Experience of buying products in China

I am an online shopping enthusiast, and I often purchase some products from Alibaba, including: eyelash extension liquid, false eyelashes, eyelash cleaning mousse.
Their products are really cheap, but the sad thing is that the shipping is very expensive. Many times I don’t want to buy it because of the shipping cost.
It wasn't until I met a Chinese logistics provider on Twitter that I realized that Alibaba's shipping costs were really expensive, which made my experience very poor.

buying – Is this eBay fraud and how do I get help?

I’ve been using eBay since 2005. I recently purchased an item on eBay. The seller sent it with FedEx using a shipping method that required signature upon reception.

On the day that eBay listed my item as “Delivered”, I had not received the item.

Upon investigation, someone received the item and signed upon reception “Mr. person's name“.
That is not my name, that is someone else’s name. I do not know who this person who received and signed for my item is and where they live.

I couldn’t do anything on the FedEx website to open a claim because I would need the sender’s address, which I do not have.

I opened a claim with eBay, and they said “Your item was marked as delivered so you will not get a refund”, even though I had included a screenshot of the Fedex tracking page with signed upon reception by “Mr. person's name” visible.

Obviously I am furious at both the seller, the person who signed for it and didn’t reach out to me to return my package, at FedEx, and at eBay for mishandling this.

The seller could have just send a postcard to a friend with signature upon delivery, and pocketed my money. Was I victim of a fraud? I am at loss for solutions here.

coinbase.com – Tax implications of buying Bitcoin for another person on exchange

If I link a parent’s bank account to a Coinbase account in my name, buy Bitcoin, and send to a hardware wallet for cold storage, are the tax authorities in the USA likely to think there is an unpaid gift tax? How do I prove that I was not being gifted the Bitcoin and was just helping a parent buy some Bitcoin for their own self custody. Also, assume the amount exceeds the annual limit for gift taxes which I believe is $15,000.

Buying – bot/macro/Automate/etc upload videos/filehost, to series page | Proxies123.com

I have an series page, I am an uploader, I upload episodes manually, and I know that it could be automated.

Obviously, details are required for you to think about how to automate it, but it is “advanced” because it will require many things (connect with an app that can upload a file to multiple different filehosts, without using a browser/change pages> once all downloads are finished> copy links> and put the links on my page in a specific order/place etc etc

(I can pay ~210 usd or less, it DEPENDS on if the app/script has gui, parameterized to work in any file, etc)

Obviously, details are required for you to think about how to automate it

Customized for my page, although you can also change part of the page to make it work.It puts the embed link in itself, meaning that in some uploads / player as mega I must first put “embed” to the link.


Buying adult sites with at least 2000 daily traffic

Buying adult sites with at least 2000 daily traffic – message me at martysomerville at outlook

❓ASK – Buying Facebook Likes, Fans and Followers is Bad or Not? | Proxies123.com

I have 5 Facebook pages for specific niches, one is “weight loss tips” related and…, I’m really struglling to invite more friends more and more but is just doesn’t work, people won’t like a page with 1000 likes I guess this is the reason, they like to like pages with 10,000 fans or more. I see there’s literally hundreds and hundreds of sites providing likes, fans and followers for Facebook pages at a reasonable price.

Here comes the question: Is it bad or not to buy Facebook likes?

Buying Sites with Traffic & Quality Content

Buying quality sites & blogs with good traffic (min 100/day) or great content with low traffic.

Earning sites are also welcomed.

Budget per site: $200-$2000 (even more for quality sites)

Niches: All good niches allowed (no casino/gambling/porn)

Send details in PM only.


lens – Buying lenses from Japan on eBay? Good or bad?

By buying from another country, you are effectively buying on the gray market (related: Is there a drawback in buying an imported (gray market) lens?). You will find it difficult to make use of a warranty or in some cases, even authorized repair shops will be hesitant to touch it.

You are also going to pay… what appears to be $27 for shopping in this referenced auction for a lens that is being sold for $50, for something that will end up closer to $80.

On the other hand, the used domestic market you will find it, well, much cheaper. The 28-80 Canon f/3.5-5.6 that you linked can be found at KEH in excellent condition for about $45 (the second edition of the lens is also in the same price range: KEH search: Canon 28-80) The estimate for shipping on this lens can be found… for me, its $12.

This ends up with something that is less expensive overall, I’ll get it sooner, from a known dealer (KEH is very good).

dnd 5e – What Benefits Does Buying a Tent Give

It does what a tent does: provide temporary shelter from rain, snow, wind, cold, sunlight, and so on. Depending on the severity of these conditions, they could otherwise create a situation where restful sleep is impossible or even life-threatening (hypothermia, sunstroke, etc.). In the absence of restful sleep, most humanoids accumulate levels of exhaustion, which is debilitating and eventually lethal.

WTB – Buying link/content placements | Forum Promotion