network – Should I buy a Hardware Firewall for my Time Capsule 4th Gen Router?

For my home network, I am still using the Time Capsule 4th Generation Router, from 2011.

I realized that I may have underestimated the security of this device, as it apparently does not have a Firewall – it only has NAT.

I am concerned about the security aspect, since my Time Capsule is connected immediately to my apartment building’s fiber optic network, which provides Internet access.

Behind the Time Capsule, I have several computers with software firewalls, and iOS devices which I assume also have software firewalls. I have recently added some Philips Hue IOT devices.

I am not proficient enough in networks, to know how good protection the Time Capsule and NAT offers.


Is it advisable for me to buy a Hardware Firewall to complement the Time Capsule for security reasons – especially when having some IOT devices?

About getting a new router

I haven’t been planning to buy a new router with better security features or integrated firewall, just yet, because I’ve been holding out in anticipation of getting a new MacBook Pro with Wi-Fi 6 probably within the next 2–3 years.

So I would ideally keep my Time Capsule for a while longer.

However, if Hardware Firewalls are hardly worth it for home users, I would perhaps consider getting a Wi-Fi 6 Router solution already – even though I can’t use Wi-Fi 6 yet – if there are any ones available that also provide good security features or at least a basic firewall.

Buy SSD | Web Hosting Talk


Buy SSD | Web Hosting Talk
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  1. Buy SSD

    I want buy 8 x 2Tb SSD for my NL colocation.

    Almost all ssd will come with 3 or 5 year warranty.

    I just have a question what if my 1 ssd will fail? Then how i can replace the SSD? If i need the ship the item then how i can ship?

  2. If one fails you will need to have your colocation provider remove it, box it, ship it out for warranty.

  3. As already said you’d have to contact the manufacturer for replacement under warranty, the likeliness of you seeing a failure within those time periods is extremely low if you choose a decent brand and enterprise/datacenter series SSDs.

    Clouveo – SSD Cloud VPS, Cloud Servers & Web Hosting
    AMD EPYC Cloud Servers | DDoS Protected | Snapshots | Auto Backups | Private Networking | Firewalls | Locations: (UK) London, (NL) Amsterdam
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How to find clients who wish to buy stock media? |

There seems to be demand for the clients who wish to buy video, audio and other stock media. But it’s hard to find the clients. And that limits the earning of many professionals. So the two questions would be that you need consistent stream of clients. And also you have to establish some base rates that clients can afford and also profitable for you. Which makes you want to avoid some of the marketplace options out there.

So how do you find clients for the stock media that you have?

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usa – Where can I buy postage stamps in Manila, Philippines? And where can I go to send postcards? How much will it be?

I assume you want to use The Philippine’s official postal service.

I looked up all their post offices in Manila and this was the closes to Paco:

Municipality : 2F Robinson’s Otis, UN Avenue, Manila
Address : Robinson’s Otis

The cost of a postcard to send to the USA is:

  • up to 20 grams: 24.00 ₱
  • 21-50 grams: 58.00 ₱
  • 51-100 grams: 80.00 ₱
  • 101-250 grams: 147.00 ₱
  • 251-500 grams: 258.00 ₱
  • 501-1000 grams: 481.00 ₱
  • Add-on per 500 grams after 100 grams: 258.00 ₱

bitcoin core – is it legal to buy verified crypto-exchange accounts?

I am in prohibited zone and there is no any possibility to verify binance account.
I am crypto-trader and I do that for living and also this is not my fault that mr. Putin decided to conquer Crimea region.
I understand that it breaks any ToS but is it legal to buy accounts verified by someone else ?
There are a lot of ads on forum bitcointalk or market

air travel – After flight rescheduled infant is >2 years old. Do I need to buy a new ticket?

I have a two-way airline ticket for an infant with no separate seat. The airline canceled flight back and rescheduled tickets for a new date.

But on this new date, an infant is already 2 years old, so the airline wants me to buy a new ticket for her.

The rescheduling happened not because of us. Are there any rules for cases like this?

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buy New t-shirt design and get 2 Books for free.

Where can I buy postage stamps in Manila, Philippines ? And where can I go to send postcards? How much will it be? SEND HELP

Where can I buy postage stamp near Paco, Manila, Philippines? What stamps will I need to send internationally?

How much will it cost?

How can I send the postcards to US? How much?

NexusBytes – Turning up the heat! – Buy 3 KVM VPS and get 1 Free! Multiple Locations

Nahian from Nexus Bytes has reached out with a great exclusive offer for Low End Box to celebrate their first time getting featured. We like this offer because it’s something different and unique with the “Buy 3 KVM VPS, Get 1 Free” offer. We also note that their use of AMD Ryzen CPUs and NVMe storage earns them the “high CPU” and “nvme” designations for this offer give the strong CPU performance and fast IO speeds you can expect on equipment like that.  Earlier in May Nexus Bytes CEO Nahian as part of our Q&A Interview Series, if you haven’t had the chance to read the interview yet, check it out.

There are some freebies with this offer: All orders are eligible for “Family Perks“: (Free windows license, free blesta license, free backup vps)

Their WHOIS is public and you can read their ToS/Legal Docs on their website. Nexus Bytes is a registered company in the State of Connecticut (#1216352). They accept PayPal, credit/debit cards, Ali Pay, WeChat Pay, OXXO Mexico, Boleto Brazil, WebMoney, India NetBanking, Paytm, and a wide range of cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

What makes Evolution Host stand out from the crowd? In their own words: 

“Nexus Bytes LLC was founded by a couple of IT professionals over a coffee meetings and lots of subsequent WhatsApp discussions on how to make web hosting and server management great again (MWHASMGA). After days of intense discussions, the Nexus Bytes mission was born. Guided by our mission, Nexus Bytes strives to provide web hosting and VPS services that are affordable and sustainable, while at the same time providing rock solid stable servers with customer service that treats you as a family member and not another number who needs to be dealt with. All our customer service officers abide by our service creed: “If it isn’t unreasonable, illegal or technically unfeasible, we will strive to meet your expectation.”

Here at Nexus Bytes, we do things differently. You are not just a customer or another line in our CRM database. You are part of the Nexus Bytes family and we only want the best for our family. We are not going to sell our family members what we won’t buy for ourselves. That’s the Nexus Bytes difference. We are not here to sell you services, we are here to earn your business.”

Here’s the offer: 

Buy 3 – Get 1 free!
Premium VPS, vDedicated, Reseller Pool.

Plans can be stacked in 1 location/distributed between all 4! Not eligible for sweet switch of contract buy out. Our plans are scalable.

Premium VPS Plan
Reseller Pool

Customer needs to type in a code on the additional comment section:

“4forWhole” = Combine all 4 into 1 location
“KeepMeLone” = Each VPS will be created at their own selected location.

Minimum payment term to be eligible : 3 months

Please let us know what you think of the offer in the comments below.

More information, including network specifications and node details, as always after the break.



Host Node Specifications:

Mix of AMD Ryzen 3900x/3700x

RAM : 128

NVME Storage : Raid 1/Raid 10 (Size varies)

Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!

Jon Biloh

I’m Jon Biloh and I own LowEndBox and LowEndTalk. I’ve spent my nearly 20 year career in IT building companies and now I’m excited to focus on building and enhancing the community at LowEndBox and LowEndTalk.

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