trains – How reliable is public transport in Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy? Do you have contactless trips?

I have to change the flights in Cagliari on Sunday night and I will have about 2 hours off between the two, so I decided not only to sit in the terminal but to run to the city. I have an interest in history and transportation (and maybe food, but this calendar definitely doesn't allow for a good meal).
I made the following plan:

18:55 arrival

19:11 / 19:44 Take the train from Elmas-Aeroporto to Cagliari station

Walk from the station / port to Republicca to take a tram only for a few stops, then return with another and walk back to the train station (or by bus).

20:40 / 20:44 / 21:00 Take the train back to the airport.

This are my questions:

  • How reliable are schedules and trains? Should I expect them to arrive on time?
  • What is the easiest ticket issuance option? Do they make contactless trips? (I have an account debit card in euros) I looked at Trenitalia and the ticket description says it is only valid at the given time, but I cannot know for sure which train I can take. Can I buy train tickets before traveling? Is there a return ticket? (However, the price is so cheap that I don't mind paying two singles, the main limitation is time.
  • What would you suggest visiting (walking through) in the old town of Cagliari? Based on the search for Tripadvisor and Google, I hope Bastione Saint Remy is the biggest success.
  • Are tram schedules reliable? It seems to be a 20 minute service on Sunday night. Do the same trams return from the final station? (they have a return time of 6 minutes there) What is the fastest ticket issuance option for trams? I only found Italian on the tram website, so it doesn't help much.
  • Can I rely on Google Maps (my usual transit application) for bus stops, arrival times and route? (returning to the train station)
  • Emergency question: what is the best way to take a taxi to the airport and how much would it cost me approximately?
  • Additional question: can you suggest a restaurant or a street food place to try the local cuisine very quickly? Probably takeaway or standing tables.

Thank you if you can answer any of the above.

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