How to increase YouTube views

Therefore, you want more people to visit your blog or website. Well, to do this, you must know how to increase visits to YouTube. But how is this achieved? Well, it's simple; You should start writing excellent and relevant content that gets a lot of traffic, and in addition to that it also makes people like your videos.

Now, some people think that increasing YouTube views means placing your video on YouTube in the top ten. Yes, it is true that if you have a great video with a lot of traffic and you get a lot of likes, you will appear on the YouTube homepage. You can increase your views by buying YouTube Views, and you can also go to the search engine and type & # 39; YouTube Videos & # 39; and see what comes out. You may be surprised to see that many other people have also uploaded their videos to YouTube. Your video may appear on the first page of YouTube, something you will surely appreciate. After all, it's your video, and all you want is for people to see it and like it.

Another thing you should do is make sure you have the best possible video quality. Many people will watch the video and not bother to watch it. However, if you are uploading an excellent video, then you will see your video. You can also use flash to add flash videos to your video to give it a professional look. Finally, you can always create your own YouTube channel and upload it to the YouTube site to allow people to come to you if they like your videos.


Should I buy this anime cms or script

Hi boy, can anyone help me with this? I saw this concert that shows and I can create an automated anime site where new episodes and anime episodes will be automatically loaded according to the concert , but I'm still confused because it will work or not, please help.

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mysql 8.0 – Point of sale Discount Buy X get Y

Newbie to SQL. I am using MySQL 8.0

I am trying to make a point of sale software where I can offer promotional discounts for example
Buy 2 x Coca-Cola 500 ml and 2 x Apple pie and 1 Snack Bar and get a 20% discount Limited to 4 per customer / sale

ProductID   Description
41          Coke 500 ML
51          Applle Pie
65          Snac kBar

SQL statement:

SELECT OrderDetails.*, 
       (Select OrderDetails.Quantity * Products.Price) as LineTotal 
FROM OrderDetails 
left join Products on Products.ProductID = OrderDetails.ProductID 
where orderid = 10250 
  and OrderDetails.ProductID IN(41, 51,65)


Number of records: 3

OrderDetailID       OrderID     ProductID   Quantity    Price       LineTotal
6                   10250       41          10          9.65        96.5
7                   10250       51          35          53          1855
8                   10250       65          15          21.05       315.75

What would be the best way to do this or how would you structure a query that can accomplish this?

Canon: what camera should I buy?

I am willing to record several videos for YouTube and I need help choosing the camera.

considering that one of them could be a point of light focused on a dark room that could be assisted by a black background to ensure the appearance …

However, I have little budget to start, so I thought of digital SLR cameras like Canon 4000D and 2000D, which are the cheapest for me equipped with a stabilizer, since the camera will be free.

Would you recommend these cameras? Or else will my needs serve? If so, what kind of lenses would help?

Note that I am not looking for excellent videos like 4k, etc … just a pretty good 1080 quality without pixels or noise

What supplements do you buy for your pets?

Canon: Should I buy a speed amplifier to widen the field of view of my kit lens or buy a 35mm primer?

Michael C gave you a very good answer about the speed accelerator. But I want to address the other question.

Can anyone give any advice?

Well, stop reading things about the "disadvantages" of a clipped sensor because they are bothering you for "some reason", but don't look for any particular reason.

Take your camera and shoot. Enjoy taking photos, enjoy experimenting with the light from a window, from the opposite window, lie on the floor, climb a ladder.

KNOW your existing lens, this is the most important.

I worry that the field of vision is too "enlarged" or "cropped."

You already have a 50 mm lens. Is it too enlarged or trimmed for its intended use? Not only should you "worry", you should try it.

If you need a lens for any particular reason, which I think is for indoor photography for group shots in low light, you could get a 35mm 1.8 lens or use a flash.

Is it a 35mm lens for you? You can also find out with your current lens.

I doubt it is the size of the sensor.

Buy: a US-based editor is needed. UU.


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