The editor is blank and the buttons disappear in the Visual Editor.

I have a wordpress site and when I want to change in the editor, I see that the editor is blank and the buttons disappear in the Visual Editor.
So, how can I solve it? please help
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Graphic user interface design: do people really use the zoom buttons on a map?

The thought behind not implementing the buttons is because the zoom / pinch gestures are almost considered second nature these days.

A cleaner user interface allows the user to focus on the content, which in this case is to find a location on a map. Buttons within such a limited real estate mobile context can be a nuisance and can hinder.

However, keep in mind that Most users will use only one hand.. Of course, there is still the option of playing twice, but the buttons still provide more precision, could you consider a slide bar on the side of the screen? Less mess, even exact.

I would use a UI less prominent than the following example.

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Do people really use the zoom buttons on a map?

Between the touch screens and the scroll wheels, are the + and – zoom buttons really necessary on a Brochure map? I would really like to eliminate them if there is not a significant case to keep them there. Not only to save space, but mainly to avoid clutter, since there are many other buttons that can use that space.

usability – editable radio buttons (UX)

MockupImageI need a way to select a range of dates and edit the range of dates. Also when a range of dates is selected, it will show other dependent information.

My plan was to use the radio buttons and any selected date range selection button will be editable and the information dependent on that range will be displayed.

My question is are the common editable radio buttons? Is there any better option?

Interaction design – Toilet flush buttons

This question has been bothering me ever since I started learning usability.

I'm talking about the two buttons for download: full and half container.

On the one hand, the shape of the button has to represent its function. Thus, a larger button must mean the container full.

On the other hand, the triggers of dangerous / heavy processes must be protected from being activated by mistake and generally more difficult to shoot (if you press it, you mean it). From this point of view, the button of the complete container must be smaller and far from the user, and the container means must be large and easy to reach / press.

Also, keep in mind that I come from a country where water is scarce. So that people are educated and encouraged from an early age to conserve. But it's also a growing trend all over the world now …

By looking at these interfaces around the world, I did not see any consistency in the matter. The buttons really go both ways. Sometimes the full container is the big one and sometimes the small one. It is inconsistent even within the country. I have also seen all kinds of unconventional designs. But, again, nothing clear and intuitive from the moment you see it …

What do you think about it? Have you ever seen a good and clear design, that is really intuitive? Do you know of any rules for this?

NOTE: Please do not suggest text as a solution. The icons can be interesting. But I have never seen a clear icon for that.

samsung – S10 page indicator buttons do not work

After the last update of my Samsung Galaxy S10, the buttons on my page stopped changing when I move to a new page. This is incredibly annoying. I rebooted the phone several times, changed the wallpapers and icons … nothing works. I have several "pages" on my Android and I never know which page I am on. I counted a lot with the indicators on the page! I have some coding experience and I feel it is a coding error. Does anyone know of an arrangement for this?
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Full screen buttons created in PyQt

I need to create a maximize button on a system that is being done in PyQt5, but both the documentation and the forums do not have the exact answer.
Is it possible to create a maximization button equal to that of browsers in PyQt5 or QtDesigner?

wp query – Ajax buttons not working properly in WooCommerce when using wc_get_template_part

I have a custom loop on my website home page of best selling products.

I am using wc_get_template_part ('content', 'product'); to pull in the products.

But when I click the buy button, the buy button does not get the tick added to it, so it does not look like the purchase has worked for users. The item is added to the cart. The buttons work as they should on other pages.

I have checked that "Enable AJAX add to basket buttons on archives" is ticked.

I have tried to add global to my code to see if that makes a difference.

There are no JS errors being logged.

Any ideas why is it not working as expected?

Here is my code:

    'meta_key' => 'total_sales',
    'orderby' => 'meta_value_num',
    'posts_per_page' => 12
    $ product = new WP_Query ($ args);

    if ($ product-> have_posts ()) {
    while ($ product-> have_posts ()) {
        $ product-> the_post ();
        wc_get_template_part ('content', 'product');

applications: Arc Welder application: application, test and download Zip buttons are missing

My Arc Welder application has not worked for some time. I can not find any other questions on how to solve this, so I thought I would ask. My arc welder is missing the "Start application", "Download Zip" and "Try" buttons. It has been broken for some time. It has worked in the past, but I do not know exactly when it stopped working. I do not think it's broken due to an update of the application because I've seen other people who have it working and I have not done anything I could think about related to the application, except that I tried a lot of the flags in "Chrome: // flags ", but since none of them has worked, I have reset it to the default one and it is still broken.

screenshot of the application

How to represent multiple positive buttons like CTA

We have an extension that has two different actions: Yes and No. But these two actions come in two different flavors. Yes for the current page and Yes for the entire domain, which means Yes for the current page and treat this as Yes for any future page in this domain. Not similar for the current page and Not for the entire domain.

  1. I am using the check mark icon for Yes, Cross for No and the prohibition icon for No
    For the entire domain. I'm stuck on what icon could be the right option for Yes for the entire website.
    current icons and their meanings

  2. I am also currently showing Yes for the current page as the main CTA. I want to change the behavior and do Yes for the whole domain as Yes.

I'm planning to use a double check mark (like WhatsApp_ for Yes for the full domain option, but I'm not sure if it really conveys the meaning).

Any suggestions on how I should do this?

PS: this user interface is a menu displayed by the browser extension