I'm new here and on this side of the investment, so forgive me if I'm wrong to ask these questions. I am young and I could really use some advice / instructions from wiser and more experienced people than me. At the end of next March I can invest 50 thousand in an online business of my choice. I would like to invest either in an existing e-commerce store (b2c) or in a content website that uses typical traffic sources to generate revenue, such as a sense of advertising, affiliation, generation of potential customers, etc. Here are my questions …

1. I would like to invest in a content website and use that traffic to help launch an e-commerce store or invest in an existing e-commerce store and start a content website to attract traffic to it over time. . Which is the best strategy?

Note: If I bought a content website that generates revenue / traffic in the e-commerce store, I would start directing traffic from the content website to most likely selling the product I manufactured / designed or printed. Depending on which business model is faster to scale and generate income, it is also a factor in the strategy you would use to buy and which one to start. If one takes much longer to climb than the other, you probably want to use my money to buy the model that takes longer to grow.

2. With a down payment of 50k and the seller / other means of financing, what price range should I shoot approximately for an online business? How often are sellers willing to finance?

Note: I obtained approximately 75,000 years with my current work credit score in the 700-750 range if that helps answer the question.

3. Which model is more sustainable / profitable with my investment?

4. Being my first commercial online investment, I would feel more secure using a broker or professional to examine and do the due diligence for the business that I would buy in addition to mine. Brokers such as Fe-International, empire fins, etc. However, I see two problems in this approach …

Problem A: Brokers are in the seller's pocket. Is there such a thing or any recommendation from a broker or buyer advisor? Should I worry about this or am I thinking about it too much? I understand that these brokers also rely on buyer satisfaction for their reputation.

Problem B: unlike sites like Flippa, where the quality is lower, but the options of other online brokers who do a good job researching these companies usually have a smaller list of options … with that said and without affiliation to these brokerage firms is it reasonable to look for more online sellers on social networks, forums, communities, etc. and ask those who I seriously ask to list their business on one of these brokerage sites? Are there personal rental consultants that I could use to examine these companies that I find outside a trusted broker?

5. Depending on the strategy, whether you buy the e-commerce store or start one instead of spending money on a consultant / advisor to help me manage it, I considered asking someone with experience in managing these online businesses, but Without the capital to buy / I start one to give them the opportunity to make an agreed commission on what they sell in exchange for their knowledge on how to execute it and make it more passive for me. I am not interested in partnering, but if anyone has advice on that idea or recommendations on where to look in the future, I would be happy to hear your comments.

6. Can the owners explain to me the basic concepts of taxes, licenses or other requirements / things that I need to have established or take into account to buy / transfer through an e-commerce or web content for me?

7. Do I need to formulate a team of specialists to make this investment? Lawyer, CPA, accountant, virtual assistance, online business consultant, etc. I think you get what you pay, but seeing that money doesn't grow on trees, could you avoid hiring someone with experience in running an online business as I suggested earlier to deny the need for another experience? Any suggestions?

8. What are the safest platforms to use or search when buying or starting an e-commerce business that has traffic? I understand that selling in giants such as eBay / Amazon carries its own risks and it is not advisable to trust the success of your business solely on them.

By the way, I wait for an answer for each question. Anything helps. To clarify, I am not asking because of laziness in the investigation, but because it is hard for me to find it. Not only does it appear that there is a limited amount of online information regarding online businesses in general, but the information that there is mostly begins in contrast to the purchase. If anyone has any recommendations on where to find this information, share it. Also, I cannot emphasize enough that I am not affiliated or attempt to ask anyone. I am just trying to educate myself better on the subject and I know that I am not the only rookie with these types of questions, so any answer you are sure will be grateful to any other reader. I appreciate everyone's time, thank you!

When and why should I consider buying an external flash / flash?

I want to know the needs / think about the picture that leads to that

Start with your need More light in a given situation Either you get extremely grainy photos due to low light, or you need a wider lens but you cannot afford the slowest maximum aperture, or you are struggling to eliminate camera shake with slower shutter speeds.

However, once you start learning how to use the flash and take out the flash from the camera or, at least, you do not aim directly at the subject, you begin to realize that it is not just more light, it is about best light too.

Most of the interior lighting these days is fluorescent, which is improving but does not yet have the broad spectrum of flash lighting. Much worse are the old-style pipes found in office buildings, churches and sports halls: the spectra produced by these lights are very narrow, missing a large part of the red spectrum that leads to unnatural green / yellow skin tones . In addition to this, the color changes massively through the 50/60 Hz network cycle, which gives you very inconsistent results. Flash offers you a very broad spectrum focused on natural sunlight (The color can be adjusted up or down with gels for different WB).

See: Does fluorescent lighting and shutter speed create a problem with molten color?

I want someone to tell me why it would be good to have one (or not) and what things I can try to achieve when I get one.

  1. The main thing that a dedicated flash unit provides is the ability to bounce the flash from a white ceiling / wall and provide the kind of light you would get in a studio with a horribly expensive octobox. This was filmed with a manual hand flash (while holding the camera with the other hand):

  2. Small battery-powered flash units produce incredibly short pulses with lower power settings and allow you to freeze the action in impossible ways when working indoors without flash:

  3. Once you have the flash outside the camera, you can get the flash in unique locations, such as behind the subject, for dramatic effects:

  4. Bring the flash closer and you can compete with sunlight. This was filmed outdoors in the afternoon pointing directly at a very strong sun. A couple of flashes close to prevent the subject from being completely trimmed:

The key point here is that, in addition to obtaining a flash, you need some method to activate the flash in order to use it outside the camera. Fortunately, the prices of portable radio triggers have fallen and reliability has increased significantly. It is something else you should consider in terms of costs.

I am thinking of cheaper or cheaper flashes when I say flash. Something like the YongNuo series

With the exception of one shot, all the previous images were taken with a fully manual Vivtar 285. The only thing you get from a more expensive flash is the automatic TTL measurement. But you really don't need that, part of the learning curve is discovering how to set the power of the flash. In addition, it is usually less complicated to simply shoot a few test shots and mark the power, than to obtain a complete measurement radius configuration and waste time with proportions. I would like to see something like the Lumopro LP160, it has everything you need for cameraless flash, nothing you don't need and it's cheap.

How can I trust buying living room furniture online?

How can I trust buying living room furniture online?

Buying tips for air purifiers – Advertising, offers

Purifiers and air cleaners have become very popular items with increasing allergies and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It seems that everyone is on the market these days by an air purifier. It is hard to believe, but in many places the indoor air quality is worse than the outdoor air. Air purifiers help remove harmful particles or air pollutants. Used inside the home, air purifiers will help make the air everyone breathes cleaner and healthier. For that reason, there is a good chance that you are looking for a new air purifier, and if not now, in the near future.

When it comes to buying air purifiers, many consumers think they know what to look for. In fact, many consumers end up buying the least expensive machine or the one that looks best. However, consumers who base their decision solely on cost and appearance will be wasting their money. Instead, take the time to understand the product, especially the nominal performance quality, as it compares with the price. That's where you'll find the true value of an air purifier.

You will find different brands and models with air purifiers and cleaners. Some of these brands and models use filters. Certain types of filters may need to be cleaned while others need to be replaced. If it is necessary to replace the filters in an air purifier, you must determine when it will be necessary to change that filter and exactly how much it will cost. Many consumers overlook this "hidden cost," but it is extremely important, especially if you are shopping on a limited budget. In some cases, you will find that air purifiers need to replace your filters in just a couple of months, which costs more than what you originally paid for the air purifier. It is recommended that you stay away from these types of cleaning machines; Many times they are not only considered air purifiers. Obviously, these financial traps are not recommended purchases if you are looking for a high quality, cost effective and reliable air purifier.

The type of air purifier you are buying is more important than the place where you buy. If you are looking for an affordable air purifier but with good performance, you should be prepared to spend a little time researching all available options. While this investigation may seem slow, it will almost always be worth it in the long run. You can breathe better knowing that you made the right decision in your air purifier.

Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of air purifier, water purifier and hydrogen water machine from China. Specialized in air purifiers, water purifiers and hydrogen water generators During the last years, Olansi has developed an experience in the production of air purifiers, water purifiers, from an unmatched ease of use and an innovative design, passing for impeccable engineering to the most elegant and attractive packaging. This marked an important chapter in Olansi's story.

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Considering buying PC parts for my personal equipment in Hong Kong. I would like to know about the Indian import tax

  1. How will these be taxed? Do I have to pay an import fee or other taxes in my country?

  2. How should I bring those components 4-5 with me to avoid damage?

We have the total tax when importing from other countries to 42%. A one-week trip would make sense if I can get a tax exemption even on a single item like the CPU.

Not suitable for buying XRP through blockchain

In the event that you are a blockchain customer and face inconvenience when purchasing the XRP through this specific stage at that time in a flash, check Blockchain support number +1 (845) 459-2769 that is effectively available consistently. The problems related to the acquisition of XRP is definitely not another problem, it could be solved in a fraction of a second by taking the assistance of experienced nerds. They have the information to solve the problems in a real way. Then contact our group with decision. Our authorities are extremely capable of finding the best answers for your concern. The experts are constantly there to help you with each progression. They are known for their amazing administrations. More details visit our website:

Question about buying a domain from an owner

I am about to buy a domain directly from its owner and I have some questions.


  • The domain is 20 years old.
  • The domain is not used for anything in particular, just a few ads on it.
  • The backlinks cannot be traced, since the robots.txt files appear to block the trace.
  • The domain is not blacklisted in email.


  1. What else should I consult, ask the owner to reduce the risk of buying a domain with a bad history, SEO, etc.?
  2. How relevant is it that the domain registration expires in 7 weeks? Should I expect a renewal fee even if I buy before? If so, which registrar should I use to reduce the rate?
  3. We will use the trust. How long does it take to complete this transfer process on average?

Thank you!

Effects of buying a domain used before


I want to create a new website, and I have searched for the best domain I can buy on the subject. I found it, but when I did a WhoIs verification, I discovered that the domain was used by someone else a few years ago. That the result of WhoIs says:

I wonder if I have problems if I buy that domain name. Would it affect the approval of my website or AdSense or something?

Sharepoint online: buying a party dress was minimal

The bright colors combined with a predominantly white or off-white wedding theme can give a knee-length wedding look and a fresh and summery feel. But they should combine instead of mastering a wedding theme.
Wedding dresses should not be bright white. Big brides, in particular, can take advantage of color enhancement. By strategically choosing colors, shapes and patterns, you can create long and thin silhouettes and show your best attributes.

Tips for investing in a party dress on the Internet
A person who is part of the most important activities of a girl's daily life is the prom. Just when you want to marry this beautiful wedding dress, you also dream of wearing the most beautiful dress at your prom. Shortly after all, the end of the year dance is not just about getting an appointment and receiving gifts throughout the night. It's about being observed and being remembered.
In the past, buying a party dress was minimal for retailers, boutiques and bridal shops. The possibilities of the types were often minimal, too. Until a young woman acquired her specially produced dress, there was always the danger of appearing in the dance with a dress identical to the dress worn by one of her comrades. What a disaster it can be! Absolutely nothing can be more humiliating for a teenager.
Fortunately, the rules have changed. A teenager has additional options these days. You will now find stores specializing in ball gowns. In fact, you will also find retailers specialized in party dresses online. A woman can now spend hours online exploring her beautiful long black dress in the comfort of her home.