead in this example.I couldn’t find a formula anywhere I looked online.

Selling – Calculate Percentage

Why are you selling this site?

Need to work on other websites
How is it monetized?
currently its not

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
you just need to drive traffic to it. No work required

What challenges are there with running this site?
No challenges. You need to bring traffic and earn money through adsense.


Google Sheets Sigma notation to calculate series

I have to calculate a series but since the Sigma icon represents ALL possible formulas in the UI, it’s very difficult to find a documentation on the actual "mathematical" summation symbol.

Let’s say I want to calculate something like the growth of an hypothetical animal that weighs 200g over 3 years.

My mathematical notation would be the following

enter image description here

But I don’t know how to represent that in Google Sheets. What I did find was SERIESSUM however the documentation left me with more question than answers, I’m not sure if the "power sum" they mention is what I am looking for.

sequences and series – If 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 … = – 1/12 calculate (1.001 + 2.001 + 3.001 + 4.001 …) – (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 …) =?

This question makes little sense.

In part 1), the “If” clause “If 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 … = – 1/12” is false. So part 1) is not actually asking anything.

In part 2), I don’t believe the word “supersummation” has a meaning in mathematics, and in any case Z has already been defined so it is unclear how anything could “obtain” Z as anything other than it already is. Which is undefined, since the difference of two divergent series is not defined.

The false claim that 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 … = – 1/12 arises from the initial definition of the Riemann zeta function ๐œ(s) as the infinite series ๐œ(s) = 1/1s + 1/2s + 1/3s + … that converges only for Re(s) > 1. Analytic continuation is then used to define ๐œ(s) for all complex s โ‰  1 as a meromorphic function which happens to satisfy ๐œ(-1) = -1/12. By plugging -1 into the initial series definition of zeta โ€” where the series is not valid โ€” one gets the false claim that 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 … = – 1/12.

Calculate SharePoint item SLA date based on priority and exclude Saturday and Friday as weekends

I need to have one calculated field with the value of date for the due date of the SLA based on the date the item was created and its priority, keep in mind to remove Saturdays and Fridays from the calculation as weekends

buy bitcoins – how to calculate SOPR (spend output profit ratio)?

buy bitcoins – how to calculate SOPR (spend output profit ratio)? – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

plotting – How to calculate Fourier coefficients in the transmittance function?

Good morning, could someone help me to propose this exercise to be able to solve it

Calculate the Fourier coefficients c_s of the transmittance function t(x)= t(x+P_x) given in|x|<P_x/2,characterizing the following 1-D diffraction gratings of period P_x:
The square-wave amplitude grating composed of evenly spaced parallel slits, givingt(x) =rect(x/w), where w < P_x is the slit width.