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vCPU: 1 core
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Storage (SSD): 20 Gb
IP addresses: 1 x IPv4
Access: Root
$ 19 / month

vCPU: 2 core
RAM: 4 Gb
Storage (SSD): 30 Gb
IP addresses: 1 x IPv4
Access: Root
$ 29 / month

vCPU: 4 cores
RAM: 4 Gb
Storage (SSD): 40 Gb
IP addresses: 1 x IPv4
Access: Root
$ 45 / month

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magento2 – Magento 2 – Rule of purchase – Buy X and get a free gift

Is there any form or extension to establish the rules of the cart there?

  • Rule 1: buy X> 50 – get a free gift A
  • Rule 2: buy Y> 100 – get a free gift B

If the order is made with Y> 100 Y X> 50

  • Just get the free gift B (not both)

And the other car rules (if any) are still maintained.

Buy – A CSS / HTML encoder is needed

I'm also a programmer, but I'm mostly backend, so I need someone with CSS / HTML knowledge (and preferably JS) to help me with small things on the interface.

This is a work in progress, I will have many of these.

right now I need my tables to have a fixed header and have overflow-x: scroll. I am able to achieve any of those but not both together

Payment by paypal, for work.

PM I ONLY, please, it is likely that you will no longer read this thread.

problem to buy bitcoin [on hold]

I'm trying to buy a bitcoin in exchange for my dollar account, but it's not happening. See below the message received when I try to complete the purchase

Sorry, something went wrong with your job.

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What camera without a mirror should I buy panasonic gx9 vs sony alpha 6400

Ok, so you want to start photography. There are several options from camera phones and point and shoot to crop and SLR cameras / without full-frame mirror.

I recommend that you buy equipment that (1) is not too expensive, but (2) is good enough for you to be interested in photography. That reduces the options a bit.

For example, in 2009 or 2010 I bought a point-and-shoot Canon with image stabilization, 3x zoom and optical viewfinder (separate 3x zoom in the viewfinder). I produced shitty images unless I photographed in direct sunlight and found it uninteresting, so I never became interested in photography after buying this camera.

In 2012 or 2013 I noticed that a 12x Canon zoom to point and shoot with image stabilization sold very cheaply. It did not have an optical viewfinder, but the zoom range was greater. Produced images of poor quality, unless you shoot in direct sunlight and lack a viewfinder, the LCD screen was completely useless in direct sunlight, so you can not use it anywhere: sunlight => LCD poor, no sunlight => opening too small. I never really got interested in photography after buying this camera.

I have also had several camera phones. I never really got interested in photography because I had a camera phone.

In January of February of 2019, things started to roll. I bought a Canon 2000D with 18-55 mm stabilized image zoom lens. Now, for the first time, I found the ergonomics, the quality of the viewfinder, the quality of the image and other interesting things that I began to really dedicate to photography. I quickly bought a 55-250 mm telezoom, a cheap tripod and a wide angle zoom from 10 to 18 mm.

So, you probably think I'm fond of my tripod 2000D + 10-18mm + 18-55mm + 55-250mm + cheap? Well, no. None of the equipment is what I use today, because I became so interested in photography that I quickly grew out of my team. My current kit is EOS RP + 17-40L + 24-105L + 100-400L + 40 / 2.8 + 50 / 1.8 + 85 / 1.8 + Manfrotto tripod + two speedlites + some light modifiers.

There is a sweet spot on the team. It's not about the $ 4000 kit from Hueco, because buying a $ 4000 kit before knowing if one is interested in photography is not healthy, as Hueco already pointed out when proposing to find a mentor. (But you probably will not find a mentor easily).

Neither is the aim and shoot of Alan Marcus. When I had to point and shoot, I never really used it, due to bad ergonomics, poor image quality, terrible shutter lag, zoom so bad that a DSLR camera / no mirror with a primer and cutback in postprocessing It is sharper, and many many other disadvantages.

So, let's take a look at how the DSLR / mirrorless sensor + standard zoom (for example, 18-55 mm) + telezoom (for example, 55-250mm) of the cheap clipping sensor addresses the situations you can give it:

  • street photography: with good light, a standard trim zoom is fine. It is not so big that it would immediately scare everyone on the street (although people will probably recognize it as a better camera than normal). In low light conditions, or when shallow depth of field is desired to isolate the subject, it is not a good tool. I would say that you can take pictures of the street with a standard clipping zoom.
  • Landscape photography: The wide-angle end of a standard trim zoom can be used to do this. It is not wide enough for all purposes, and it is not good in low light conditions, but it may be acceptable. Add a cheap tripod and you're ready to start learning landscape photography.
  • Bird Photography: you can use a crop telezoom to do it. I have taken many pictures of acceptable birds with a crop telezoom. The quality of the image is not very good, but it is acceptable enough to begin with. You will soon discover that the burst speed and / or the image quality of the cameras / clipping lenses will become limited someday.
  • Photograph of flowers: A standard crop zoom is probably approximately 25 cm closer focusing distance. It is good enough for flower photography, and at such close distances, you will achieve a reduced depth of field.

How much money do you need, then? I would say that a $ 1000 will help you get started. All equipment that can be purchased with the $ 1000 will become obsolete in one of two ways:

  1. You really get into the picture and take yourself out of your team, instead you want a better full frame team.
  2. You do not really get into photography and, therefore, the equipment will not be used.

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