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How to buy a domain that appears in NameJet without being scammed?

all of you

I have been looking for a way to get domain. I never had to buy a registered domain before, as my other domains are from and Freenom. When I go there, I see a generic "Buy this page" style with a couple of random links, as well as some links under a "Network Solutions" logo that point to "renew now" and "Backorder Domain". If I try to place the pending order, it takes me to NameJet. The minimum offer it says is $ 69, and there are 7 offers that take it to that minimum. I looked on NameJet, and it looks like a scam where the owner makes some deals on their own domain and removes it right before it is sold. I don't want to have to deal with this scam, and I have no experience. Is there a guide or something to guide me through this?

What I'm thinking now is that if I can somehow report this scam, would the domain be available on or similar? If anyone could help me with this I would really appreciate it.

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How do I buy an iTunes song that I liked on Apple Music?

Using the music app on macOS, there are various songs that have been added to my library through Apple Music, however if I want to pay for those songs to be able to use them outside of the Apple ecosystem, I don't see an easy way to do that. If I right-click and select "Show in iTunes Store", every song I added through Apple Music won't let me buy. It simply displays a "play" button instead of the buy button.

The only method I've found is to delete the song from my library, then search for it in iTunes store and then buy it, which removes it from any playlist I have added it to and change the time it was added to my library. This is a completely unreal method for this. Does anyone know of a faster and not tampering library to do this?

Buy – google sheets – weights in imperial measurements

I'm not exactly sure what you want to show on the chart, stones vs. pounds.

The way you explained it, the excel formula to convert pounds to stones is:
= INT (A1 / 14) + MOD (A1,14) / 100
where A1 contains weight in pounds.

The formula to convert stones to pounds is:
= INT (A1) * 14 + (A1-INT (A1)) * 100

But if you try to plot with that formula, you will get the ladder type of the box, ie for example it will slowly increase from 10.00 to 10.13 stones, and then jump to 11.00 stones; therefore, for charts, you must adjust the decimal gap to 100/14 for each step:

= INT (A1) + (A1-INT (A1)) * 100/14

With that delineation, you get the right table; check the attachment of excel or google spreadsheets here:

Sorry if I misunderstood your question: this is the first time that I mess with stones this way.

Note: surprisingly, this forum does not accept loading .xlsx files, so I compressed it, and then it disappears, it seems …

Buy: daily email template creation

I need someone who is adept at html / css and has the imagination to create 2-3 sentence content for emails (around the financial subject) and a subject line every day.

It is totally acceptable to provide different modifications of premade templates such as All you need is a little modification of the appearance and content (2-3 sentences, about 20-30 words, not much)

You will start paying at the rate of $ 3 for 2 templates per day, once you get the idea of ​​what I need and start providing satisfactory templates without my guide, you will start paying $ 5 for 2 templates per day.

This is an ongoing project and I need to do it every day. The job is very easy once you get on the rails, it's mainly copy and paste.

please just send me a PM, I will not read this thread.

Looking to buy an Opt. en / Recommend to a friend / Landing page to share on social networks

Looking to buy an Opt. en / Recommend to a friend / Share social networks – Landing page

If you have a ready-made solution or can do something of quality, I will consider buying it.

Also remember what Einstein said: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Thank you!!



Buy: buy blogs / sites with traffic

Buy blogs / sites with traffic (minimum 200 visits per day) and good content

Budget: up to $ 2,500 per site

Please send me a PM if you have anything including Sale price, traffic test, Adsense test, MozDA, etc. for quick sale!

I'm not interested in adult, niche games

Can I buy source codes developed by others?

I am a programmer interested in buying already developed software to avoid developing it again. Is there a website where I can locate sellers?


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